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How Do I Set My SD Card As Default Storage On Samsung?

How do I set my SD card as default storage on Samsung? that is one of the trending questions on the Google search engine. As we always do, we are going to show you the procedures of how you can easily change your preferred storage settings to an SD card instead of the built-in storage.

No doubt, the built-in storage on Samsung is a good one. However, as a user that loves watching movies, taking pictures, downloading apps and documents, the built-in storage will probably full in no time. In that case, the most ideal alternative is to embed an SD card and keep making the most of your Samsung gadget.

SD Card is a convenient alternative to store files regardless of whether you have a weighty measure of internal storage on your Samsung device, you may need an SD card to store your files.

How To Insert SD card On Samsung

Make sure your SD card is there with you. You can insert up to 128GB of memory cards on your Samsung device.

  • Now go ahead and insert the SIM removal tool into the hole on the SIM card/memory card tray, and then push until the tray pops out.
  • Place the SD card properly on the tray.

Make sure that the gold contacts face down and the card is placed properly.

How Do I Set My SD Card As Default Storage On Samsung?

After inserting the SD card, the next step is to set it as your preferred storage so that all your new files will be stored on the SD card. Also, you can move your old files from internal storage to your SD card.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Storage and tap on “Format as internal memory.”
  • Now you will have the option to transfer all your files (excluding applications) to the SD card.
  • That’s all, now any application or files you downloaded will be saved to the SD card.

NOTE: you can reverse these settings at any time, that is to make your internal storage the default. All you have to do is to go back to Settings, go to Storage Settings > and tap on Set internal memory as default memory.

How do I automatically save pictures to my SD card?

Yes, it’s possible to snap and automatically save it to your SD card, instead of the internal storage that is almost full. Here are the steps;

  • Open your Camera app and tap Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap Storage location.
  • Lastly, tap the SD card.


How do I set my SD card as default storage on Samsung? I believe your question was answered. Use the comment section to drop your questions.

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