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SIM Card Cloning – How To Prevent Your Sim Card From Being Cloned

Have you ever been in an awkward situation whereby an unknown person cloned your SIM card without your knowledge? Remember, as soon as your sim card is cloned, the person will start receiving your phone calls, SMS, and much more. Hence, we are going to be discussing SIM card cloning and how to prevent it.

They are several methods these notorious hackers are using to clone peoples SIM card. The worse part of it is that it will be tough for you to know that your sim card is cloned already. However, we’ll talk about the modern cybersecurity termed SIM cloning, how and why it can be used against you, and how you can block your sim card from getting cloned.

The world wide web is increasing, and online service providers have resorted to accepting your SIM card as a sort of your online identity, and it’s for a real purpose. Your SIM card is essential to you, and the cellphone number attached to it is meant for you.

But with modern SIM cloning and swapping procedures, is your SIM yours anymore?

However, if you are still confused, below is what SIM cloning is all about.

What Is SIM Card Cloning All About?

Cloning only means duplicating a thing or building an accurate representation of it. However, SIM cloning happens when a hacker, fortunately, obtains entrance to the mobile number attached to your SIM.

Unlike before, network hackers now have SIM cloning procedures and tools, which allows them to generate a virtual copy of your sim card. Many network providers are even supposedly helping and encouraging hackers in this job.

How Does SIM Cloning Work?

Although this post is not a guide on how to clone a SIM, having a fundamental theory of how the operation works will help you know most SIM card cloning restriction methods.

Hackers that clone cellphone numbers now aim at cloning, as mass penetration testing does not work anymore. Hackers get into the network region of the numbers they plan to hijack and use a unique scanning device to extract relevant SIM card data.

Are you on a digital GSM device? If yes, a hacker will need a path to your IMEI number before they would be capable of building a clone of your SIM.

The tools applied in SIM cloning are achingly expensive and commonly unavailable. You’ll need to dig into the deep web to find the tools.

Why SIM Cloning Might Be Risky

Have you been in an awkward state whereby you forgot your online account password? If yes, the initial idea that comes to your brain is mobile number verification. Now, assume how many of your online accounts can be endangered by someone with access to your SIM.

It’s as simple as reciting ABC for any hacker to triumphantly manage and control all your online accounts if only they can get a duplicate of your SIM card. Furthermore, they can receive calls and send text messages in your name, and they instantly create an evil reputation in your name.

How To Tell If Your Sim Card Has Been Cloned

Certainly, sim card cloning is indeed achievable and is real intimidation. However, it’s also not simple. Aside from the truth that for cloning, the SIM ought to be bodily present with the cloner, the cloning becomes more difficult with the arrival of EAP-SIMs and the USIMs/ISIMs.

  • As your network provider to provide you a detailed audit of your cell usage. It will help you track your SIM activities and identify if someone else cloned your sim card.
  • When you start receiving unnecessary text messages and calls, your sim card is probably cloned, and the person is making use of it.
  • Always monitor your airtime balance; once you notice any unnecessary deduction, your sim card is probably cloned.
  • Lastly, you can turn if your phone and use another device to call your cellphone number; if it rings, someone has a duplicate of your SIM.

How To Reverse SIM Cloning

Have you run a test on your sim card and discovered that your SIM is duplicated? Well, they are some things that you need to so that the cloned sim card would be useless to the cloner.

  • Contact your network provider to block the cloned sim card.
  • Get a new sim card and swap.
  • If you know the cloner in person, then report him to the police.

SIM Card Cloning – How to prevent your SIM card from being cloned

Although they are few people facing this issue, however, as you are reading this article, you’re probably one of them.

While it is earlier more prevalent, network providers’ penalties have made them achieve stringent security policies. Now, SIM cloning is much more high-priced and also small efficient than it has been, although it is still achievable.

However, if you’re being targeted, especially for a cloning attack, it isn’t easy to counter it. However, there are some restriction tips. But you’re not 100% protected. Once you discover an effort to clone your SIM, reach out to your network provider immediately.

However, here are some measures you should consider making sure that your SIM isn’t assigned between you and a third party.

Manage your accounts under separate cellphone numbers

If you care for your safety, then do not manage all your online accounts in one SIM.

SIM card cloning is a painstaking experience. A hacker will be too downcast if they successfully hack the number you don’t actively use.

To limit losses associated with SIM cloning, you need to divide the number you use for your financial accounts and those you use for your social media accounts. Although, make sure you protect your cellphone number, even if you don’t use it for any online stores.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is top-notch security that many companies have implemented. It requires extra verification before anyone can gain access.

Using an authentication app like Google Duo is more competent for amateur security. However, you can also guard your SIM by merely logging in with real devices. For example, Yubikey is an authentication system that secures access to an account under a physical. So, to gain access to your SIM on another device, those hackers will have to insert your authenticator into a port on their phones or computer.

Limit The Information You Share Online

Aside from applying advanced scanners, these notorious hackers can impersonate you and call your network provider to persuade them that they’re you. They can give numerous data and about you and use it to claim your identity.

SIM card cloning a tricky game, and you need to be very careful about the information you share with friends.

Beware of apps you install

Different types of malware are being unveiled every day. So how sure are you that you haven’t downloaded “Cloneware?”

There are many apps on the internet with embedded malicious code that gathers data about your phone and SIM and transfers it to the hackers.

This data can be applied to prepare a cloning attack against you, compromising your SIM.

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The fact is that SIM card cloning is an online attack system that looks inescapable. However, it’s avoidable.

With the high-level SIM card security hacks explained in this piece, you shouldn’t be a SIM cloning victim anymore. If you discover a bug on your SIM card, reach out to your network provider.

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