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Latest Airtel Free Browsing Cheat For 2021 (unlimited)

Hey, if you are not using the latest Airtel free browsing cheat, then you are really missing a lot. They are a new airtel cheat that allows you to browse, download, and even stream any video without paying a dime.

A lot of Airtel users are already benefiting from this cheat and you to can also benefit from it. All you have to do is to read very carefully and adhere to all the instructions on this post. Recently we posted a working MTN free data cheat, which a lot of people are using now, so today we have remembered all the airtel customers.

Although this is not actually the first time we are enjoying a free browsing cheat, it has been over two or three years now if I’m not mistaking. Luckily for us, we have arrived again with another working Airtel free data cheat that allows you to browse, chat, watch online movies, and even download anything without paying a dime.

What Is Airtel Cheat?

Unfortunately, it is not everybody that knows what free browsing cheat is all about, especially this set of people that just started making use of smartphones. However, Airtel cheat is a trick that allows you to browse, stream, and download with your mobile phone or PC without paying a dime for data. Yes, you heard it.

Who Can Enjoy The Airtel Free Data Cheat?

We worked so hard to make sure all the Airtel customers will be able to enjoy this Airtel free browsing cheat. So nobody is left behind when it comes to this particular cheat that am about to share with you guys now, be you a government worker, president of the country, or a student. All that is expected from you is to have a registered Airtel sim card and some of the other requirements below.

Requirements For Airtel Free Browsing

Hey, they are few things that are required from you before you can be able to enjoy this Airtel cheat, they are:

  • A registered Airtel sim card.
  • Smartphone.
  • VPN App

That is all you need guys, you don’t need airtime or active data before you can activate the cheat.

Is This Airtel Cheat Unlimited Or Capped?

Fortunately, this Airtel free browsing is not capped unlike the other ones, it is unlimited and it works in all sim cards. kindly read carefully and adhere to all the instructions to activate the cheat.

Latest Airtel Free Browsing Cheat

Disclaimer– This cheat is working perfectly fine as of the time it was posted, if it suddenly stops working or didn’t work for you, it could be that it has been blocked by the Airtel agent. However, rush now and activate it before it stops working.

Airtel Opera Mini Handler Cheat

Do you know that you can easily enjoy an unlimited free browsing cheat using the opera mini handler? yes, you heard it and it is possible. Opera Mini Handler web browser allows you to edit the handler menu and add your own proxy servers, proxy ports, in this way you can easily unlock free browsing cheat for Airtel. Follow the below steps to activate it asap.

  1. First, install the opera web browser you download from HERE
  2. Open it
  3. Go to handler menu, Tick Remove Port
  4. Proxy Type: Real Host
  5. Proxy Server: mini5-7.opera-mini.net/

After completing the above steps then you hit on the save button. Now go ahead and open any websites or web pages within the browser to start browsing free. Also in India, Airtel users can enjoy the blazing  airtel free data cheat using this handler app by simply applying the same settings above.

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat Using Droid VPN App

Hey, below is another trick to enjoy unlimited free browsing cheat without paying a dime. If the above one did not work for you then this one must surely work for you.

  • Download Droid VPN App CLICK HERE
  • After installing the app, open it, and create an account using your active email address.
  • Now, proceed by CLICKING on SETTING icon
  • Click on Connection Protocol and tick “TCP
  • Open the Https reader and type in the following URL
  • Under Host, input : one.airtel.in
  • X-Online-Host: one.airtel.in
  • OR
  • Host: airtellive.com
  • X-Online-Host: airtellive.com
  • Or
  • Host: get.wynk.in
  • X-online-host: get.wynk.in
  • OR
  • Host: airtelgurus.com
  • X-Online-Host: airtelgurus.com
  • OR
  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host:
  • OR
  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host:

Hey, you can now proceed and select any of the hosts listed above. If the host you selected is not fast or not working at all then you can switch to another host. It is all free of charge.

  • Click on OK button
  • Close your Droid VPN and start it again.
  • Choose any of the free servers and connect to them. ( countries)
  • Click on the connect button to GET CONNECTED.

After completing the above steps, the VPN will connect within ten seconds and you can start enjoying Airtel free browsing cheat.

Airtel Https Injector Free Browsing Settings

The Https Injector is another VPN app that allows all the Airtel users to browse, stream, and even download without paying a dime. It was first discovered in 2018 but it was later blocked by the Airtel agent after many people reported the cheat. But guess what? the cheat is back and is working perfectly fine, however, follow the below steps to activate it:

  • First of all Download Https Injector app from HERE
  • Now also download the Airtel 0.00k configuration, CLICK HERE
  • Import the config file to the Https Injector.

After completing the above steps, then go ahead and hit the “CONNECT” button and start browsing for free.


That is all guys, go ahead and enjoy. Which of the Airtel free browsing cheat worked for you?

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