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iPhone Unable To Share And Edit Recently Take Photos (Solved)

Is your iPhone unable to share and edit recently take photos? if yes, I will reveal the best tip to get rid of this weird issue on your iOS device.

The issue is significantly announced after the upgrade to the most recent iOS. This happens unusual behavior in the Camera and Photos application that photos taken as of late can’t be shared, edited, or saved in the iPhone. The recently taken photo that can be edited then only minutes after the fact takes another that can’t be edited or shared. However, today’s concise guide will tell you the best way to fix it.

In any case, when attempted to share photos by going into the Messages application and attaching them it works fine but only not from the Camera or Photos application. This is bothersome that photos can not be altered straight away. While some users grumble that the issue isn’t with each photo taken but is irregular. Without a doubt this is an irregular issue, that seems to happen unexpectedly.

iPhone Unable To Share And Edit Recently Take Photos

1. Download the full-resolution

It would seem that you were using iCloud Photo Library with Optimize Storage on. At that point you need to download the full-resolution, original version of the photo from iCloud, to see them in full resolution or to alter them.

  • Firstly, fire up to Settings.
  • If you have “Optimize Phone Storage” checked, use the other option to “Download and Keep Originals.”

2. Toggle iCloud Settings

Make sure you take an iPhone backup before trying this

  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to iCloud Photo Library.
  • Try turning it off, then turn it back on.
  • You may lose the entirety of your photo for quite a while but they will return after some time.

3. Reset Your iPhone

Have you tried all the tips mentioned above but none of them worked for you? if yes, the best step to take in this situation is to back up your iPhone and then run a factory reset. After that, the issue will be fixed automatically.


iPhone unable to share and edit recently take photos: Which of the tips worked for you? politely answer and also drop your questions in the comment box. Cheers!

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