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iPhone Tap To Wake Not Working: [quick fix]

Many users are complaining about iPhone tap to wake not working issue. iPhone is released with much-awaited features, a feature that lets users wake phone screen without having to press the sleep/wake button on the side of the iPhone. Also, this feature is in Android phones for a very long time.

The purpose of this excellent feature is to let the user glance over the lock screen without hitting the side or power button. T

The purpose of this excellent feature is to let the user glance over the lock screen without hitting the side or power button. The added convenience feels a blessing when it works. But when it doesn’t, you might be left scratching your head in confusion. And that ultimately leads you to stop using the tap to wake and raise to wake functions.

How To Enable Tap To Wake On iPhone

Tap to unlock feature is an excellent feature, and it does not unlock the iPhone but only the phone lights up. You can see the time, notification, etc without picking or unlocking your iPhone. Follow the steps below to manage the Tap To Wake feature:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to General.
  • Navigate to Accessibility.
  • Slide the Tap to Wake. Which seems to be very easy to set and unset the feature.

However, for many users, the Tap to Wake feature seems to be having issues. If the feature is not working on your iPhone, I will show you the causes and how to fix it.

Why Tap to Wake is not working on your iPhone

There are many things that could possibly make your iPhone “Tap to Wake” not wor properly or work at all.

The issue could be in the hardware or software but the probable reason for this is the replaced iPhone screen that somehow disables this feature. Many iPhone users found the Tap to wake issue missing after screen replacement.

iPhone Tap To Wake Not Working (Fixed)

In this article, we have shared different working methods to help you get rid of this issue on your iPhone. Make sure you try all of them one after the other and tell us the one that worked for you in the comment section.

  • 1. Reset All Settings

If you can’t find this feature on your iPhone, or it suddenly stopped working, the first thing you should try is to reset your device by taking backup to iTunes or iCloud. It will move all the settings to the default setup. If this does not help you, should you should restore the phone from iTunes or iCloud backup.

  • 2. Update iPhone to the Latest iOS

Many iOS updates come with bugs (For example, iOS 13). So, if your iPhone Tap To Wake feature is not working, it could be a bug from the iOS update. It is recommended to update to the latest iOS, it will reset any software bug.

Generally, Apple is quick to release fixes. Ensure you update your iPhone to the latest version through the steps below:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to General.
  • Download and install the latest iOS version for a quick fix to all the bugs in your iPhone.
  • 3. Turn-Off Adaptive Brightness

Incompatible behavior of adaptive brightness may prompt uncommon glitches in the tap to wake function. You have the option to it turn off from the Settings app.

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One of the above tricks will help you fix the iPhone Tap To Wake not working. Which trick worked for you? Answer the question in the comments section below.

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