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How Do I Know The Proper Balance Of Goals And The Work For Goals In My Life

How do I know the proper balance of goals and the work for goals in my life? We’re going to provide the best answer to this question, in today’s Techrul article.

Right after your arrival in this world, you already have the destined thing to attain, which is your goal. Your goal in life depends upon your choice or preference. If you wish to be like someone you idolize, then so be it.

If you want to gain a profession that is adored by most, you also can. But the thing is you need to properly set that particular goal in mind in order for you to attain it. Properly setting the goal you want to achieve will give you the chance to live a balanced life. In addition, the things you do in order to set and attain this goal will reflect who you really are.

If you get to set them on the right track, then you can be close to achieving your holistic growth. Hence, it is important to use the best strategies that will guide you to accurately set your goal.

Goals Are Meant To Be Set

Humans are destined to live a complicated life. This is seen right after the first time you opened your eyes to see how complicated the world could be.

Living this unsure life could sometimes make each individual feel like giving up rather than asking the logical question “why live if it is meant for you to suffer and die?” Life is full of extreme difficulties, but these difficulties are the ones that make life worth living.

Each creature living in this world has their individual goals and aims, which they need to complete in order to make the most of every minute they spend in this world.

However, not all individuals are sure of what goal they really have in life. Are they born just to live their life having nothing they want to attain? Or are they born to experience how boring life could be?

A boring life is possible if you allow it. But, if you have something in mind that you want to attain, which is your goal, then you can say that living your life is never boring.

However, having a goal alone is not enough. You should think of what you can do in order to attain it. Goals can never be truly called goals if they aren’t being acted upon, but if you just set it and you don’t do anything to achieve it, then that goal is unsound.

On the other hand, properly setting your goal is highly important. This could be your first step to accomplish it. Knowing how to properly set your goal is associated with holistic growth.

In the following headings and subheadings, you will learn more about the connection between holistic growth and goal setting. You can use them in order to have a better idea of how to set and attain your goal in the best way possible. This is the main key to achieving your goal and gain success.

Holistic Growth

“If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development”- Brian Tracy

Wanting to achieve valuable things will, in turn, require you to be a valuable person in your own growth or personal development. This is what is meant by Brian Tracy in this quotation. Being a full-grown individual is an advantageous phase of a person’s life. Once you say that you are full-grown, it will be easier for you to set your goal and then eventually attain it.

Have you ever wondered why there are lots of individuals who try reaching their goals but end up unsatisfied? Well, it is quite obvious – they have not matured enough to set their goal and at the same time, they are uncertain of what it will take for them to feel satisfied. This is where holistic growth takes place.

Holistic Growth Is Maturity

It is definitely hard to define a mature individual or to identify if he/she really has achieved holistic growth. Holistic growth can be achieved when you include all the necessary things surrounding the concept.

Say for example, when it comes to an individual with holistic growth, then he/she must have a balanced mechanism. This mechanism includes his/her physical, emotional, mental aspects and the like. Once these major aspects are properly balanced, then you can tell that the person has achieved holistic growth.

However, if you will link holistic growth to goal setting, it may be simple. Since holistic growth for a person should involve his vital aspects, as mentioned earlier, for goal setting it works in the same manner.

Putting it simply in a sample situation, say for instance, you are a server from a certain restaurant and what you serve there is twice as much as what you usually eat on a regular basis. For some reason, you made a goal of eating the whole meal.

However, if you make it as your goal, you are probably not considering your holistic self.  If you are thinking holistically, you’ll certainly not set such a goal because other aspects of yourself may be given a negative effect.

Say for example your health, if you consume too much, then you may have high levels of cholesterol, which can lead you to unwanted illness. Hence, it becomes highly important for you to consider each and every factor that will be affected by the decision you will make. Be mature enough to consider each factor.

How Do I Know The Proper Balance Of Goals And The Work For Goals In My Life

Your task does not only surround goal setting. For example, you have set your goal already, but you don’t really know if that goal you set is enough at that. Doing this thing is never holistic.

You should be very careful right from the very start of setting your goal up. This is important because who knows if that goal is missing something crucial. Then you may be at risk of not attaining it.

Therefore, it is important to understand goal-setting principles. What are these principles, and how can they help you become successful in attaining your goal? Well, continue on to find out.

The Principles

Goal setting basically includes the seven crucial principles. These principles include the first one, which is specifying what you exactly want. If you are certain about your goal, then it can be easier for you to reach it without struggling so much. The second principle is about the practicality and attainability of your goal.

Be sure that the goal you are trying to achieve is not impossible. This is important because in time you will be the only one who will benefit from it.

The third principle focuses on your desire to attain your goal. Your desire should be high enough, which can be used as your personal motivation. Think of the possible things that may happen if that goal is already in your hand. Visualizing and living with your goal is the focus of the fourth principle.

This is in connection with imagining your desire. Imagine how great it could be if your goal has already been attained is a helpful way for you to stay motivated about reaching your goal. The fifth one is listing or writing down your goal. This principle can also help you from being successful in attaining their goals based on a number of studies.

The sixth principle involves the time allotment you are giving to your goal. This is also very important because it will help you to keep reminded about your goal. Make sure to include the time frame in your notes, so as not to forget about it. The last, but not the least, goal setting principle is taking the goal into action.

Once, you already learn the principles that need to be understood, it is then the time for you to start running to reach the finish line, which is your goal.

These principles will be further elaborated as you continue reading.

Living a balanced life

Setting your personal goal will probably lead you to have a better and a balanced life. How? Well, after you have identified what you want to attain in the various areas of your life, it is important for you to examine and observe how they go together. By doing this, you will surely realize how you come up with a balanced life through properly setting your goal.

Goal Setting to Live a Balanced Life

If you consider growing as an individual, there are several different areas you may think about. These areas probably include your desire to be a parent or spouse, growing in your social relationships, or perhaps in your career or job.

Improving your mental and physical health, spiritual life and intellectual pursuits may also be included in these goals. Furthermore, you may also improve in your hobbies for enjoyment, or in your participation in the community.

Say for example you want to be a better parent. But then, if your personal goals and career requires you to be distant from your home for long, or allow you to be very busy in order to work well when you’re at home, you may want to reconsider your priorities and then make some adjustments on your balance.

This could be a great way to help you be clear about your values as well. You can create a list including your values and then accurately match them to your goals’ list. See if they properly match or if there is any unbalance. If there is, you can make some adjustments, which will lead you to have a much better and balanced life.

Another thing that can help you attain a balanced life is to figure out what is most essential to your life. If you know and hold the most important thing in your life, then it will be easier for you to live your life to the fullest while living it in balance.

In order for you to know the most important thing for you, it is helpful for you to understand the reasons behind their importance. Decide if you want to dedicate energy, time and attention to those things.

Ultimately, you should decide if the goals you set will help you to become a well-balanced person, as being one will eventually lead to living a balanced life. Hence, these things make goal setting crucial to living a balanced life.

However, what is the real impact of goal setting to a balanced life? Discover the answer to this question in the next heading.

The Impact of Goal Setting To a Balanced Life

Your goal is the particular success that you desire to achieve. In order to attain this goal, you should monitor it every now and then, allowing you to observe its progress.

Progress occurs little by little. Your goal should be achieved within a specific time frame. This makes monitoring your goal really important. An exerted effort is vital in order for you to achieve the goal you set.

However, what exactly is the impact of goal setting to have a balanced life? What makes it beneficial?

The Real Impact to Life

Goal setting has lots of benefits associated to it, which certainly includes giving you the chance to live a balanced life. Many people choose to set their personal goals in order to establish an accurate direction.

Indeed, this is very evident. Having a direction of what you really want to attain is what goal setting is all about. If you don’t set your goals accurately, you will probably end up taking a zigzag path which will be very uncertain.

On the other hand, if you have an accurate goal that you are viewing on the horizon, it will be easier for you to head to its path.

Goal setting has a strong impact on having a balanced life, which is one of its benefits. Setting your goals balances all the things that take place in your life.

Say for example, your goal is to be a good parent who wants to guide his/her kids along by giving them positive and favorable thoughts. However, your job doesn’t allow you to complete this goal.

What is the right thing to do? Well, one of the most effective things to do is to adjust your schedule. It will be better if you will do what your heart and mind wants, so as to let you live a balanced life. Knowing that you have what you want is a great way to live your life in balance.

Setting goals, in addition, helps you live a balanced life because it motivates you to take action. If you haven’t set your goals, howwill you be motivated to act on it? Well, it may be, but at most times having the goals set is the major factor that helps people work harder. An example of this is when you wake up in the morning and go to your work.

Will you consider waking up early if you know that you don’t have any work to go to? People by nature are lazy at times; hence setting goals is one that helps them become motivated to try hard, striving to live a balanced life.

Another reason that makes goal setting important is when you have a certain goal is that it helps you overcome obstacles. You will carefully think whether a certain action you will make will affect the goal you are striving for or not. This will help you have a balanced life because there will be no further confusion that will take place in your mind.

How to Set Your Goals

There are times when people find it quite hard to set their goal because of too much confusion. Things can be worse if you have a number of goals, which you may not be able to think about what is good to do with them. However, setting your personal goals is very easy, if you understand the principles that are discussed in Chapter 3.

Set Your Goals Using the Principles as Your Guide

The first principle you need to know and apply is to clearly specify your goal or what you desire. As mentioned earlier, the goal needs to be specific and clear. In order to arrive at the right place, you first need to exactly where you are heading. The second principle is that your goal needs to be attainable and realistic.

Do not set a goal that is impossible. A situation for this is dreaming about winning in a lottery without even first buying a ticket, or aiming to have a million dollar without doing anything besides imagining it.

These kinds of instances actually happen in reality. You should be true to yourself. Yes, it is free to dream, but if you really are determined to reach a particular goal, then set one that is achievable and not the one that is obviously unattainable. Therefore, after you specified your goal make sure that it is realistic.

The third principle in goal setting involves your burning desire. Make sure that you have a high desire for that goal in order to attain it.  One factor that can help you get this desire is to become highly motivated. You may think of the great things you can experience once that particular goal becomes successful.

Think that nobody can stop you from reaching that goal, so it will be easier for you to get it in no time. HOWEVER, always remember to be holistic at all times. As mentioned earlier, you should always consider that the things on the way to reaching your goal should never be left negatively affected.

The forth one is to imagine and live with your goal. When you identify your goal, try to imagine all the factors and envision yourself living with it as frequent as possible. Visualizing is extremely important because it has powerful effects.

Be inspired by the inspirational quotation stated by Napoleon Hill “What the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve”. Therefore, you need to make sure that you spend some time visualizing and focusing as if your goal is already taking place.

The fifth one is to list your goals. Studies have shown that the goals that are written on a paper are much more effective than those that are merely thought of.  These studies have also shown that the ones who take note of their goals have achieved even more as compared to the ones who didn’t write down their goals.

Therefore, you may want to get in the habit of writing down your goals, so as to monitor your goals and keep track of their progress.

Another step you should take is to identify your time frame for the goals. You always need to identify the time you want to complete your goal. Doing this will surely give you better motivation factor to attain your goal.

In addition to this, just like the first principle you also need to be realistic of your time frame, consider if it is attainable or not, or if it fits your capability to finish it within the given time allotment.

The last step, but certainly not the least, is to act based on your set goals. Once you have done all the mentioned steps, it is then the time for you to execute your action to attain your goals. The first step is often hard, yet once you have done it, you will probably become familiar with it. Therefore, learn to take your first step without any doubt or delay to get success closer and closer to you.

Success and Goal Setting

Success is something that everyone wants to attain, but not all are given a chance to get hold of it. But then, even if this is the case, still people should not give up on attaining their goals.

One of the common reasons why people fail in attaining the success they desire is when they don’t get to properly set their goals, resulting in them feeling disappointed and sometimes even stressed out.

There are ways you can avoid this. And first on the list is you need to know that success and goal setting are interconnected, and that none of them should be left behind.

Goal Setting and Success Are Interconnected

If you want to gain success, the first thing you should do is to set your goals. Dreaming of success is useless if you don’t set your goal for it, and of course perform the action. Goal setting is an extremely important ingredient you should know and understand in depth.

Consider that you don’t just set your goals to gain success, but you also do it to have a balanced life. Sometimes having a balanced life can be considered as one of the successes achieved from goal setting. You can consider it as success because it provides you peace of mind, without having to think about the confusions often encountered in life.

What this chapter wants to tell you is to keep in mind that success can never be attained without first setting goals. Therefore, to have a successful and balanced life, always choose to set your goals, in line with the things you want in life.

The Benefits of Goal Setting With Respect To Setting Goal

Setting your goal has a great deal of benefits. However, always think that having your goals properly set is important in order to achieve these benefits. How would you do this?. Once you identify the goals you wish to attain, acquiring its benefits could be another reason for appreciating it.

Make the Most of Goal Setting

Goal setting has a considerable number of benefits from which you will surely feel satisfied with. One of the benefits of goal setting is that it makes you feel conscious about your weaknesses, allowing you to enhance them by converting them into strengths.

This is one evident and useful benefit of goal setting. Another benefit you can acquire from goal setting is that it provides you with the sense of previous successes of accomplished goals, using them as your inspiration to become successful in your present goals. This one will probably give you an idea that having one goal at a time is much better than striving for them at once.

Goal setting can also assist you in visualizing and planning the necessary actions in order to attain what you desire through executing them.

Setting your goal, as mentioned in the previous chapters, provide you the right track to run on, or the direction to follow, helping you become aware of the path you are going to. Setting your goals properly can give you more even more benefits by encouraging you to lay down your priorities, which probably limits you from participating in some distracting things or factors.

This will then lead you to have a definite precedence to prioritize. Establishing your goals can also help you provide proper definitions about real life acts that separate them from fancy thinking.

Another crucial benefit that comes from goal setting is that it allows you to become responsible for your own failures and successes. Once you set your goals, you should be aware of the possible consequences when they fails, so it allows you to respond positively to them.

This is the act of a responsible person. You should know and understand that not all the times success is for you, hence you should accept it once it’s done. However, you should not stop from trying because setting goals is always there to help you. You can reset your goals into a better and more possible format, which will allow you to reach your goal this time.

Setting your own goals is also training yourself with purpose and intensity. Since striving for success requires burning motivation, it lets you become trained with intensity. This will enable you to be a tougher and stronger individual in return.

Once you have a set goal, it also lets you identify and keep track of your goal’s progress, making it more useful to you. You set your goals in order to enhance your mental and physical performance because of the things you typically encounter along the way toward reaching success.

Having your goals properly set assist you in planning your time, balancing the many aspects of your life, keeping track of your achievements and assisting you in managing your everyday life.

The A-Z Strategies in Goal Setting

Using an efficient strategy for goal setting is important. This will help you make things easier without having to encounter many hassles in achieving your goal. Just like when you are playing a certain game or sport, having the efficient strategies is required in order to attain your goal.

Say for example in a basketball game, you need to use the most efficient technique in order to reach your goal, which is to shoot the ball inside the ring. This is also true with goal setting. You should use the most effective technique, so that you will guarantee your success.

So, what strategy should you apply in order to make things right on track? Using the SMART approach will help you in this situation.

Set Your Goals SMART

Setting your goals through the SMART approach could provide you efficiency. What is a SMART approach? This approach is actually the way you will create or establish your goals. SMART, stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable or Achievable, Realistic and Time limited.

The first factor you should consider when setting your goals is for it to be specific. As you may observe, this is quite related to the first principle of goal setting. Of course, your goals have to be specific, so it will be clear what steps are necessary to attain it.

A clear goal is the one that is measurable, leaving no room for any misunderstanding. Your goals should be very explicit when it comes to the desired behavior. Continue asking yourself a helpful question like “what does it look like when your goal is finished?” Your answer to this question will probably assist you in identifying specific and clear goals.

M is for Measurable. Your goal should definitely be measurable, which is in connection to the first factor of the approach. Say for example, you want to be good at computers. What is exactly meant by the word “good” in such a goal?

Instead of having this goal, you may want to change it into a measurable one like being good at encoding or programming. You should simplify them, so it will be easier for you to measure them. Creating measurable goals may not only help you to achieve your goals, but it may also assist you in beating your personal targets as well.

A is for Achievable or Attainable. This one is quite self explanatory. This factor of SMART approach is quite too associated with R, which stands for realistic. By their individual definitions, you may eventually think that the goal you wish to set should be realistic or possible to attain.

Don’t get yourself stuck with the fancy ones because they may only give you some sense of disappointment. So, be sure that the goal you would want to establish is attainable and realistic.

The last letter which is T stands for Time limited or time frame. Just like what is mentioned in the principles of goal setting, your goal should have its specific time frame. Consider the length of time you wish to spend in order to reach your objective.

Similar with any other tasks, it should have its own limit. This is important because setting a goal without the accurate time frame may only lengthen the process, probably leading to its failure. Therefore, you need to make sure that you set a precise time allotment possible for you to achieve your goal. Keep in mind that you should consider your capability when setting the time allotment.

The Ways of Enhancing a Holistic Growth

Improving one’s self can be difficult at times. People often find it hard to identify their mistakes because what they usually accept are the things they think are right. This obburs often, especially for those individuals who are full of themselves.

Sometimes it is better to accept that you make mistakes in order for you to know how you will improve and correct them. Through this, you will be able to enhance a holistic growth.

Enhance Yourself Holistically

As mentioned earlier, being a holistically grown individual involves his/her maturity. Hence, if you are mature enough you will accept your mistakes and be able to use them as your inspiration to make things right.

Holistic growth includes being mature emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and personally. You must be a full grown individual if you can manage the things around you without feeling so stressed about them, particularly the problems you encounter.

Things can be made better once you know how to handle them holistically. On the other hand, how will you be able to enhance yourself holistically?

The answer for this is just easy if you view things in life positively and act in positive ways. Say for example, if you are a professional in a particular area of your profession and you are aware of it, still you need to be humble by not being too proud of it.

This may only be one of the many examples. Another thing you can do in order to improve holistically is to accept that failures are meant to happen sometimes and all you can do is think about them in a positive manner. Life is a thing that must be enjoyed and not be stressed about.

If you are grown holistically, you should know that things should never be rushed because there is the right time for everything. Continuous learning is also acquired by a holistic individual. Learning is fun, which can sometimes be utilized to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Being a holistically grown individual, you should also know how to make the lives of other people improved. If you know how to do this the right way, then you can tell that you are a holistically grown individual.

Wanting to improve holistic growth is good and you can achieve this through doing what is right and disregarding the negative thoughts around. Thinking of the success you want to achieve can be more satisfying if you consider the good things it may cause to other people.

Therefore, if you want to achieve your goals in the most effective way and at the same time enhance holistic growth, you may want to take the necessary and applicable actions to make them right

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