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AirPods Pro Falling Out Of Ears? Here are the reasons and the solutions to it

There are so many reasons your AirPods pro falling out of ears. These reasons may differ because of what you are doing at the moment that makes it fall out or the size of your ear buds. If the size of your AirPods earbud is tiny or very much bigger than your ear, then you may have challenges balancing your AirPods pro on your ear. As a result of differences in people’s size of ear,some other people may not be having challenges to fit in their AirPods on their ear. 

Reasons AirPods Pro Falling Out Of Ears

  • AirPods pros are made of silicon plastic:

Ear wax (cerumen) are made of cholesterol, fatty acid, etc. This acts as lubricants, reduces friction between surfaces by dropping what is called the coefficient of friction and this I have why your AirPods pro keeps falling out of your ear.

  • Unique ear shape:

There are differences in ear shape and sizes. These differences are the reason some air pods will comfortably fit some people and cannot fit some others.your left ear might be a little big bigger than your right ear and therefore it seems one of the AirPods will keep falling More often than the other.

  • Movement:

Your AirPods pro falls out while you are exercising but could frustrate that it doesn’t fall out while you are sitting down. Why is this so? This is because the jaw hinges way lower than the skull,it’s joint is actually right next to the ear, that motion alone is not enough to rip the AirPods pro out of the ear.

Are these reasons mentioned above much of a deal? The answer is no, because there are still solutions to these problems.

Here are some solutions to prevent your AirPods pro from falling out of your ear.

  • Silicon ear hook cover:

This silicone ear hook cover provides extra grip.it makes the AirPods pro balance or fit properly on your ear. This is used by fixing the silicone ear hooks on the buds of your AirPods to enable them to fit into the size of your ear bud.

How to use the silicon ear hook cover

  • Step 1: simply push the silicone hook to the AirPods pro through the back
  • Step 2: make sure it is properly fixed and gently fix it into your ear.

 You will feel the grip and this way you can now comfort wear your AirPods pro without challenges of it falling out from your ear.

  • Make sure you wear them properly

Wearing your AirPods pro properly is done by inserting the AirPods stem down to your ears,then twist the AirPods until they are parallel to your jaw lines.

  • Wearing it upside down:

You can try flipping the air pods upside down in order to give it balance so it won’t fall out. But before this step,turn the left AirPods pro to the right and the right one to the left. Then you can gently wear them and twist it upside down.this way you will have a perfect grip on your AirPods pro on your ear. This is an unknown fact that you can use to grip your AirPods perfectly.

This is a tip to wear your AirPods pro to prevent it from falling out.this looks weird right? But it gives you the perfect fitting of your AirPods into your ear.

  • Applying water proof tapes
          How to use

Cut out a piece of tape and place it near the top and another piece at the bottom or maybe round the part of the earbuds. Avoid coverage of the sensitive part in order to avoid affecting the display of the AirPods pro

You can also insert foam on the Tip of the AirPod Pro. You know that’s great friction and prevents the AirPods to from easily falling out from your ear. The reason you use the phone as an external replacement on the tips of the AirPod Pro is because it helps to create Coefficient friction that Will prevent the AirPods Pro from falling out from your ear easily. 

If your AirPods Pro falling out of ears, that shouldn’t be a big challenge because Apple pro provides three silicon tips. The small size, the medium size, and the big size. With this you can be able to change any of the sizes that doesn’t fit into your airport in order to make your AirPod Pro have a comfortable fit on your ear.The reason for the different sizes of silicone on AirPod Pro is so that you can be able to change anyone that gives you a better fit on your ear. Instead of changing or getting a new AirPods Pro, you can be able to change the tip and save yourself the stress of getting a new AirPod Pro.

As an option to inserting the AirPods pro into your ear, you can insert them properly and twist the stem of the AirPods to go to side ways In order to make it have a balancing fit on your ear.

Wipe or clean This office of the AirPod Pro slightly with a damp cloth.

NOTE: do not make the mistake of using a soaked piece of cloth because water could damage them if it’s not confirmed to be water resistant. Make sure it’s just damp, then you can use it to clean the surface of the AirPods pro to remove dirties and oil. Too much oil additive of the AirPod Pro can’t reduce friction making The AirPods Pro slippery and it can easily fall out of your ear at any slightest movement.

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With all listed above, you don’t have to worry about your AirPods pro falling out of ears while in motion like running, skipping, or any activity that requires movement.

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