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Roku TV Not Finding Cable Channels (solved)

Roku TV not finding cable channels could be as a result of bad weather, this is because all cable TV devices are built with ATSC tuners which can only access antenna channels over the Air.

However, you are not alone in this, many users from time to time go through this experience , and I know how disappointing it could be.

Especially when you have a show to catch up with on a particular channel but Roku TV ends up disappointing you by not accessing that channel.

Not to worry, we will discuss extensively on how to fix this issue when your Roku TV is not finding any cable channel

How To Fix Roku TV Not Finding Cable Channels

Roku TV just like other cable TVs has an ATSC tunner that can access Digital content over the Air built in them, this makes it hard to pinpoint what the issue is when it can’t access channels especially when there is good weather. 

Since one can’t tell the exact reason Roku TV has refused to find or access cable channels, we have provided some helpful troubleshooting tips to help fix your channel disappearing issues.

Although you can try Connecting a HDTV antenna to your Roku TV if you have one to see if you can still access the channel. You can, however, connect an HDTV antenna to a Roku TV. 

To Fix Roku TV not finding cable channels issue, follow the following steps.

  • Strong Signal

Roku TV not finding cable channels could be because of poor Network signal, if your Roku TV signal is poor some channels are more likely to appear invisible while others may not be open for streaming.

Sometimes the reason for weak signal could be because of being in a stuffy room or bad weather.

To solve this, consider moving your Roku TV to a different room where it can access good air and away from too many household properties and see if it works.

However, if moving your Roku TV into another room didn’t solve the issue, then you may have to wait till there is a brighter cloud / weather.

But if that still doesn’t fix the issue, then check the second solution.

  • Reboot Roku TV

When your Roku TV isn’t finding cable channels, and pretty much to say the weather is bright this could be because of hardware issues or some bugs.

Rebooting your Roku TV device could be a very effective method of solving issues like this.

  • Check Your Remote Control

Sometimes the problem could be because of using Faulty Roku TV remote control, and you may end up feeling there is an issue with your Roku TV when there is not.

For instance, when the batteries on your remote control are bad, it could cause it not to function well.

And also when your remote is having some pairing issues with your TV you may end up thinking your Roku TV can’t access some channels whereas it is the remote that is having issues. 

When you have other Roku TV models in your home, check to see if you are using the right remote for the Roku TV device.

  • Update Your Roku TV 

Using an outdated Roku TV could cause many issues ranging from missing channels,

low-quality streams and constant buffering.

Try updating your Roku TV more especially when you are sure it is not a poor signal issue, then see if the issue persists.

  • Server Break Down

There is nothing perfect, every digital / electrical appliances are more likely to encounter issues one time or the other, and this would greatly affect their products users. 

You can try checking up on those in your local areas and see if there are facing the same issues.

Or try checking up on Roku Inc to see if they know about the issue and if other persons are also facing the same issue.

  • Restore Factory Reset mode

If the above solutions doesn’t fix your issues, you can try factory resetting your Roku TV device.

To reset to factory mode, go to your settings locate your factory reset button and tap on “Factory Reset Everything”

After reading and digesting every information displayed on your screen, the next thing is to tap on the play button for as much as 3-5 times. After this , you will need to connect back to your home Wi-Fi network and complete all set up for streaming platforms.

Watch Local Channels on Roku TV

Roku TV provides tons of local channels you can watch in case you are having some cable channels connections.

You can subscribe to services like Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu + Live TV that offers live broadcast and streaming contents based of your geographical location / Zone.

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Your geographical location and Roku TV position could be a serious issue as to Roku TV not finding cable channels.

If you stay in a terrible weather area, probably in some slump areas or trenches then your antenna signal are more likely to go off and on from time to time.

As a bad cloud / weather can interfere with the ATSC tunner of your Roku TV device from time to time. 

Basically, when this issue occurs, consider taking a break from your Roku TV device for 24 – 72 hours and try scanning for channels and see if your Connection is back.

And most times also, it is advisable to check up on your user manual which comes with your Roku TV app to see if you can get some helpful tips to solve issues like this.

Now that you know how to solve Roku TV Not Finding Cable Channels issue, we are hoping you can share with your friends and family who are having this same issue.

Was the solutions provided in this article helpful? Or do you have anything to say? We are waiting for you at the comment box.

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