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How To Stop Pop Up Notification On WhatsApp

On the latest version of WhatsApp, they set the default settings to notify you about every new message and video call on your phone through pop up notification, whether you are in WhatsApp. 

These notifications may seem convenient at first but can get irritating after some time, especially if you get distracted by them when you are doing something important. So if you want to disable these annoying pop up notifications from WhatsApp, follow these steps.

What Is Pop Up Notification?

A pop-up notification is a message that appears on your screen, typically in the form of a text message or an alert. They can be annoying, especially if you’re trying to concentrate on something else.  

Luckily, it’s easy to disable them and focus solely on what you’re doing. 

Here’s how: 

  • Mute notifications – If your phone has a notification setting for app updates, this option will stop those notifications from popping up on your screen when they happen. Go into settings and look for Notifications or Do Not Disturb depending on the type of phone you have. Turn off all the apps listed there (there may be more than one) and then turn off Sounds & Haptics as well. Your phone will now only make sounds when you receive an emergency call. 

Additionally, the whole screen will not light up when you get a new email or another important update so you can use your phone without distraction. 

We recommend turning on sounds again once you’ve finished reading this post because certain notifications are important and shouldn’t be ignored. For example, with WhatsApp, you should leave sound on so that your phone alerts you whenever someone messages you.

 Also, don’t forget to activate Do Not Disturb at night if you want a good night’s sleep! 

It’s great for preventing your alarm clock from going off too early or any unwanted interruptions during the day. You can customize this feature by making exceptions such as keeping it turned off on specific days and at specific times, like on weekends or when you know that, you’ll be busy.

How To Stop Pop Up Notification On WhatsApp

To disable pop up notification on your WhatsApp, open your WhatsApp application and navigate to the settings. From there click on notifications, and disable pop up notification. 

Once you have done these, you will stop getting all those annoying notifications from WhatsApp. 

How do I Enable Push Notification on WhatsApp?

To enable push notifications on WhatsApp, open the app and go to Settings. Tap Notifications and select Allow Notifications to turn on push notifications. 

You can also customize your notification settings by tapping Customize and selecting the notifications you want to receive.  

In this menu, tap each type of notification to change its settings: Show Previews will show previews of messages in a notification; Sounds will make your phone ring when you get a new message; Vibrate will let your phone vibrate when you get a new message; Show Delivery Receipts will show if the sender has read or seen your message; Shown Read Receipts will show if the recipient has read or seen your message. 

When you’re done customizing your notifications, tap Done. If there are any other apps with push notifications that you would like to allow, they’ll be listed at the bottom of the screen. If there are any apps with push notifications that you don’t want anymore, just uncheck them here.

How Can I See WhatsApp Message in Notification Bar?

The first thing you need to do is open WhatsApp and go to Settings. Once you’re in Settings, tap on Notifications. In the Notifications menu, you’ll see an option for Show Previews. By default, this setting is turned on. Tap the toggle next to Show Previews to turn it off. 

You will no longer get notifications from WhatsApp when a new message arrives unless you have your phone unlocked. You can also select which types of messages show previews by tapping on them individually (i.e., media messages) and then turning Show Previews on or off for each type of message.

Why WhatsApp is Not Showing Pop Up Notification?

One of the most common reasons WhatsApp is not showing pop up notification is because the app is not set to do so. In order to change this, go to your WhatsApp Settings and tap on Notifications. 

From here, make sure that the Show pop up Option is enabled. If it is, then you should see a pop up notification whenever you receive a new message. 

However, if you still don’t see any notifications even after doing this, it could be because the sender has blocked you from seeing their messages. You can check for yourself by looking at the sender’s profile photo in the chat window. 

How Do You Stop WhatsApp Pop Up on iPhone?

There are a few ways to stop WhatsApp pop up on your iPhone. One way is to go into your Settings app and tap on Notifications. From there, scroll down until you find WhatsApp and tap on it. 

Then, under the Allow Notifications section, toggle the switch off. You will now be able to use WhatsApp without being disturbed by any notifications. If you want notifications from other apps again, just turn the switch back on for them one by one.

How Do I Stop Pop Up Messages?

You can stop pop-up messages by turning off notifications for individual apps, or for all apps altogether. To turn off notifications for an app, go to Settings > Notifications and tap the app. Then, turn off Allow Notifications. To turn off notifications for all apps, go to Settings > Notifications and tap Do Not Disturb. 

Under Silence, tap Always. If you want to keep receiving notifications from some apps while blocking others, then customize which settings will work with your schedule (or other scenarios) using Scheduled Silence. Here’s how: Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and tap Schedule.

Tap Add Rule, then select which days of the week that you would like silence enabled on automatically.

Why Am I Getting Ads on WhatsApp?

If you’re wondering why you’re suddenly getting ads on WhatsApp, it’s because the messaging app has changed its privacy policy. 

The new policy, which goes into effect on February 8th, allows WhatsApp to share your data with Facebook. This includes information like your phone number, the types of devices you use, your operating system, and how you interact with the app. 

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Pop-up notifications can be annoying, especially if you’re trying to concentrate on something else. If you’re not a fan of pop-ups, there’s an easy way to disable them. Just follow these steps that has been listed above. 

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