How to Get Siri To Stop Reading Texts on AirPods

How to Get Siri To Stop Reading Texts on AirPods

How to get Siri to stop reading texts on AirPods? f you notice Siri read most of your text messages aloud as soon as you received them, you must have enabled the Announce Messages with Siri” feature. While it’s helpful sometimes, it can also be annoying when it reads out annoying spam right into your … Read more

How To Charge AirPods Without The Case

how to charge AirPods without the case

Do you know that it’s possible to charge your AirPods without the case? Yes, you heard me, and I’m very sure it’s what brought you here. Hence, in this article, you are going to learn how to charge AirPods without the case. If you own AirPods, you’ll realize how important the case is; you can do … Read more

Can Stolen Airpods Be Used? Yes! But Read

Can stolen AirPods be used

Can stolen AirPods be used by someone else? I guess that was the keyword that brought you to this article. However, I’m going to reveal everything most of you do not know about the trending AirPods. AirPods is a wireless earbud that has been used by iPhone users. Due to how costly the AirPods is to … Read more

AirPods Not Working For Phone Calls: Fix

AirPods Not Working For Phone Calls

This article will discuss AirPods not working for phone calls and the procedure to handle it. AirPods on mobile devices help users easily listen to quality audio and view different video clips from various platforms. It’s also helpful in making calls or taking part in diverse gaming activities. Why Can’t Caller Hear Me On My AirPods? Most times, your caller may not hear you from your AirPods because your AirPods may be set to “Automatic Switch Microphone,” which may cause the inability of your caller to listen … Read more

How To Find One Lost AirPods 2022

How To Find One Lost AirPods In One Minute

You’re not the only one who loses Airpods a bit too frequently. Whether it’s hiding between cushions, under a piece of furniture, or even deep inside your pocket, there are just many ways to lose track of your tiny Apple Airpods. Since Apple is aware of the fact that most Airpods users lose their earbuds … Read more