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How To Connect Fake AirPods To Samsung

In this article, you’re going to learn how to connect fake AirPods to Samsung. However, make sure the fake AirPods you want to pair is not paired to any other device around you.

Pairing fake AirPods to your Samsung device is as simple as pairing a normal Bluetooth device to your phone. The procedures are not that long, and you can connect the fake AirPods under two minutes.

It’s very obvious that AirPods is the best wireless earbud for iOS devices. But one sad thing about the wireless earbud is that android users can’t make use of it. It’s meant for Apple device users only. Fortunately, an undiscovered company has unveiled a fake AirPods that looks exactly like the original one, which means non-Apple devices can now pair the fake AirPods.

So if you desire you use fake AirPods on your Samsung device, then this article is going to show you how to connect fake AirPods to Samsung. But before that, I’ll first of all answer some frequently asked questions regarding it.

Can AirPods connect to Samsung

Yes, It’s possible to pair the original AirPods on your Samsung device. However, you would not be able to make use of it on your Samsung or Android device.

Hence, you can pair and use the fake AirPods on your Samsung device. Kindly read and follow the procedures in this article to pair the AirPods with your Samsung.

How To Connect Fake AirPods To Samsung

HEY, kindly read and adhere to all the instructions below, and make sure the fake AirPods is not paired to any device nearby.

  1. Place both AirPods back on its charging case.
  2. Now initiate the lid and examine the status light.
  3. Long press and hold the button on the back of the case for a few seconds.
  4. There’s an LED on the inside of the case that while pulsing white once you enter pairing mode. (It should only take about three seconds of holding the rear button to enter pairing mode.)
  5. Once you’re in pairing mode, head into the settings application on your phone and find Bluetooth settings.
  6. From there, begin searching for a new device and tap on AirPods when you see it on your list.
  7. That’s all, once you tap it, the fake AirPods will automatically pair with your device.

In this way, you’ve successfully paired the fake AirPods to your Samsung device and you can use it just like the original AirPods. It will be very hard for someone to spot the fake AirPods. However, the original AirPods is still the best and it can not be compared with the fake one in any expect. Hence, there are several cool features in fake AirPods settings too. If you pay to enable the Pro version, you’ll start getting a persistent notification that gives you an update on how much battery you have left.


Now you’ve discovered how to connect fake AirPods to Samsung. Although there is much confusion between AirPods and Android, and I believe this article has helped to clear some confusion and doubts.

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