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How To Change Font Size When Printing From iPhone

In today’s Techrul guide, I will show you how to change font size when printing from iPhone. Although you cannot change the font, you can change the size.

By default, the iPhone prints extremely large even though the initial text was small. However, not everyone likes the standard settings because it doesn’t, look good when printed out.

Would you like to adjust the font size when printing from your iPhone to make the default words bigger or tinier? If yes, it’s an effortless process.

Documents must be transparent and readable for anyone to read without any obstacle. However, if your texts appear with too tiny a print to easily read, people will probably overlook your information. Although they are still the possibility of enlarging the default font size in a document, in most cases, you may need to print with more substantial fonts without editing, or being able to change, the original file. You have many options to make a printer print bigger font and with somewhat varying techniques depending on which option you want.

How To Change Font Size When Printing From iPhone

Like I said earlier, you have the option to change the default font size when printing from your iPhone. Here is how to:

  1. Firstly, open the Settings tab.
  2. Go to Accessibility
  3. Now tap Display & Text Size.
  4. Tap Larger Text for more effective font options.
  5. Lastly, toggle the slider to choose your desired font size you.
  6. app 1

In this way, you have successfully change the font size when printing from the iPhone. However, have it in mind that making the text too large might make it challenging to tap buttons within apps. Though you still have the option to head back to settings and change the font size as obliged.

How to make the iPhones font very large

The Dynamic Text control surpasses if you fancy slightly more prominent or more small text on the screen or the future printing from the iPhone. However, if you have weak eyesight, you will benefit from the iPhone’s Accessibility feature.

  • Open the Settings tab.
  • Now tap General.
  • Then tap Accessibility.
  • Tap Larger Text.
  • Toggle the button to turn Larger Accessibility Sizes on, then use the slider at the screen’s foot to choose the text size that works for you.
larger text sizes on iphone


In today’s Techrul guide, you have learned how to change font size when printing from the iPhone. Use the star button to rate this article, also, use the comment box to drop your questions.

2 thoughts on “How To Change Font Size When Printing From iPhone”

  1. I’ve tried this 3 times. I want to print normal size and no matter bringing font all the way down. Print is still huge
    I want a normal font size when printing from my phone.
    I don’t have this problem when I print emails
    Font size is maxed. I’ve tried both of your ways


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