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iPhone Screenshots Are Blurry On iOS 15: [quick fix]

Many iPhone users are reporting an issue that iPhone screenshots are blurry on iOS 15. screenshots are blurry regardless of the number of screenshots that are taken, all the screenshots taken are blurry on iPhone. The screenshot taken is good for iPhone users who have taken it but if you send it using iMessage or MMS to some other iPhone users, the screenshot will appear blurry on other iPhone. Even iPhone XS Max/ XR are taking blurry screenshots with iOS 15.

The blurry screenshot in iPhone is an irregular issue and is happening haphazardly, as some of the screenshots are just okay while some are blurry. The screenshots are blurry with MMS and iMessage. The issue is additionally reliant after receiving iPhone as in some cases the iPhone 8 receives the screenshots fine but iPhone XR is getting blurred screenshots.

iPhone Screenshots Are Blurry On iOS 15

Here are the fixes you should try to fix the issue:

  • 1. Turn OFF Low quality Image

If this feature is turned on, it can also make your image or screenshot to be blurry. Please make sure to turn off “Low-quality image” on your iPhone. Please ensure that both sender and receiving the iPhone have this setting as turned off.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Messages.
  • Ensure the “Low Quality Image Mode” is turned off, if not, just toggle it to turn it off.
  • 2. Update iOS to latest version

The iPhone 11 screenshots blurry is surely an iOS bug as it was never there in iPhone with the latest iOS version. Apple should know about this issue and ideally will fix the issue in forthcoming releases. So please update the iOS version whenever Apple releases a new version.

  • 3. Use LTE

This is more similar to a workaround to send screenshots. Some users are seeing the issue when using 4G to send screenshots. If you don’t mind, have a go at using LTE and check if the blurry screenshots are sending normal now. In any case, is uncommon that the issue is reported with 4G and iOS 15 only.

  • 4. Use third party app

If your iPhone is sending blurry screenshots across iPhone devices then it is recommended to use third-party apps like WhatsApp /FB messenger to share the screenshots.


If your iPhone screenshots are blurry on iOS 15, this article must have shown you the best solution to get it fixed. However, you have further questions or you wish to add any information to this article, use the comments section. Cheers!

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