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TikTok Won’t Let Me Like Videos: Quick Fix

TikTok won’t let me like videos! Sounds familiar? You might notice sometimes that while streaming TikTok videos, you won’t be able to like anything, this is common for most users.

Sometimes this can because of double tapping a video too quickly, like when you scroll and tap, scroll again and tap without even watching the video to see what it’s all about.

Then you are more likely to get a shadow ban from TikTok and as a result cannot like any videos on TikTok again till the ban is lifted. 

Why can’t I like videos on TikTok

Although there are several other reasons TikTok might not allow you to like videos, Sometimes the apps seem to think you are a robot.

This happens when you are too fast in liking videos, like scrolling and double tapping consistently without waiting for a second or two to see what do content of the video is all about.

Reactions on social media including TikTok is a way of showing appreciation for the content and encouraging the creator to bring in more videos of that sort. Even sometimes saving temporary to probably check up on that same post when you get notifications.

So when you keep scrolling and liking videos fast without a breathing air, TikTok feels you are not a human and that you are a robot which might cause harm to the app.

And sometimes also they tend to think you are up to some fraudulent or other suspicious activities which is pretty not cool on the side of the content creator stats.

 So when the apps see such Robot like activities, they will probably send you an error message thus ” You are tapping so fast take a break” when this happens you cannot like any video again.

But not to worry the ban won’t affect your other activities on the TikTok app and it will only last for some couple of hours.

Also, there is a limit to reactions on videos, this is also one reason you might not be able to like videos on TikTok. The reason there is a limit to the number of videos you can like is to avoid bot traffic.

Bot traffic are internet softwares or robotics presence on a web server / app that are too fast to assumed to be human behavior, and TikTok doesn’t want them on their app that’s why there is a need to be limited liking on the app.

Another reason TikTok won’t let you like videos might because of some kind of poor connection, being an internet dependant app, it might likely misbehave at some point in time when there is a poor network issue.

You could try checking other apps that depends on the internet to work well to see if it’s a poor Network issues.

Some other reason Tiktok won’t let you like videos might be because of your account AGE. If your account is new, it might take a little time to gain TikTok’s trust.

The reason for account trust is because of many fake accounts flying around most of which is use for fraudulent activities, of course no legit platform would want their platform to harbour fraudsters.

So if you just created your account with TikTok you are more likely to receive error messages, this doesn’t only ends in liking, posting and commenting as well.

So you should always be careful with your activities on the TikTok app to avoid error messages and getting banned, limit the way you post, comment and react to videos.

Don’t react on videos till you have watched them and also avoid clicking on the like button to every video that comes your way, at least till you have gained their trust.

How Long will I have to wait before it can be fixed

Like stated earlier in this article, it is just for a short period, although the duration is not specific as it might vary from accounts.

The time before this ban is lifted might have to depend on the age of your account. New account is more likely to have a longer duration of ban than an old account.

And also if it is not your first time of getting the “you are tapping too fast, take a break” error message, then the ban might also last longer than expected.

However, the estimated time of this shadow ban should be just 24 hours, but in a case where it exceeds this duration, then it’s either you have been ban before and refused to heed to rules or your account is new.

The best way to gain the apps trust and get the ban lifted off your account within a short time is to avoid commenting, posting and liking videos while the ban is still on.

I know liking is one of the most important aspect of every social media handle or page including TikTok and this might suck, but you just have to wait for a few hours or even minutes before you can start liking.

How To Fix TikTok won’t let me like videos error messages

There are also some other reasons TikTok will not allow you like videos, here are the list and some possible solutions.

  • Old And Corrupt Files

Having a lot of old and Corrupt data files could cause this issue of not being able to like videos on TikTok, to fix this issue you would have to clear your cache.

Clearing your cache would enhance smoother running of the app as it takes away some of the old unnecessary and Corrupt Files that might have been stored on the app.

The cache file may also house some robotic software that could prevent you from liking TikTok videos and doing some other activities.

To clear cache, simply go to your phone’s settings, click on general on the drop-down menu scroll down to TikTok click on storage in the menu that follows then click on clear cache.

Although the clearing cache method may vary from phone to phone, in some phones you might just have to click on the Settings application, then locate the app button and scroll down to TikTok then head on to storage and then hit on the Clear cache button.

You can even clear your cache by logging in to your account, on your profile scroll down and locate the cache button then follow the simple steps.

  • Check Internet Connection

Most times you keep double tapping on the reaction icon on a video trying to like the video but found out you couldn’t and yet you are not even receiving any error message.

This could be because of poor internet connection, I advise you try checking your network status maybe by trying other apps that requires internet connection.

If the issue is because of poor Network, maybe then you might ought to wait until there is a strong internet connection then attempt liking videos again and see if it works.

Or if you are using Wi-Fi connection at the moment, you can as well try switching over to mobile data and vice versa to see if it works.

  • Always watch TikTok videos till the end.

As stated earlier this is the only strong reason you might likely get ban from liking videos and engaging in other activities.

I advise you to always watch a video till the end before liking them, don’t just like videos or comment for the sake of it.

If you like videos for the sake of it then there is a higher chance of your account getting banned because the app will doubt it’s genuity and might mistake it to be a bot traffic.

  • Get A New Account

If The ban on your account is taking too long to be lifted, there is a probability that it might never get approved again.

Then you can try opening another account, However that should be after making sure it’s not an internet connection problem or cache issue.

But one thing am sure is that it will not exceed 24 hours but if that is too long a time for you to wait, then you can try opening a new account.

To create a new account, you don’t need to delete the app and reinstall.

Just click on your account profile, hit on your settings button then follow the newly opened menu and scroll down a bit. Hit on the switch account button and tap on the add account icon.

Then follow the due process to sign up for a new account using a new email or number then choose a strong password.Or you can even link to your Facebook profile.

Note: When you enjoy a video and want to go back to them, it is better to save them using the save button than liking it when you haven’t even watched the video.

This to avoid unnecessary error messages or ban when it takes nothing out of you to keep your account safe.

Since it is not mandatory to like every video that pops up, it is better to scroll past any video you don’t like or save anyone you want to go back to later on instead of liking to avoid unnecessary ban.

  • Update TikTok app

It is advisable to always run an auto update on all apps this is to enable apps update itself whenever a new version is released.

TikTok Won’t Let Me like videos” could be because of using an outdated version of the app.

You can easily go to your play store or Appstore to (depending on the device you are using) to update your app.

To update app, go to your play store or Appstore click on your profile on the drop-down menu click on available updates all app that needs to be updated will display, then hit on the update button and allow them to update.

Sometimes also you might need to delete the app and re download that is if the problem persists after updating to the latest version.

  • Contact TikTok support services

If after trying the above fixing solutions and problem persists, you might have no other option than to contact TikTok support services on Twitter.

Or you can contact them via the help button on the app, to do this head on to your profile, click on the Settings button, scroll down and tap on help them in the following options that will pop up hit on “Report A Problem

They would be a dropdown of some popular problems, click on the one similar to the issue you are having if there is a none click on other.

Then go straight to the topic that brought you to their inbox, a well-structured problem topic and error message displayed screen shot would help in solving the issues real quick.

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Keeping your account cool and out of suspicion could help you gain trust from TikTok and overlook any mistake in later times.

However, we have provided some solutions that could help fix the issues even before contacting TikTok customer support services.

Do you have anything to add or some suggestions? We are waiting for you at the comment section.

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