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Apple Watch Not Ringing On Incoming Calls – Solved

Is your Apple Watch not ringing on incoming calls? In today’s Techrul guide, I will show you the best fix to this issue. The incoming calls feature works well on the Apple Watch. Sometimes, after an iOS/WatchOS upgrade, your Apple Watch will probably develop a fault. The common issue is that your Apple Watch will stop ringing on incoming calls.

This issue will probably occur after upgrading to the latest iOS/WatchOS, in some cases, you maybe be able to make calls but your Watch won’t ring on incoming calls.

Also, the CarPlay connection is another hidden thing that can make your Watch to stop ringing on incoming calls. The CarPlay was developed in order to offer iPhone users a hassle-free experience while driving their vehicles.

In any case, it gives the idea that some Apple Watch clients have run into an issue wherein the Watch isn’t ringing subsequent to using the remote CarPlay function through their device.

Before we proceed, follow the below tips if your Apple Watch is not receiving incoming calls

  • Open your Apple Watch’s Control Center and check that you did not empower Silent, Theater, or Do Not Disturb mode
  • If your iPhone is unlocked, you get notifications on your iPhone, instead of your Apple Watch. If your iPhone is locked or asleep, you get notifications on your Apple Watch (unless your Apple Watch is locked with your passcode)
  • impair your Apple Watch password lock and check whether you currently get your calls.
  • Check how you set-up notifications in the Watch application on your paired iPhone through the Watch application. Apple suggested that you set this to Mirror iPhone yet you might need to adjust it.

Apple Watch Not Ringing On Incoming Calls

Before we proceed, make sure the Watch is not on silent. Also, check the notification settings for calls or contact Apple Support.

1. Restart Your Device

Restarting your phone can be the most ideal approach to fix the issue since the Apple Watch starts ringing as normal while receiving a call.

However, if you were fortunate to fix it subsequent to restarting your device, it’s prudent to stop using the CarPlay until further notice, except if it isn’t the reason for the issue.

2. Toggle Off And On Bluetooth

This conceivable handy solution will just require a couple of moments, notwithstanding, it seems to fix the issue for certain users.

To toggle off and on Bluetooth on your iOS device, just go to Settings and tap on Bluetooth, at that point tap on the switch to toggle off Bluetooth. Presently, turn it on again and connect your Apple Watch if it doesn’t pair directly.

3. Refresh your contacts

Refreshing your iPhone/iPad contacts could be the best way to fix this issue. Here is what to do and get everything fixed.

  • Firstly, open your iPhone/iPad and tap on My Watch.
  • Go to General and tap Reset.
  • Now tap the “Reset Sync Data.” button.
  • Wait for some minutes. Presently, restart your Apple Watch and see if it fixed your issue.

4. Reset The Apple Watch

In most cases, the most ideal approach to get rid of this issue is to reset your Apple Watch and it will come back to its senses. Follow the steps below:

  • Tap and hold the Apple Watch side button simultaneously until you see the Power off slider.
  • Use the slider to turn your Watch off entirely.
  • Restart the Watch and see if you fixed your issue.


Apple Watch not ringing on incoming calls? Which of the solutions worked for you? use the star button to rate this article, also, use the comment box to drop your question.

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