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How To Activate Airtel 20X Bonus Code

Have you activated the trending Airtel 20X bonus code? if not, then this article is going to guide on the procedures to follow and start enjoying a 20x bonus on every recharge on your Airtel sim card.

The Airtel, as one of the leading telecom in Nigeria, has launched another cheap recharge code that allows all the Airtel customers to enjoy a 20X bonus on every recharge they make. It is not a trick. The amazing thing is that the offer is available to all the Airtel customers. We left no one behind this time around.

Many people are already enjoying this cheat recharge code already. All you have to do is to read this article carefully and adhere to all the instructions on the post. It won’t actually cost you a dime before you can activate it.

What Is Airtel 20X Recharge Bonus All About?

20X is a special welcome back offer from Airtel to all the customers who have not used their line for at least 30 days or more. Usage includes calls (incoming or outgoing), SMS (incoming or outgoing), or data.

So do you have any Airtel sim card that you are not using for at least one or two months? if yes then you are eligible to enjoy this offer. New Airtel customers can also enjoy this offer.

How Check If You Are Eligible

Unfortunately, this bonus offer is not for all the Airtel customers so you will need to confirm whether you’re eligible for the offer, just dial any of the codes below, If You then Receive Any Response Like, You Don’t Have Sufficient Balance then, you can go ahead and recharge your Airtel line with any amount you want for the bonuses And Subscribe.

How To Be Eligible For Airtel 20X Bonus Code

In case you are not eligible for this great offer from Airtel, all you have to do is to dump the Airtel sim card for at least one month or get a new Airtel sim card.

Requirements For Airtel 20X Recharge Bonus Code

Actually they are a few things that are required from you before you can start enjoying this awesome offer. They are:

  • A newly registered Airtel sim card or dumped one.
  • Android phone.
  • At least N100 Airtel recharge card

The three things listed above are the only things needed from you before you can start enjoying this great offer. Do you have them all? if yes then you are good to go.

Airtel 20X Bonus Code

Now you have gotten almost all the important pieces of information you can follow the below steps to activate the offer:

  • N100   Dial *241# and select preferred option or dial *241*100#
  • N200           *241*200#
  • N300           *241*300#
  • N500           *241*500#
  • N1,000       *241*1000#

Can I enjoy this offer multiple times?

The amazing thing here is that you can enjoy this great offer as many times as you want. Just dial the code and select the one you want at any time.

Airtel 20x Bonus Validity

You can actually enjoy this awesome offer from Airtel for a whopping 30 days. Yes, you heard it. Is amazing, right?

In case you used up the purchased one before 30 days, you can still purchase another one.

How To Check Balance

After activating the great offer, you will definitely need to be checking your balance to know when is about to finish. So below is how you can easily check your balance.

  • All You Need Is To dial *123# to check your bonus balance.


Now you have learned how to activate the Airtel 20X bonus code. Do not forget to rate this article below and also share with friends. However, if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

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  1. I have alws activated the data bonus..but I only end up using 500 for calls, the remaining 1500 meantbfor data doesnt allow me browse…why?


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