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iPhone Green Flickering During FaceTime And Flashlight

Numerous individuals are facing iPhone green flickering during FaceTime and flashlight. Users notice a little screen where they can see themselves, flickers with green. It turns green after a timeframe while a call is going on. It gets exceptionally irritating. iPhone has the best camera in the mobile phone competition but this does not seem to issue with camera quality. It is very bothersome and hard to tell Why FaceTime call turns GREEN.

After visiting the Apple discussion forum, I realized that it is not only one person that is facing this weird issue on their iPhone. However, we have come up with the best fix for this problem. Ensure you read carefully and adhere to all the instructions.

iPhone Green Flickering During FaceTime And Flashlight

It is an uncommon issue among iPhone users and it does not have any particular fix. However, you can try any of the fixes below. Hopefully, one will work for you:

  • Turn off auto-brightness

Turning off your iPhone auto-brightness could be the permanent fix to this issue. Follow the procedures below to turn off the auto-brightness.

  • Open the iPhone Settings.
  • Navigate to Display.
  • Now, turn off auto-brightness.
  • Turn off the portrait mode in iPhone

Portrait mode could be another cause of iPhone green flickering during FaceTime. Follow the steps below to disable it on your device.

  • Go to your iPhone Settings.
  • Navigate to Photos and Camera.
  • In the portrait mode section, ‘turn normal photo on’.

This is interesting that while the issue happens rotate the phone 90 degrees and the flickering goes away. The landscape aspect ratio is not great but it is better than the flickering.

  • Upgrade the iOS version

Keep upgrading your iPhone to latest the iOS released by Apple, which can include the fix for such issues.

  • Report the issue to Apple

The issue is uncommon, and it is obviously a bug. The lone party capable to fix this issue for all time is Apple. If you are facing this issue in your iPhone, at that point it is advised to report the issue to Apple support. Also, for a lasting fix. continue updating your iPhone to the most recent version of iOS.

  • Factory reset your iPhone

Returning your iPhone to factory settings will fix many problems, and is essential if you’re facing an issue on your device.

Before you start, make sure you backup your device with iCloud or iTunes. When you’re sure that you’ve backed up your iPhone, you’re prepared to perform a factory reset. This will totally wipe your iPhone, which is the reason having a backup heretofore is so significant.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings.


With this concise guide, ‘iPhone green flickering during FaceTime and flashlight; the issue has been fixed. However, drop your questions in the comment section.

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