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How to Reply with a Video on TikTok 

You made an awesome TikTok (like you always do), and one of your followers commented, asking you to make a video doing a specific thing. You found it to be an interesting video idea, but you want to reply to the comment with a video of you doing the fan’s request.

You know it’s possible because you’ve seen one of those videos where the creator responds to a commenter with a video. However, the only question in your mind is this: how is that even possible?

If you don’t know how to reply with a video on TikTok, you’re at the right place. In this article, I’ll show you how to reply to a comment on one of your TikTok videos with another video that you made to answer that specific query.

How to Reply with a Video on TikTok

First, it’s important to note that you can only reply to a video on a TikTok video you created. You cannot go on someone else’s video and respond to the comment there with a video you created on your account; it doesn’t work that way.

Another interesting part of this is that you can only reply to a comment with one of your videos. If that sounds confusing, it shouldn’t be; here’s how it works, basically. You cannot reply to a comment on your video with another video from someone else’s TikTok account.

Pretty straightforward, right? Now, let’s get into the steps required to pull this off. Here are the steps required to reply to a comment on your TikTok video with another video you created on the platform.

  • 1. Navigate to the video that includes the comment that you intend to reply to.

This step may be obvious, but it’s an unmissable part of the entire process of replying to a TikTok video with another TikTok video. Again, the video should be up on your account as part of your public videos that your followers can see and leave comments on.

You can navigate to your profile by tapping on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of the interface. That should bring up your profile details, including some of your most recent videos and their views count. From there, you can select the video with the comment that you intend to reply to.

  • 2. Find the comment you intend to reply to.

To find the specific comment you want to reply to with a video, you’ll need to select the video first. It’s up to you to decide what comment you want to reply to. Once you know it, you can simply select the video that contains the comment and scroll down until you find it.

When you find the comment, see the option to reply with a video, denoted by a small video icon to the left side of the comment reply box. Tap on that icon and it should bring up the normal video recording interface for TikTok.

  • 3. Post the video after recording.

After choosing to respond to a comment using a video, the recording interface will look almost exactly like that of a regular TikTok video recording. However, after shooting the video, you can choose to attach the source comment to the reply to the video.

If the video gets recommended to someone on TikTok randomly, they’ll see the original comment somewhere around the screen. Also, they can tap on that comment to go to the source video for more context about the video.

Also, TikTok will add that video to your recent collection like a regular new video. It will also be available to anyone reading the replies to the comment as a video. TikTok can choose to randomly recommend the video to anyone using the app, increasing your viewership and making for a great video source.

How to Reply with a TikTok Video on PC

If you’re on Windows or macOS computer, you may find it slightly easier to create videos on your computer, as opposed to your mobile phone. However, everyone knows that there’s no fully functioning TikTok app for laptops and desktops, making it currently impossible to reply to a comment with a video on a PC.

However, there are always workarounds to almost everything for computers. Here, you can make the Android version of the TikTok app work on your PC, using it to create a video that you can use to reply to a comment on another TikTok video.

If that sounds somewhat complicated, don’t fret; this guide is specific to explain it in the simplest way possible. Follow the steps below to reply with a TikTok video on a PC running Windows, Linux, or macOS.

• Download and install the Bluestacks Android emulator for your operating system. You should note that Bluestacks is only available for Windows and Mac; if you want an alternative that works on Linux, try Android-x86.

• After installing the Android emulator, launch it on your computer to bring up an interface similar to that of an Android tablet.

• From there, open the Play Store app, sign in with your Google account, and install TikTok. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one easily from your browser or right from inside the BlueStacks Android emulator.

• Once it installed the app, open it and sign in with your TikTok account. Follow the steps outlined in the preceding section as normal to reply with a video to comment on TikTok.

It’s important to note that they did not make the TikTok app to be used on a laptop or desktop. If you want to create videos on your computer, consider creating a YouTube channel as opposed to a TikTok account.

Why can’t I reply to a comment with a video on TikTok?

You probably want to reply to a comment with a previous or old video which is not possible on TikTok. TikTok has not yet included a feature that allows you to reply to a comment with an existing video

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Those video replies you see on TikTok aren’t very complicated to make, as long as you’re aware of the due process. Since most people don’t know the due process, I’ve outlined and explained every step in extensive detail in this article.

Even if you can’t access your Android or iOS smartphone, there’s still a way to do it from your computer. Catch up with the full tutorial above to learn everything I explained in this article and more.

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