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3 Reasons to Switch from Streaming to Cable

In the past few years, the trend of cord-cutting has been on the rise. There are multiple platforms online that provide you with the ease of streaming your favorite TV shows, movies, reality TV, and other such programs. You can visit platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon Prime Video to get access to the content you absolutely cannot resist. Practically everyone has started shifting to Over-the-top (OTT) platforms for entertainment. 

However, we cannot deny that streaming services do offer you various perks, especially in the selection of the content you want to watch, yet cable providers still have the edge when it comes to massive channel lineups. 

If you have been thinking about whether you should also cut the cord and go for streaming services but simultaneously are getting second thoughts regarding it, then we suggest you keep reading this article as it will help you in making up your mind. One of the reasons why people typically choose to shift towards streaming is affordability. But once you start to do your research on this matter, you will come to know that other than a few streaming services, most of them are also equally expensive as cable TV. 

Not only this, if you think about it, you are paying a hefty amount for an internet subscription. Then you pay for the subscription to a high-quality streaming platform. Considering this, it would be more practical if you rather stick to cable TV service. 

Keep reading, because we have explored all the reasons why you should let go of the idea of cord-cutting and get back to the traditional way of watching shows and movies. 

  1. Massive Channel Lineups

Arguably, streaming services have been gaining quite a popularity in recent years. Their growth is definitely commendable. But there is one thing that still makes cable TV a better option in the battle of both means of entertainment. Said factor is channel lineups. When it comes to streaming services, the choices are limited. 

Once you begin to look at different services, you realize that not all of them offer you the kind of content you like to watch. For this, you may need to subscribe to at least five of the platforms to get access to your favorite series and movies. In addition to this, there is also a prominent lack of certain content on several streaming sites. Take Netflix for instance, it allows you to binge-watch TV shows, movies, and original series in high quality. But what about live sports channels and kid-related content? 

Although there are some sites such as YouTube TV that offer you a limited channel lineup, they still would not cater to all your needs and your family’s needs alike. 

In this regard, cable TV is the right choice for you. It delivers you a wide range of content that includes channels for kids, news programs and sports live TV. Major cable service providers like Spectrum offer a wide range of channels. With its Spectrum Select packages, you can enjoy more than 125 channels, including your favorites such as ESPN, Comedy Central, Discovery, and many more. 

In this way, every member of the family will have at least something of their choice to watch. 

  1. Pay-Per-View

Streaming services do offer you a large library of movies and TV shows. However, most of them also charge you extra for viewing the best and high-demand content. Most of the streaming platforms let you watch certain content for free, but truth be told, that content is often not worthwhile. Cable TV, on the other hand, offers you different packages that allow you to watch premium content. You can watch the newest hits that are always available on cable. 

Pay per view offers you everything you want to watch. This includes events like MMA, Grammy Awards, Oscars, and whatnot. In this way, you can watch everything without having to complain about it. 

  1. Easy Access to Sports Content

For all those sports fanatics, it is advisable for you to stick with cable TV. If you love to watch events like NBA, MLB, or any other sports, then cable TV is your friend. Also, if a larger chunk of your viewing time is taken up by sports networks, then cutting a cord won’t do you good. 

In addition to the channels you are already getting, you can also customize the package and get more for a reasonable price. When we compare it to streaming services, only a few of them such as YouTube TV give you an option of watching live sports events. 

Also, most of the time, even if you happen to find a streaming service that lets you watch sports content, still it would have limited options in store for you, compared to cable TV.

To Sum Up

Although most people are shifting towards streaming sites. Seemingly, it does appear a more appealing option but if you begin to look at it, you will realize that cable TV is still the right choice for you. Especially for people living in a big household, cable TV has everything for everyone. Additionally, it also offers you more content related to sports, as compared to streaming platforms. 

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