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[FIX] Google Search Not Working On iPhone/iPad

Google Search not working on iPhone and iPad has become a terrible issue for most iOS users. When users open up the Google Home page and try to search for anything, it does not work. However, another website opens with no issue when opened directly using the URL.

Without a doubt, Google is our portable reference book. With a click, you can get more than 1000 results to your question, and it’s fast. However, it’s annoying to discover that Google Search stops working on your iPhone or iPad, But you do not have to worry. In this article, you will find out why Google search is not working on iPhone and how you can fix it ASAP.

Why Is My Google Search Not Working?

There are many things that can make your Google Search stop working or not responding fine. Here are some of them:

  • 1. Insufficient Data

Someone can browse all sites and Search Engines with insufficient data, some might not be able to. Therefore, I advise you should check if you have sufficient data on your device. Also, check if your network is blocking your device from accessing certain websites.

  • Uncleared Cache

If you’re the type that browses and visits a ton of sites, probably, because of too much-uncleared cache in Google browser might prompt the Google search not to function properly. It’s good to clear your cache from time to time.

  • Outdated Browser

It’s good to update your browser from time to time. If your browser is not updated then Google search can deal with issues. The updated version allows the app to work properly. Therefore ensure your Google is up to date.

  • Poor Internet Conectivity

The last thing that can make Google search stops working is poor internet connectivity. Regularly, our data is turned on but the network isn’t strong enough which can hinder the working. You can turn on airplane mode. You can move to an area with a strong internet connection and browse safely.

How To Fix Google Search Not Working On iPhone/iPad

They are no particular solution to this issue because there are many things that can cause the issue. However, one of the fixes below will get rid of it.

  • 1. Clear Cache

Cache and cookies are stored by our browser. This can over-burden the browser and cause issues. The best way to avoid the issue is to delete the cache every once in a while. This will exhaust memory and furthermore let Google search work properly.

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  • 2. Update Your Browser

Like I said earlier, it’s good to check if there is an available update for your browser app. An outdated browser can cause issues with your browser.

  • 3. Restart the Browser app

The easiest way to fix the issue is to restart the web browser on your iPhone or iPad. Restarting the browser will clear the temporary cache and any software glitch.

  • 4. Use Another Browser

Have you tried all the listed fixes above but all to no avail? Then you should try switching to a different web browser like Opera. Switching to another browser might be the long-awaited fix you’ve been searching for.

  • 5. Restart

Sometimes the issue is impermanent. You can restart your iPhone by long pressing the power button. Rebooting the phone can be a quick fix to the issue and you will be able to use Google search it again.

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If Google not working on iPhone/iPad persist, you can backup your device and run a factory reset. Or you can straightforwardly take help from the Google customer care team. They are prepared and have specialized information. They will take care of your concern.

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