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How To Listen WhatsApp Audio Message Without Sender Knowing

It happens with everyone; you get an audio message on WhatsApp and the only thing you want to do is listen to what the person has to say without letting them know you listened to it.

There are many ways to do this, but we will show you one of the best methods possible with no third-party applications required

What Is WhatsApp Voice Note?

WhatsApp Voice note is a new feature of WhatsApp that enable you to record and send voice messages in your WhatsApp chats. However, they can be listened by the recipient even if the sender is offline. 

This is because these messages are stored on the receiver’s phone so it can play them back at any time. For example, if someone records a voicemail and sends it to you but then deletes it before you have heard it, this voicemail will remain on your device as an audio file. 

So how do we stop this from happening? To make sure no one listens our voice note before we delete them, there are three simple steps: first, open up your WhatsApp app and go to the person’s chat with whom you want to send a voice note. 

Next, tap on their name and select the icon with the microphone sign (usually located in the upper-right corner). You should see two options: Voice recording or Voice message.

How To Listen WhatsApp Audio Message Without Sender Knowing

  • Enable Airplane Mode

Enabling airplane mode is one of the best ways to play audio on WhatsApp without letting the sender know about it. Go to your settings and turn on airplane mode. Now, tap on the icon at the top left side that looks like a phone with a line through it and select Airplane Mode. 

Then, open WhatsApp and start playing any message you want. To stop playing the message, just turn off Airplane Mode from your settings again.

Remember that this method only works if the sender doesn’t have your number saved in their contact list as well because they will see when messages are delivered and not delivered.

So make sure they don’t have your number saved before proceeding with this tip. And last, remember to keep airplane mode enabled until you finish listening to all the messages. Otherwise, turn it off after every message and return to read new ones.

 But if the receiver’s number isn’t saved, then it’s fine to leave Airplane Mode turned on throughout the entire process. You can also put a small sticker over your phone camera for added privacy during this process!

  • Disable Read Receipt 

Once you do this, the sender will not be able to know you have read their message nor listened to their voice note. In order to listen to a WhatsApp audio message without the sender knowing, simply follow these steps: 

First, open the chat with the person who sent you an audio message. 

Second, tap, and hold on a blank space for about five seconds until a contextual menu pops up and then select View Details from that list of options. 

Third, scroll down and tap on Play Audio without sending it back in order to play it locally on your phone. When you’re done listening to the audio file, return to the conversation by tapping back on the blue messaging bar at the top. 

The sender won’t know if you’ve listened or when you played it unless they asked whether or not they should send a voice note; so make sure they don’t! You can also mute your smartphone’s mic while playing the recording.

 However, make sure to unmute it before continuing with the rest of your day because otherwise people might start suspecting something fishy is going on!

The app has plenty more features too, but one thing’s for certain – in case you didn’t already know how to listen WhatsApp Audio Message Without Sender Knowing, now you’ll never have any trouble doing so again!

  • By forwarding the message

By forwarding the voice note to another number, the sender would not know that you have listened to it.  But the biggest disadvantage of this method is that you cannot use this method if the sender is one of your contacts. 

If they are on your contact list and they send a voice note, then there will be no way to stop them from knowing when you play back the message. The only workaround for this problem is to disable notifications for the app. 

This can also work with group chats but you should still make sure that nobody in the chat has disabled notifications. You can also go into settings and make sure that show in notifications is turned off so people won’t know when you’re listening to their messages. 

As long as you remember to turn the notification setting back on again before you get a new message!

If you don’t want anyone at all to know that you are listening in then there is another method that you can use. Instead of forwarding messages, they can be copied and saved locally. 

This gives you full control over who knows what but it is limited by storage on your phone. If someone sends a voice note with a lot of people in a group chat, then it could take up quite a lot of space on your device if you choose to save them locally instead of forwarding them on.

  • Using Music Playback App

Download the Music Playback App on your phone. Open the app, and select a song that you would like to play. Start playing the song and then proceed to open your WhatsApp chat with the person who sent you the audio message.

 Tap on their name in the chat window and then tap on View conversation. Tap on Media at the top of your screen and then scroll down until you find the voice note icon. Click it and Voila! You have successfully listened to the audio file without your friend knowing it.

 If you want to delete the messages from your WhatsApp account, go back to Media and click on Delete. But if you want to keep them in case, they’re useful for any reason, don’t delete them.

Can you See How Many Times Someone Listens To An Audio Message On WhatsApp?

No, you cannot see how many times someone has listened to an audio message on WhatsApp. In order for this information to be visible, the sender would need to allow you permission. 

Otherwise, they can only see when their message was delivered and not when it was played. 

  • If you want to know if someone heard your audio messages or not, ask them!
  • Alternatively, take a screenshot of the conversation and look at the time stamps of when each person sent or received a text. 

You can then easily compare these two timestamps and determine who had heard what. Alternatively, there are other ways to find out if somebody has read your message or not. 

For example: view the photo gallery in which one of the photos is from someone else’s camera roll that appears in your gallery and guess who is likely viewing that photo?

How To Know If Someone Listened To Your Audio

  1. Tap on the conversation and scroll down till you find the audio file. 
  1. Tap on Info next to the audio file. 
  1. In the right-hand corner, there will be a timer that reads last heard at. If it says 2 minutes ago, then they have listened to your message. 

You can also know if someone has read your text by tapping on Read Receipts. It will say either yes or no. When someone hasn’t responded yet, it’ll show as no. Another way to see if somebody has listened to your audio is by sending them a follow-up message. 

Say I sent you an audio in the text, and when they reply with I received your message, it means they’ve opened it but haven’t listened to it yet. Keep in mind that this trick won’t work for images, GIFs, videos or other media files in WhatsApp’s chat window.

How To Know If Someone Listened To Your Audio Message On WhatsApp

If you want to know if someone listened to your audio message on WhatsApp, there are a few tricks that might help. One is by sending them another audio message and seeing if the listening status still shows up. If it does, then they have not listened to the first one yet. 

However, this trick only works for voice messages. Another way is by checking the time when you sent it and see if the person has opened their app in the past two minutes.  

The other way is to send yourself an audio message and see if it’s marked as read or listened. If so, then they listened to your message!

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Situations happen, when you don’t want the person who sends you a voice note to know you’ve listened to it. With the above guide, you will be able to do that perfectly. 

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