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How to Find iPhone Repair Near Me

While iPhones are known for being some of the most durable phones on the market, they don’t hold up forever. At some point in time, you’ll eventually damage your iPhone, needing a repair from a qualified professional, preferably licensed by Apple to fix iPhones. This article will show you how to find iphone repair near me.

However, it’s difficult to find genuine iPhone repair services that Apple endorses. Also, there are many disadvantages to using unofficial repair services, notably losing your device’s warranty protection. Unless you’re willing to replace your phone yourself if it gets nuked, you want to use an official repair channel.

This article will help you repair your iPhone as quickly as possible when it develops a fault. By recommending some of the best repair channels for an iPhone, you’ll know exactly where to go when your iPhone isn’t working as expected. With that said, let’s jump in.

How to Find iPhone Repair Near Me

If you’re trying to get a repair service for your iPhone, you have a few options. The best one to choose in any scenario depends on the status of your iPhone. Status, in this context, refers to the newness of your device.

If you have a relatively new iPhone that’s still under warranty, it’s best to send the device back to Apple for official repair or replacement. Trying any other alternative methods may void your device’s warranty, which isn’t what you want for a device that costs almost a thousand bucks.

However, if you have an older iPhone model, you may want to compare the prices of repair across the options you have. You have the option to use Apple’s official repair, which usually costs more. Before going for cheaper service, however, you should understand that you may have to contend with inferior parts.

Also, there’s basic troubleshooting before trying to take your iPhone for repair. If you didn’t break anything on your iPhone, you may want to see if you can find a fix to the problem before employing the help of a repairer.

With that said, here’s how to find an iPhone repair service nearby to repair your device easily if it becomes faulty.

  • Send it to Apple

Depending on where you live, an Apple store might be the most accessible repair location for your iPhone. While services there aren’t exactly cheap, it remains the best option if you’re paying AppleCare or if your phone is still under warranty.

If you frequently nuke your iPhone, you should consider paying for AppleCare each time you get a new iPhone. That way, you can get more time to play around with your phone, knowing fully well that you won’t have to cover the full cost of repair if you damage the device.

If you’re looking for where to repair your iPhone, I’ll assume your iPhone is out of warranty protection. In that case, you’ll have to head to the iPhone support page to describe the problem and send the phone over to Apple.

In case I haven’t emphasized it enough, Apple charges a lot more for repairs than other repair options, but you’ll be sure you’re getting the original components. If you’ve decided to go with the official Apple channel, follow the steps below to order an official repair from Apple.

  • Open the iPhone support page and sign in

To start the process of sending your iPhone to Apple for repair, you’ll need to sign in to the iPhone support page. From there, enter your device’s serial number, solve the captcha, and click on the Continue button to sign in to your iPhone.

  • Set up a repair

When you sign in to the official iPhone support page, you’ll have an option to set up a repair for the iPhone. You can find this option in the section dubbed “Repairs and Service Coverage.” Click on the option to set up a repair when you see it to continue with making a case for your iPhone repair.

  • Explain what’s wrong with your iPhone

Once you choose to set up a repair for your iPhone, the page will try to extract as much information about the fault as possible. First, you’ll get to a “What’s happening with your iPhone?” page with vague categories of faults that could befall an iPhone.

You can choose from options, including battery and charging issues, repairs and physical damage issues, device performance issues, Apple ID issues, and a lot of other issues available on the website. When you select “Repairs & Physical Damage,” you’ll have to describe exactly what’s happening by selecting from another set of options.

  • Send your iPhone to Apple for repair

After explaining what’s wrong with your iPhone, you’ll get to a page that lists the possible ways to get help for your iPhone. Some of the most popular ways include taking it to an Apple Service Provider yourself, mailing it to Apple, or calling Apple Support. Select the most appropriate option and proceed with it.

  • Confirm your details and pay for the repair

On the following page, Apple will ask you to confirm your address and contact phone number for when it’s time to send back your iPhone. You’ll also need to make the estimated cost for the repair to confirm your request and continue. When you complete the required fields, you can send in your iPhone and have it repaired in no time.

  1. Use an alternative repair service

If your iPhone is no longer under warranty, sending the device to Apple for repair mightn’t be the most cost-effective way to go about a repair. Tons of third-party iPhone repair companies will fix your device for far less than Apple’s asking.

One of such repair stores is Staples, one that offers a one-year warranty on parts after replacement. You can use their official website to find nearby Staples locations to visit when you intend to fix a broken or faulty iPhone that’s out of warranty.


Finding an iPhone repair service mightn’t be as difficult as you think. In this article, I’ve explained two easy ways to find iPhone repair near you if your iPhone develops a fault. Apart from sending your device to Apple, you can also use third-party repairers.

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