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How To Not Lose AirPods

Hey, it is very necessary to learn how to not lose AirPods to prevent misplacing your AirPods all the time. This article is a very helpful one that will show you almost everything about that.

Actually, they are a few things that you could do to prevent losing or misplacing your Apple AirPods. So if you are really the type that is kinda careless or misplaces things easily, this article will give you very helpful hints that will prevent you from misplacing your AirPods all the time.

In our previous post, we showed you guys how to find lost AirPods that are offline. The article really helped a lot of people and got a lot of accolades, however, check it out.

AirPods is one of the best and trending earbuds, however, anyone can easily misplace or lost the AirPods because of their small size. To prevent the AirPods from being lost, they are actually some things that you need to do which I am going to show you in this post. If you have been using AirPods for at least three months, you will realize the awkward feelings of losing it due to how tiny it is.

I can remember very well how I lost my AirPods about three months ago and guess what? I was able to find it through the help of Apple “Find My App”. So since then I now became very careful of how I use my AirPods to prevent them from getting lost.

How To Not Lose AirPods

Like I said earlier, they are a few things that you could do to prevent misplacing your AirPods all the time.

Put AirPods back to case after use

The most mistake some people do often is not putting AirPods in its case after making use of it. They are this friend of mine that likes putting his AirPods inside his jean pocket instead of the case. This type of carelessness can damage the AirPods easily or it could probably fall out from your pocket when you are not aware.

The AirPods are kinda tiny and have no wire to keep them attached and this could probably make you lose one ear of the AirPods or even both. So it is very advisable to always put it on the case anytime you are not making use of it.

Use Athletic Tape

If you put on your AirPods while jogging, running, or while on the bike, it will probably fall out from your ear due to they are nothing holding it. So it is very necessary to use Athletic tape to protect your AirPods while doing anything sport or has to do with force.

Make Your Wireless AirPods Wired

If you were searching for how to not lose AirPods then I can boldly tell you that making your wireless AirPods wired could possibly prevent your AirPods from getting lost. We all know that the AirPods don’t come wired unlike some other earbuds and it is kinda tiny. So you can make your wireless AirPods wired exactly like the one below.

Activate Find My iphone

Activating the find my iPhone option is the most important part of preventing your AirPods from getting lost and also the number one thing you are expected to do after purchasing the AirPods. However, below is how to add AirPods to find my iPhone.

  1. Kindly Open your iPhone and go to the settings app.
  2. now go ahead and click on your name and then on iCloud, or better still go straight to your iCloud account if you have a 10.2 or an earlier version of iOS.
  3. Kindly scroll down and select Find My iPhone.
  4. Move the toggle to On for Find My iPhone and for Send the Last Location too.
  5. When you set up this feature, the devices you’ve paired with your phone will automatically be set up, including the AirPods.

Use Ear Hooks For Your AirPods

In case you don’t want to make your wireless AirPods wired, you can also try to use ear hooks for your AirPods to prevent them from falling out from your ear all the time. The ear hook is a very helpful gadget and a lot of people are using it to protect their earbuds. Do your AirPods regularly fall out from your ear even if you are sitting down in one place? if yes, it could be that the shape of your ear doesn’t match with the AirPods, however, kindly get the ear hook to hook it on your ear to prevent it from falling from your ear all the time.

Do Not Borrow Your AirPods

Hey, avoid lending your AirPods to some or if you want to do charity then you buy a new one for them or give them the old one and get another one for yourself. My friend lost his new AirPods after borrowing them from his friend, so it is better you use them. after all, it is not meant to be used by more than one person.


This Techrul guide has shown you how to not lose AirPods. Make sure you adhere to all the instructions in this article.

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