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How To Change Text Message Font Size On Samsung S10

Samsung S10 is a surpassing mid-range smartphone, and it comes with an excellent quality Super AMOLED display, which guarantees that you see everything with superb brightness. Nevertheless, if you do not fancy the default font size, you still have the option to change it. In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to change text message font size on Samsung S10.

They are people who would like to make the font size of their text message very bold for more enjoyable and comfortable reading while having the other texts on the phone remained the same. We prepared this helpful guide to show you all how you can easily do this in a few steps without affecting the font size of other apps on your device.

With the default Samsung settings, font size is set to one line to the right of the center. It may look awesome not until you open the text message app and discover how ugly it looks on your device. The annoying part of it is that changing the font size in the Display settings will change the font sizes for text messages and text on the overall phone. However, I will show you the best procedures that worked for me.

And if you do not like any of the default fonts, you can additionally download new fonts on your Galaxy S10, with many options for free and paid fonts. The boldness and style of a font is regularly solution to readability and eye pleasure, so it stands to reason that you may want to change the font settings on your S10.

Unfortunately, not all Samsung devices have the option to change the default font size and style, and luckily the Samsung Galaxy S10 has an extraordinary difference. The Samsung S10 does not only allow you to modify the size of your phone’s system font, but you can also entirely replace it with the font of your choice.

How To Change Text Message Font Size On Samsung S10

They are two steps of changing font size in your Samsung S10. The number is to open the messaging app and pick it out with your two fingers, and the text will become bold, while the second method is done through the settings tab. Here is how to:

  • First of all, initiate the Messages app from your S10.
  • Now find any text message you want to adjust the font size and then open it.
  • Lastly, impel them apart with your two fingers to make the texts a more consequential and adapt accordingly.app1

That is all, and however, if you don’t like the first method above, then you can try out the one below.

  • Unlock your S10 and open the Settings app.
  • Go to Display.
  • Now tap “Font size and style.
  • Go ahead and modify the font size by merely moving the Font size slider to the right or left. If you want to make all of your system text bold, turn on Bold font by swiping the button to the right.app 1


The above guide has shown you how to change text message font size on Samsung S10. However, you can also adjust the overall font size as well by tweaking the Settings app where you can adjust the font size, make text bold, and even change the font style.

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