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DirecTV Remote Not Working (solved)

DirecTV remote not working is one big issue some DirecTV users are currently facing. In this article, Id show you the causes of the issue and the various steps to fix the remote issue on your DirecTV.

DirecTV is an American multichannel video programming distributor based in El Segundo, California. Originally launched on June 17, 1994, its primary service is a digital satellite service serving the United States. Wikipedia

If you work from home, or it is the weekend, it means you may spend time on TV than usual. It is annoying when you experience issues with your DIRECTV remote and you do not know the cause nor how to fix it. This article will help you troubleshoot some simple solutions and get you back to watching your favorite TV series.

DIRECTV Remote Won’t Turn On/Off TV

You are not the only one who is always lazy to turn of the TV directly from the receiver. That’s the work of the remote to ease us some unnecessary stress. However, it becomes annoying when your DirecTV remote can not turn off or turn on your TV. In this issue, we advise you to reset your remote and it will automatically clear all the glitch. Here are the steps to reset it:

  • Turn on the remote.
  • Open the Menu.
  • Tap on the ‘Settings’ button.
  • Go to ‘Remote Control.’
  •  Select ‘Pair/Program Remote.’

Tap and hold the Mute and Select button together until the remote flashes three times. Then tap 9-8-1 and Select. Lasly, your remote will flash four times to signal it has been reset to default factory settings.

Why is my DirecTV remote not working?

There is no specific thing that could cause the remote issue on your DirecTV, it could be battery issue, settings, button issue or maybe the remote has damaged.

Another things that may stop the remote from working is signal issue. The remote will not work if the remote is obstructed.

How To Fix DirecTV Remote Won’t Change Channels

There no doubt, is you can not use a faulty remote, and it is annoying when your TV remote starts misbehaving at the middle of the night, or when you can not go out to buy the replacement. If your DirecTV remote won’t change channels, that doesn’t make it totally unworkable. This article will has show you some causes and will still show you how to get rid of the issue with no one else’s help.

To fix the issue, make sure your DirecTV remote is in the correct mode by tapping the Menu button. Then go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Remote Control’. A new window will open where you have to select ‘IR/RF Setup’. This option will allow you to choose between Infrared or Radio Frequency.

If your DirecTV remote is in RF mode, we advise you to change to IR. If you want your remote and receiver box to connect through an infrared signal. Select ‘Continue’ and then press the Exit button. The remote is now paired to the DIRECTV receiver and the remote would start changing channels.

DirecTV Won’t work

If your DirecTV remote cannot communicate with another device, the remote will not work.

The DIRECTV remote volume will not work if it cannot communicate with the TV. Before you look for solution, ensure the remote is in the correct audio mode setting. Check the cable connections between the DIRECTV receiver and TV.

How To Fix DirecTV Volume Remote Not Working

  • Check The DirecTV Remote Batteries
image 42

Whenever you encounter issue with your remote, the first thing you should do is to check if your battery is sill strong or not. If none of your DirecTV remote buttons is working, it could be a battery issue. We advise you to replace the battery and pair the receiver and TV again.

  • Check for Stuck Buttons

One thing most of us do not know is that if one of the DirecTV buttons is stucked in the pressed position. The best way to fix the issue is to check that the mode on the remote is set to DirecTV.

  • Clean Your Remote

Most of the time your remote keys may stop working because of the dust that builds up in the remote. Cleaning your remotely regularly with microfiber cloth. Fold the cloth and rub it gently on the front panel of the receiver and it help resolve all the issue with your DirecTV remote.

  • Factory Reset Your Remote and the Receiver
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If you have tried all the fixes above but none worked resolved the issue, then the last option is to factory reset your Receiver. Factory is the best option as it will clear all prior saved settings and wipe all the glitches. After you have done the factory reset, you need to set up your receiver again.

Follow the steps below to factory reset your DirecTV remote:

  • Tap the ‘Menu’ button on your remote.
  • Scroll down the menu and select ‘Settings’ from the options.
  • Tap the right arrow button on the remote until you see the ‘Remote Control’ option.
  • Select ‘Reset Remote’ from the new menu.

How do I reconnect my DirecTV remote to my box?

To reconnect your DirecTV, tap the MENU button, select SETTINGS and in that menu, select REMOTE CONTROL. In the remote control, menu select IR/RF Setup. Change the mode to IR if in RF. Press CONTINUE and EXIT. 

How do you pair a remote to a TV?:

Press the MENU button on your remote, next select Parental Favs and Setup; in the menu that pops up, select System Setup and then select Remote or Remote Control. Now you should see the Program Remote Option. First, choose the device you want to program in case the device is not listed. Next, look up the 5-digit code, and follow the prompts that appear.

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This article has shown you how to fix DirecTV remote not working. Use the comment section to drop your questions.

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