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Roku TV Backlight Not Working: Here’s the Fix

Roku TV backlight not working for some time now and is so annoying because I can seem to find the reason for this and how I can fix it.

Well, after making some research, I found out the reasons for Roku TV backlight not working could be because of software bug on your Roku TV device, HDMI cable connection problem and sometimes also the issue could be just worse than that.

Why is my Roku TV backlight not working?

Roku TV backlight issue is a common fault that most users experience, although the Roku TV device is designed in such a way that will be suitable for a user’s experience with no issues.

But then, electronics devices / gadgets are bound to fail at any time of which Roku TV device is not exempted.

Although there are tons of reasons your Roku TV backlight may not be working, but there is no cause for alarm cus we have provided tons of solutions to help solve the issue after a series of research.

There are just a lot of reasons your Roku TV backlight may not be working, this makes it hard to pinpoint exactly what the issue is with your backlight not working when you are experiencing one.

But in this article, we are going to be discussing all the reasons and how to get them solved.

the reasons for Roku TV backlight not working could be as a result of software bug, HDMI cable output, Backlight failure and sometimes it could be a more serious problem.

Nevertheless, we are going to be discussing how to solve this with just simple steps and get your Roku TV up and running in no time.

How To Fix Roku TV Backlight Not Working

  • Update Your Firmware

Every developer company has made it a duty to always release a newer and improved version of their software / hardware once in a while in other to satisfy their users.

Users on the other hand are expected to Download any latest version in other to have a taste of the version and also avoid software crashing and or glitch.

It is always advisable to update your firmware to the latest version in other to fix all software bugs that could cause your firmware to fail.

  • Power Cycling

Power cycling as a way of troubleshooting your Roku TV device  control will automatically clear off all technical errors.

 Power Cycling in Other words could be called a restart.

To power cycle, turn off your Roku TV device and unplug from power source and leave for about 10 minutes, then plug them back and turn on your Roku TV.

You can also power cycle your remote using the steps below

Remove the batteries inside your remote and wait for about 10 minutes before inserting them back,  also it is better to replace the batteries with new ones if they are bad already.

After this try to see if the blacklight has started working, if the problem persists, then you can try an alternative method of power cycling and see if it works.

To do this, switch off your Roku TV as usual and unplug all cables from power source, then on your Roku TV or router box, locate the reset button (the reset button can be found on either the sides of your Roku TV or the back, depending on your Roku TV device model).

There is a tiny hole in the rest button, insert a paper clip inside the hole, then press and hold the reset button for at least 2 minutes.

After this try turning on your Roku TV and see if the problem persists.

  • Double Check Your Cable Connections

Sometimes, the reason for Roku TV backlight not working could be as a result of a messed up cable Connections.

If your cables are connected wrongly or not tightly fit in, there could be an issue with your backlight.

Also check if your HDMI cables are still in good Conditions, otherwise sought for a replacement and if you are not sure, try getting an expert / professional to have a check.

Also while seeking for a replacement, go for a good brand like Belkin ULTRA HD HDMI cable or try contacting Roku for a suggestion, and if you had hired an expert, they should suggest a good brand for you.

  • Restart TV

If you are using a TCL Roku TV device, then I recommend restarting your TV with the remote, this method can be very effective in solving the backlight issue or any technical issues at all.

To do this, press the home button 5 times, then press the upper button of the four buttons surrounding the ” OK ” button once, after that press the Rewind and the fast forward buttons 2 times each.

After that, your Roku TV will automatically start restarting itself and once it’s done restarting the backlight issue should be solved.

But if it doesn’t, then follow the next step 

  • Reset Factory Mode

This should be the last fixing to try if all the other solutions hasn’t work for you.

Although factory reset mode

is not always recommend except where  you have no other choice than to.

This is because factory reset mode will set your roku TV device to factory default settings, thereby deleting all settings and account. 

To reset your device to factory reset mode, follow the steps below

Go to settings, select “System” and Click on Advance system settings, then tap on ” Factory Reset” and select ” Factory Reset Everything” you will be asked to enter your PIN for security reasons, after entering your PIN, your Roku TV will begin to process the Factory Reset mode.

However if you are resetting factory mode on an Android TV you will have to follow this steps instead.

First log in to your TV home page and the press on settings using your remote.

Then select more settings, go to device preference then click on Reset . From the list of options, select “Factory Data Reset” then Tap on ” Erase Everything” and Enter your PIN. Then press OK and allow the process to finish up.

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To Fix your Roku TV backlight not working, the first thing that should come to your mind is restarting your TV and making sure your cable Connections be are in tact.

However, we believe after getting to this point in this article, you would have known how to fix your Roku TV backlight not working issues.

Final Words!

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