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How To Stop Spam Texts From Different Numbers

In this article, I’m going to reveal how to stop spam texts from different numbers. Endeavor to read carefully.

Spam texts are so annoying, but they become even more annoying when they’re sent directly as an SMS. Do you know what’s most annoying?

When the texts are sent from different numbers!

You can easily block a single number from sending you a text, but you’re cornered when it’s a randomly generated number.

Dealing with spam text messages from different numbers might be tricky. In this article, you’ll learn all you should do when you receive those annoying messages from random numbers.

Why Do I Receive Spam Texts From Different Numbers?

It’s getting too rampant, and you’ve been forced to cry out: “why am I getting spam texts?”

Spam texts are either unsolicited adverts or fraud attempts. If you receive random messages from unknown numbers, they’re most likely trying to get more of your personal information, enough to defraud you.

Otherwise, spammers can use text messages to distribute links to malware downloads or phishing sites, which may, in turn, take over your computer, requiring you to pay to regain access. They can even use your identity dubiously.

How To Handle Spam Texts?

Before I show you how to stop spam texts from different numbers, I would show you all how to handle spam text messages.

Replying to spam text messages might not be the best approach when you receive spam messages. Some of these spammers are randomly texting numbers and are on the lookout for replies.

If and when you reply, you might be added to an “active list” where you get bombarded with even more spam texts making it increasingly difficult to stop.

Instead of replying out rightly or doing something worse, taking one of the following steps will be helpful. Ignore for a while.

Most SMS spammers buy large databases of phone numbers, probably from websites you’ve previously signed into using your phone number.

Most of them will want to sort out the active phone numbers from the inactive ones. One of the most common tactics employed to achieve this is sending out mass text messages and asking recipients to text “STOP” to opt-out.

In cases like this, obeying the spammers’ instructions only opens you to an extensive world of unending spam messages that you could avoid by just ignoring a text message. Don’t click any links.

Sometimes, spammers might promise handsome rewards if you can click over to some webpage.

Even if Bezos’ salary is promised, never click through a text message from an unidentified sender. Remember, it only takes one malware to hijack your phone. Check if your billing is right.

You should also ensure that your airtime is at the right amount and you’re not ridiculously charged for strange services.

If you notice a change in charges and billing, then you should try stopping the text messages.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to stop spam texts from different numbers, as we are here to teach you that.

How To Stop Spam Texts From Different Numbers

Read and adhere to all the instructions below. All the procedures listed below have been tested and confirmed before we posted it here.

Enable spam protection

You might be receiving random spam because you failed to implement any spam prevention on your device. Almost every new smartphone comes equipped with spam blocking functionalities.

If you’re on an iPhone, you can turn on the spam-blocking feature by following the steps below.

Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone and select “Messages.”

On the resulting tab, find “Filter Unknown Senders” and turn it on by turning the toggle to the right side.

On Android, achieving this might differ, depending on your OEM. If you’re on a Pixel or an Android device that uses Google’s messaging app, you can:

Open the messaging app. On the interface, tap the three vertical dots at the top right.

In the resulting menu, select “Settings” and activate spam protection.

This fix works most times but is mostly dependent on the spam detection system’s intelligence on your device. Wait for a few days to see if the messages stop.

If they don’t, you can try the other fixes below.

Manually block persistent threats.

Suppose you were searching for how to stop spam texts from different numbers. Then, blocking persistent threats is another recommended step that would help prevent it permanently.

If you tried the above fix and experienced a dramatic (but not total) improvement, you might have just a little more work to do.

Check if the numbers that message you are still different or now more recognizable. If no more than three numbers continue to text you, you can proceed to block them manually.

As expected, blocking works differently, depending on your device manufacturer. For the most part, however, you’ll only have to touch and hold a message and click on “Block Sender” or “Block this number.”

This action should fix any persistent problems you’re facing with spam.

Report spam texts

If the issue is persistent after trying the two fixes above, you should report these texts to your cellular carrier.

They receive tons of similar complaints daily and know how best to fix the issue. They’ll most likely match the messages you receive with similar reported ones and block them faster than you’ll do.

Most times, the combination of the three fixes already mentioned should completely solve the issue. If they don’t, then you have to take a third-party approach.

Use third-party spam blocking app.

Suppose you were searching for how to stop spam texts from different numbers. Then, blocking third-party apps on your device is another recommended step that would help prevent it permanently.

Some third-party blocking apps will allow you to block all incoming calls and SMS from unknown numbers. However, this approach might not be the best, especially if you receive business calls from unsaved numbers.

However, some other blocking apps let you set specific rules or even use their machine learning algorithms to block potentially unwanted calls and text messages from getting to you.

Most of these third-party apps are paid, and we won’t recommend using a free app for this purpose. Get an app like YouMail, Truecaller, Robokiller, Nomorobo, or Trapcall to stop spam texts from different numbers.

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Now you’ve seen how to stop spam texts from different numbers. However, spammers get smarter and randomly change numbers when distributing spam messages. It makes it increasingly harder to block their numbers directly, thereby preventing unwanted text messages.

However, intelligent and automatic spam protectionmanual blocking, and persistent reporting have proven to help thwart the spammers’ effort to clutter our inbox with junk.

Want to take it a little bit more advanced? Get a useful spam text blocking apps, and you’ll have no cause to complain about spam text messages again.

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