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How To Tell If Someone Is Active On Their Phone

There are many reasons why you may want to tell if someone is active on their phone. Here, we assume that you don’t want to send multiple messages to someone away from their phone.

Believe it or not, some people want to confirm if their spouses are ignoring them before they let all hell loose.

Whatever the reason you want to tell if someone is active, there are many ways to do that. You don’t have to figure everything out yourself, as this concise article will show you how to tell if someone is active on their phone.

Never get ignored by your boyfriend again, are you ready?

How To Tell If Someone Is Active On Their Phone

There are several ways to tell if someone is active on their phone, depending on what devices the person uses.

In this section, we’ll analyze all the methods of checking online activity without stress. You’ll also learn some tips on how to keep private on social media to avoid tracking.

  • Through their Facebook account.

Perhaps the easiest way to tell if someone is active on their phone is by checking them out on Facebook. Facebook is bundled with Facebook Messenger, a well-featured messaging app that saw widespread adoption due to Facebook’s popularity.

One good feature of Facebook Messenger that’s relevant to you in this context is the active status. If a user is active on Facebook, there will be a green dot below their name and a text that reads “Active Now.”

If you saw these, the person is most probably active on their phone at the moment. Shoot them a call or send them a message, and they should reply in an instant.

If someone has turned off the active status on their Facebook account, you may not see either the icon or the text. This is a privacy option that objectively makes sense but only makes your task more difficult.

  • By stalking their WhatsApp

It’s pretty harsh for me to use the word ‘stalk,’ but that’s basically what we’re doing here.

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging platform right now, and it makes sense that whoever you want to check if they’re active uses WhatsApp?

While WhatsApp is a pretty secure and private instant messaging platform (don’t mind what the media makes you believe), it still features the active status checker.

Most instant messaging platforms that advertise privacy like iMessage or Signal don’t have such integrations, but it’s a good thing (for us) that it’s still available on WhatsApp.

Checking if someone is online on WhatsApp is pretty easy. You only have to open WhatsApp, find the specific contact you want to spy on their active status, and open your chats.

At the top of the screen where the contact’s name or number is, you’ll see ‘online’ below it if the contact is online. If the contact isn’t active, it will display whenever the contact was last active.

One reason why WhatsApp is perfect for this is that users can’t turn this off. You cannot hide the fact that you’re active on WhatsApp.

While you can stop WhatsApp from displaying when last you were active, you’re out of luck if you’re online, as WhatsApp never lies about that.

  • Using a phone app like Truecaller

With more than 500 million downloads of Truecaller on the Google Play Store, there is a good chance that the contact you’re stalking has an account on Truecaller.

If you have Truecaller installed on your phone, you can hope that the person on the other end has Truecaller installed. 

If both of these conditions are met, you’re in luck. You only have to hope that the person has the Truecaller Availability feature turned on. This feature stays on by default, and you can choose to turn it off if you want.

If the person hasn’t turned this feature off, you can detect if that person is active on their phone. You only need to open Truecaller and navigate to their profile.

If a red phone icon appears next to their phone number, the person is most probably on their phone at that exact moment, ready to take a call.

However, if a red bell icon appears, the phone is silent, and the person isn’t necessarily on their phone.

Note that the person you’re trying to track must have Truecaller installed on their phone for this feature to work. They must also be connected to the internet and mustn’t have turned off the availability feature.

How to keep your phone activity private

If you feel tracked, there are things you can do to make sure that nobody knows when you’re active on your phone.

Here are some things you can put in place to ensure that nobody can tell if you’re active on your phone.

  • Use a privacy-focused instant messaging platform.

If you don’t want to be tracked by your friends, forget about Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp in that order. Instead of these messaging platforms, use a private instant messaging platform like Signal instead.

This way, you no longer have to worry about turning off read receipts, last seen and active statuses.

  • Use your phone’s default phone app.

Most times, the SMS and phone calling app that comes with smartphones is pretty capable. There is no reason why you should seek alternatives like Truecaller.

What apps like Truecaller do is collect data about you to build a profile, expose your active status to friends, and give you a subjectively friendlier interface.


It’s not weird to want to learn how to tell if someone is active on their phone. You may be suspecting stalkers, and you need clarification to know what they’re doing exactly.

Whatever you want to know why someone is active for, we’ve got you covered. In this post, you learn about three of the best ways to tell if someone is active on their phone.

If you need to keep the activities on your phone private, we have some advice for you, and they shouldn’t hurt your general device usage.

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