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What to Do When Your Email Can’t Be Verified for Cash App

Cash App is a new, free, secure way to send and receive money from friends and family, wherever they are in the world. You can use Cash App to pay back your buddy hosting you this weekend, split a dinner bill with your long-distance girlfriend, or request money from your elderly parents, all without worrying about paying exorbitant fees. 

Looking for what to do when your email can’t be verified for cash App? Unfortunately, there’s one problem with using Cash App: sometimes your email can’t be verified on their system, preventing you from using their service. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

What to Do When Your Email Can’t Be Verified for Cash App

Sometimes, your email address might not be able to be verified through Cash App because of a simple reason. If you try signing up again and there is still no progress, here are a few other ways you can fix that issue. 

Have your phone number validated: If you’re using an unverified number on an unverified email address, it may look like a sign-up from a bot or spammer.

 To get around that, log into your account and validate your phone number by entering a code sent to you via text message. This will ensure you are who you say you are when trying to access CashApp. 

Check all caps/numbers: Ensure all your information is entered correctly in both places. The most common error people make is putting their email addresses in lowercase letters instead of capital letters. Try switching them and see if that fixes anything. 

Change your password: While it’s always best to use unique passwords for every site you visit, sometimes they just don’t work out. If you have multiple accounts with CashApp, maybe one has been compromised and now needs a new password altogether. You can reset your password by going to Settings and then Reset Password. Reinstall app: It sounds strange, but reinstalling CashApp could do wonders for fixing a glitchy app. You should probably back up any important data before doing so—but once you uninstall, restart your device, and then install it again, everything should run smoothly.

  • Use another email address

If your email address could not be verified by an error message on your Cash app, you may need to sign up with a different email address. Try signing up with a different address or creating a new account. If you have a Google Pay or Apple ID associated with your original email, try signing in there instead. 

You can also contact customer support at 1-833-859-7923 (Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm EST). The representatives are beneficial and will be able to assist you with resetting your password and/or verifying your email address. For security purposes, they will only ask that you verify one of three pieces of information: the last four digits of your social security number, a credit card number, or an active cell phone number. 

They will never ask for any additional information beyond these three things. After complete verification, simply download the Cash app from your mobile device’s store again and log in using your new email address! It might take some time for your balance to reflect.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Have a great day!

  • Reset your password

If you forgot your password or received an email from us saying that your email could not be verified, start by resetting your password. This will send a link to your inbox that you’ll need to click to confirm that it’s you and get a new temporary code. 

Once you’ve confirmed your identity, you can use our verification system to verify your email address with just one more step. It’s easy! Just follow these steps 

  • Click on Forgot Password? On any page of our site. You’ll see a screen like the below: 
  • Enter your username or email address into the box and click Submit. 
  • Check your email for a message from us (look in spam folders if you don’t see it immediately). The message will contain a link to set up a new password. 
  • Enter your new password twice when prompted and then hit Submit. 
  • Recheck your inbox (and/or spam folder). We’ll have to send you another message confirming that we’ve updated your account information. 
  • That’s it! Now you should be able to log in with your newly-updated password.
  • Contact customer support

If you’re still having issues after following these steps, it’s time to contact customer support. There are multiple ways of reaching out via email and phone; you can use Cash App’s Support form (link below) or call their main line at 855-495-7223. 

You should also check out Cash App’s FAQ page, which is full of helpful info. Good luck! The easiest way to send money with a Cash App is through a linked debit card. Here’s how:

  • 1. Make sure your bank account has enough funds to cover your transaction by linking a debit card with sufficient funds. 
  • 2. Open up your app and go to Settings 
  • 3. Select Link to a Debit Card 
  • 4. Enter your debit card information 
  • 5. Confirm that you want to link that card 
  • 6. Check your balance on any transactions made 
  • 7. Enjoy sending money with ease! 
  • Get on a waiting list

Depending on how popular Cash App is in your area, you may be added to a waiting list. There’s no way of telling exactly how long your wait will be before you can access your account, but it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks. If you haven’t been approved yet and are desperate for quick funds, other options are available. You could sell items or borrow money from friends or family until you are verified. 

  • Move the funds to another account (if possible)

If you can’t be verified and can’t move your money, find someone who can help. You may need to set up a new account or ask a friend or family member to receive your funds on their account temporarily. 

However, if you move your money, make sure that you transfer funds between accounts in small increments of $10.00 at a time so as not to trigger any red flags with Apple and/or law enforcement. It’s also important to note that even if you can successfully move your funds, they will probably freeze them after they notice activity on an account they believe has been compromised. It is best practice to keep your balance below $1,000 until all issues have been resolved. 

If you continue to get error messages, repeat these steps. Once you have received confirmation from Apple that your email address has been verified, you should be able to send more significant amounts of money via Cash App again.


What to do when your email can’t be verified for Cash App? Hopefully, this article has answered

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