How To Create Michael Jordan’s And I Took It Personally Meme

And I Took It Personally Meme

Memes have grown to become a lot more popular than we thought they would, and today, we’re writing meme explainers for popular memes. It’s not unbelievable that Michael Jordan’s image would be shared millions of times on the internet, but nobody expected it would be as a joke unrelated to basketball. From the crying Jordan … Read more

How To Use Spotify Listen Alike

Spotify Listen Alike

Have you ever felt like you’ve listened to your favorite song so many times that you can sing the lyrics in reverse? If you have, your music collection is certainly not as diversified as it should be. Spotify is trying to help you fix this with a new feature dubbed Spotify Listen Alike. Just as … Read more

Spotify Wrapped 2022: See Your Most Played Songs

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify is one of the biggest audio streaming platforms in the world and offers a distinguished feature amongst other mobile streaming apps called the “Spotify Wrapped” Spotify wrap allows you to see your most played songs for the year. They launched Spotify wrapped in late 2015, but it became famous in the year 2017 breaking the internet. … Read more

How To Remove Emoji From Video and Photo

How to remove emoji from video 

It can be unpleasant when you download a video online from any of the social media platforms and there’s an emoji blocking some parts of the video.  Removing an emoji or sticker from a video allows you to have full right on the video as it enables you to add your emoji or sticker when … Read more

How to Clear Cache on iPhone [quick & easy]

How to Clear Cache on iPhone

The iPhone cache is a place in your iPhone that temporarily stores data to enable your browser or device to work flawlessly while eating up your storage too. There are two primary data caches on your iPhone, one for Safari and the other for iPhone apps. There are many reasons you may want to clear … Read more

Roku TV Sound Issues (solved)

Roku TV sound issues

We consider Roku TV the best source for all your entertainment needs. The gadget can connect itself with an array of devices and help you stream your favorite content from different sources. However, one of the noted problems is the Roku TV sound issues and low volume. The issue isn’t new, and the issue is … Read more

How to Make iPhone Screen Stay On

How to Make iPhone Screen Stay On

A couple of days ago, I was typing something from my smartphone into my computer but the phone’s screen kept going off. To prevent that from happening, I had to keep tapping on the screen, a practice I later discovered was the most difficult way to keep your iPhone’s screen on. Unknowingly, most iPhones have … Read more