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How to Get Free Data on Verizon Prepaid 

How to get Free data on Verizon prepaid? Ever since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, Verizon customers have been getting many free data offers through both legal and not so straightforward means. If you’re registered on the Verizon prepaid plan, you have limitless opportunities to access free data on your smartphone.

Apart from free data, many Verizon deals let you get more data for less, thanks to their periodic data deals that are often impossible to miss. Also, you can try tricks that other customers used to get access to Verizon’s well-guarded unlimited data offer.

If any (or all) of those sound very enticing to you, here’s an opportunity to get whichever one you prefer. In this article, I’ll show you some of the best hacks for getting free or insanely cheap data on Verizon prepaid without unwarranted data caps.

How to Get Free Data on Verizon Prepaid

While we haven’t tried them out yet, some users are sharing hacks on web forums, trying to show others how they could get Verizon free data to a certain cap if they were using Verizon prepaid. Naturally, it doesn’t look like it’s something that could work, but you lose nothing by trying.

Since the offer is free data for a few seconds of talk on the phone with a customer service agent from Verizon, it sounds like a good deal to me. It’s equally up to you to decide if the offer is attractive or even consider calling Verizon to get them to offer you insane data deals.

According to an anecdotal report from this user, wait until you’ve exhausted or almost exhausted your data plan before trying out this trick. That will make your claims more believable, forcing Verizon to offer you significant amounts of free data.

If the claims by this user are accurate, they reportedly got about 5GB of data monthly by using this trick. The user also claimed that it costs nothing for Verizon to offer you this free data, making this offer a win-win for everyone involved.

As for the steps required to get this magical free data, it’s simply calling Verizon and asking them to end your services because you need to save money. Also, explain further that you’ll be relying primarily on your home Wi-Fi for the internet.

According to their account, the telecommunications operator will be forced to offer you all kinds of deals and discounts to keep you as a customer. Presumably, one of these should be the option to get 5GB for free for that month paying nothing extra, which sounds like a great cellular deal. 

They also claimed that you can disagree if the offer doesn’t sound very attractive. While that sounds like something that could happen, I doubt if anyone else could get such a deal by threatening to cancel their plan on Verizon.

Can You Get Free Data on Verizon Prepaid?

Since the above claims are still significant, although doubtable, it’s important to clarify if this will work for anyone other than the person who came up with the idea. While it could work, I’m not very confident in the feasibility of that, because of some desperation they claimed the Verizon employee showed.

First things first, Verizon has different people working in the customer service department. Maybe the process only worked for the individual who originated the account because they came across an agreeable Verizon employee. In your case, trying the same thing might get your service canceled before you can even blink.

Also, offering you a free monthly data plan doesn’t sound like what a telecommunications company like Verizon would do to keep a customer who already confessed that he did not need their cellular offering. While they might offer service discounts to lock you in, I doubt that you’ll get any free lunch.

Last, there are better ways to earn free data without lying to a customer service representative. If everyone starts using this trick to get free data on Verizon, the company will quickly catch on to the trick, updating its policies to ensure that it doesn’t work anymore.

Alternative Ways to Get Free Data on Verizon

As claimed above, there are better ways to get free data than telling the customer service representative that you’re looking to cancel your cellphone service. The company holds special data deals frequently, and they’ve given out massive free data to users in the past.

Here are some of the other ways that Verizon users have gotten free data over the past few years and how you can too.

  • 1. Free covid-19 data allowance

During the crux of the covid-19 pandemic, Verizon offered 15GB of free data to all customers, including those on its prepaid plan. They offered the free data allowance to keep users connected during the pandemic to reduce the impact of the pandemic on Americans.

They made the free plan available to anyone who had an existing data plan with Verizon, but with no additional fee. Summarily, you must be on a data plan to get started, but the data itself is essentially free with no strings attached.

If you’re looking to take advantage of this data offer, it’s no longer available. It was on offer from May 1 through May 31 in 2020, but today, you’ll have to explore other options.


Data is a commodity that you should pay for, but because of its intangible nature, it’s easy to see yourself getting free data from a network provider. They provided Verizon that’s famous for offering free data to subscribers, but that’s not as common as you think.

If the account of a random member of an internet forum is anything to go by, you can get free data by threatening to cancel your Verizon service. Looking at their account, however, it’s difficult to assure anyone that they can replicate the experience of this guy to get free data from Verizon.

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