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Chromecast Not Showing Up? Here is the fix

If you purchased a new Chromecast device, the issue you’ll likely face is Chromecast not showing up. This issue is commonly caused when your both devices are not connected to the same Wi-Fi.

  The Google Chromecast is a device invented by the Google company that enables its user to stream contents from your mobile devices to your big screen at record time. Irrespective of whatever content and through whatever app (depending on the model), it would give a live on-screen feed from your mobile phone. All these accesses are easy to go through as long as the correct setup is up and running.

  The presently made models of Google Chromecast are 3 in number: The Chromecast Ultra, The Chromecast (3rd generation) and The Chromecast with Google TV, these are listed under release.

The Chromecast Ultra was released in November 2016,the they released Chromecast 3rd generation on 10th October, 2018 while they released the Chromecast with Google TV on September, 2020 making it the latest and perhaps better model and it is the only model to come with a remote.

The Google Chromecast device models offer the same services and differ with upgrades depending on the models.

THE CHROMECAST ULTRA offers a video streaming feed of 4k HDR resolution. They can purchase this model at the price of $69.99. It has an inbuilt Ethernet adapter and Google home integration. This model offers the capacity to stream live video game feeds unlike the other models that lack that capacity.

THE CHROMECAST 3RD GENERATION offers a video feed resolution of 1080p(lowest of the models) and an audio quality of 2.0  stereo. This model at the bottom line is that it offers a cheap purchase price of $29.79 and a cheap and easy stream service. This serves those who really want to have a Google presence in their home but want to also save money.

THE CHROMECAST WITH GOOGLE TV is the latest Google Chromecast model. This model is the model designed to come with a Google audio responsive remote. The Chromecast with Google TV is designed with the feature of Google assistant, supports HDR formats;HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision and offers a max video feed resolution of 4k/60 fps. This model is typically sold at the price of $49.99 but you can get it for $39.99  on the Google store.

The Chromecast requires no monthly or annual subscription save for the apps you make use of that require subscriptions like Netflix.

How Do You Setup Your Chromecast Device?

Setting up your Chromecast device would differ from each model but the 3rd generation and Ultra have the same process but because of the Chromecast with Google TV, its setup is different.

The setup process for the 3rd generation and Ultra Chromecast is as follows;

  • The first step is to power up your Chromecast device,connect it to your TV set through the HDMI port and switch to the selected HDMI interface on the TV
  • Next, Download the Google Home app into your desired mobile device.
  • After installation, start up the Google home app on your device(starting up the app would require you turning on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy configuration).
  • Tap the “+” icon on the top left-hand side of the app page to register the Chromecast. Afterwards select “+” icon with the “set up device” option at the front of it.
  • Tap the “New device” option where descriptions are given under it. To save time, before selecting the above option, turn on your LOCATION, BLUETOOTH and Wi-Fi. During all these steps, your Chromecast must be already on.
  • Select your Chromecast device and name it whatever name you see fit and tap “Next”.
  • Next, you would have to connect to the Wi-Fi network provided by inputting the correct password required to connect to the network and select ” Connect”.
  • After successfully connecting, you can now stream whatever you desire.

The Setup process for the Chromecast with Google TV is below;

  • Power up your Chromecast and connect to the HDMI port on the desired television.
  • Switch with the TV remote to HDMI source on the television to which the Chromecast cast is connected. (The display of the Chromecast on the TV signifies successful connection)
  • Insert into the Chromecast with Google TV remote the provided AAA battery set to power up to enable the automatic pairing up of the remote to Chromecast.
  • Using the just paired up Chromecast remote, choose your desired language from the list presented on your TV interface.
  • Having already downloaded the Google Home app into your desired mobile phone, Open up the app and tap the “+” icon on the top left corner of the page.
  • On the next page interface, select the “Setup device” option.
  • Next, select the “Setup new device in your home,” option.
  • On the next interface, you select your designed home to link up with the Chromecast
  • Grant permission to the app for the usage of your device’s camera, identify the QR code on your television and use the camera to scan the QR code.
  • Tap the “Accept” icon under the “agree to Google Terms of service.”
  • Next, you would be required to the Chromecast a name of your choosing. After texting in the name, tap the ” Next” icon.
  • Connect the Chromecast with Google TV to your provided Wi-Fi network and give the correct password.
  • On the note of the successful Wi-Fi connection, sign into your desired Google account. (If the account is already registered into the device, it would be automatically displayed for you to choose)
  • Grant whatever permission you see fit to the streaming device and tap the “Next” icon.
  • The next steps would be to set up the Google assistant interface;
  • On this interface, select the “Allow” option in order to allow Google to share your search requests to “third party apps” because if not granted access, you would not be able to access certain movies and programs while using the voice assistant.
  • Next, you activate the “Voice match”.(Activating this would enable the device to give you personalized results once your voice is recognized).
  • Tap the ” Next” option and select the “I agree” option so Google assistant can give you full personalized results.

On the next interface, your Chromecast with Google TV is ready for use.

Chromecast Not Showing Up For Setup? Fix

If the Chromecast device does not show up during setup, recheck and make sure that Chromecast device is powered up and correctly connected to the HDMI port on your television.

Also make sure your Chromecast is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as with your mobile device. Or check if your mobile device supports the 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection as this connection is required for the Google Home app to find the Chromecast device.

  If your mobile device does not support it, install the Google Home app into a noble device that supports the 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection and try the setup again.

How to Fix “No Cast Devices Found,”/ “No Cast destination found,”

The recommended solution to the challenge would be to try out troubleshooting steps below:

  • Reboot the Chromecast device by unplugging it from the power cable, wait a few seconds and plug it back in.
  • Reboot your mobile device and reconnect the Wi-Fi network.

Chromecast Not Showing Up On Your Phone

  If the Chromecast device is not showing on your phone, take the first step by powering of the Chromecast device by unplugging it from its power source and do the same to your mobile device by turning it off and same goes for the TV, leave it all in the off state for a few minutes. Power up all the devices and start the pairing up process all over again carefully.

Chromecast Not Showing Up HDMI

If your Chromecast is not showing up on your TV;

  • First verify that your TV is tuned to the correct HDMI interface.
  • If it is on the correct interface and it’s not displaying the Chromecast, unplug the Chromecast from your TV and turn of both devices(Chromecast and Television).
  • After a few minutes, turn on the TV and power up the Chromecast but do not connect the device back to the TV immediately.
  • Wait for at least a few minutes after power up then reattach the Chromecast back to the TV correctly.


This article has shown you how to get rid of Chromecast not showing up and other vital information you need to know on your Chromecast device. Do not forget to share this article.

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