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What To Do If Someone Sent Me Money On Venmo But I Don’t Have An Account

What to do if someone sent me money on Venmo but I don’t have an account? Venmo is a mobile banking channel that serves as a middleman between a sender and a receiver. You can easily create your own Venmo account using your email address and phone number and then link your bank account or credit or debit card to your account.

Can I receive money from Venmo without owning an account?

If someone sent you money on Venmo either to your phone number or email address and you don’t have a Venmo account. What you need to know is that the payment or transaction will show “Incomplete” from your sender end. Sometimes someone may want to pay you for your services and they feel Venmo is the best reliable payment platform for them to use.

For example, Mat is a freelance web developer who is assisting a virtual client in setting up his first website. They might have been communicating through email and phone number and the client may decide to send the payment to Mat’s email address without first asking if he uses a Venmo account.

What To Do If Someone Sent Me Money On Venmo But I Don’t Have An Account?

As mentioned above that if someone sent you money on Venmo and you don’t have a Venmo account, the transaction will show as incomplete or pending on the sender’s end. This may also occur if I, as a recipient, is yet to verify my phone number or email address on Venmo.

How do I accept a Venmo payment?

What you need to do is simply sign up on Venmo and verify your phone number or email address if you have not done so. This will automatically grant you access to the money sent to you through Venmo.

What this means is that an individual can be send money on through Venmo without the individual having a Venmo account. And all the receiver has to do is to register through that email or phone number in which I sent the money to him.

How to cancel pending payment on Venmo

Your sender can however monitor their transaction history to know when the money will be released to you by logging in to his or her Venmo account and clicking on the “You” icon then your sender can locate the human icon on their dashboard and then click the incomplete button to see if money has been released.

The above process can also be used if your sender wants to issue a chargeback or cancel the transaction, and then send you the money through another electronic means of payment.

How to reject a Venmo payment someone sent me

To achieve the chargeback successfully, your sender should log in to his Venmo dashboard, click on the “You” icon then your sender can locate the human icon on their dashboard and then click the incomplete button and then find the part where the menu option where it states “Payment.” Your sender may then decide to issue a command by charging back the money sent.

They will automatically revert the funds to his or her bank account, or your Venmo account balance, where the sender can decide to use his money most pleasantly. This process usually takes 3-7 business working days for it to reflect on either your bank account or Venmo account. 

Can I Spend The Money Sent To My Venmo Without Owning A Account

Let’s take for example, Emmanuel credits Kelvin for the cost of goods sold through his Venmo account and Kelvin does not have a Venmo account or he is yet to verify his email address or phone number. Will he still be able to transfer the money?

It is not possible to transfer money to Venmo without owning a Venmo account. What you need to do is to verify your account and gain full access to the money in your email address or phone number.

What To Do If You See Charges From Venmo Without Owning A Venmo Account

What may cause Venmo to charge my account without owning a Venmo account?

Dan was going through his transaction history for the week when he noticed a debit from Venmo. They left him to ponder if he had spent or made any transaction using the Venmo banking platform.

What’s more likely to cause the above issue is if a member of your family or someone very close to you has access to your phone and allows payment without informing you. From the example given above, if Dan investigates, he might find out that his wife had used his account to pay for grocery delivery to her home without pre-informing him.

How Do I Prevent People From Using My Account Without My Consent?

What then happens if you can’t figure out who used your personal or business account to find a payment on Venmo? You need to know that there’s a clear way in which Venmo can pinpoint who might gain access to your account information. 

There are chances where you might not discover who could have used your account. What you need to do is to 

Venmo customer service

  • (a) Reach out to your designated financial institution (bank) via email, phone, or, a physical meeting
  • (b) Complain about what had happened and wait for the conclusion of their investigation.
    • Your bank is most likely to issue you a refund or they will complain with Venmo while working hand in hand to find out who used your account behind your back.
  • (c) During the investigation, you can request a new account number or debit card if you feel your account or debit they have compromised card


Scammers are often on the loose in search of stealing financial information details from their victims. Their ways and styles are many, but you can protect yourself by never revealing your bank or card details on any site that’s legitimate.

It’s best to also file a police report if you feel they have compromised your account. The police will take legal actions in bringing the culprit to book.

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