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How To Block Ads on YouTube App iPhone 

If you are one of those who use the YouTube App on your iPhone to watch videos but find it quite annoying when you come across these Ads that pop-up, then there is an option available on your device that will stop these Ads from bothering you every time you play a video. 

In this article we will share the step-by-step guide on how to block ads on YouTube app iPhone, so follow the below mentioned steps carefully and enjoy ad-free videos on your iPhone. Just follow the below mentioned steps to block ads on YouTube app iPhone.

Types of YouTube Ads on iPhone

There are three types of ads that you may see, which include the TrueView ad, the In-stream ad and the Outstream ad. The first type is the TrueView ad. This is an advertisement that appears before or after a video. As for in-stream ads, this type of ad will play when you’re viewing a video. Outstream ads are advertisements that can be seen as banners or even pop-ups as you scroll through your feed.  

These are often classified as being disruptive to the user experience, so they’re generally discouraged by advertisers. 

In contrast to these ads, there’s also YouTube Red – a paid membership where videos have no interruptions whatsoever!

Why Do Ads Show On YouTube?

To make money, YouTube needs people to watch ads. The more you watch, the more money they make.  But it’s not worth it when every video has at least one ad in front of it! 

Get Rid of Ads With a Premium YouTube Account

YouTube Premium is a great way to get rid of ads and enjoy content with no interruptions. However, it comes at a cost. For $10/month, YouTube Premium will allow you to watch videos ad-free and also offers access to some original content that you can’t find anywhere else. 

You’ll also be able to download videos for offline viewing, which means you can save data by watching them later when you don’t have an internet connection. It’s worth noting that this option does not block all ads – just the ones within the app itself – but it’s definitely worth the investment if you want an ad-free experience. 

If you’re already paying for another streaming service like Netflix or Spotify, then it might make sense to pay for YouTube Premium as well. And if you’re someone who primarily watches videos from their phone and is sick of seeing ads before every video, then YouTube Premium may be your best bet.

Can You Block Ads in YouTube App on iPhone?

You can block ads in the YouTube app for iPhones. In order to do so, you need to go into settings and then click ads under privacy. Select either never show ads or limit ads, depending on your preference. 

If you select limit ads, you can choose which type of ads to see. You might want to disable all ads or just non-skippable pre-roll ads. Regardless, this is a good option if you are interested in only seeing a few specific types of ads.

How To Block Ads on YouTube App iPhone 

One way to get rid of ads is by going to Settings and then scroll down to YouTube. There you’ll see a toggle for Limit Ad Breaks. By switching this to Off, you’ll turn off video ads while watching videos. You can also tap the ad that appears at the bottom of your screen and select Hide Ad. 

This will prevent future ads from showing up, but it won’t get rid of the ones that have already come up in previous videos. If you find yourself being constantly bombarded with ads, another option would be to download an app like AdBlocker Pro which stops all ads on your phone. It’s free with in-app purchases for other features. 

So there are two options if you want to stop seeing commercials when viewing content on your phone: turn off ad breaks or use an app like AdBlocker Pro to stop all ads. 

The good news is that both of these solutions are completely free and can be implemented in under a minute, so don’t worry about having to pay for them in order to get rid of pesky video ads. 

Turning off ad breaks and using an ad blocker will help keep you from being interrupted by unwanted videos, which will make it easier for you to just enjoy videos without having interruptions every few minutes. 

With these options, you can watch as many videos as you want with no interruption! Whether you’re scrolling through channels, binge-watching your favorite show, or sitting down for some comedic relief before bedtime, you won’t have to deal with annoying ads again.

Regular Ad-blocking Software

  1. Install a third-party ad blocker for your browser. There are many popular ad blockers that work well with Safari, like AdBlock Plus, which you can download for free from the app store. Other popular ad blockers include uBlock Origin and Purify.
  2. Turn off your mobile data when you’re not using it so it doesn’t use up your monthly data allotment. 
  3. Consider installing an ad blocker for your Android phone to remove ads from apps such as YouTube. 
  4. Use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data to stream video content when possible.

Watching YouTube in the app ad-free

  1. Open your YouTube app and log in with your Google account. 
  2. Tap the three-line icon at the top of the screen and select Settings from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Tap General next to YouTube and scroll down to Restrictions. 
  4. Select Do not allow any age-restricted content. 
  5. Finally, tap Restricted Mode (located below the YouTube logo) to activate it. You will be notified that this mode blocks videos that are deemed inappropriate for younger audiences by the YouTube community. 

You can also turn on location filtering for an even more tailored experience by enabling this mode. When you’ve finished customizing your settings, go back to the home page and you should see a message telling you that you’re now watching ad-free YouTube video clips!

Are YouTube ads dangerous?

YouTube ads can be dangerous because they run in the background, so even if you don’t click on them, your screen will still be displaying ads. This means that you may be taken to a website of the advertiser’s choosing. 

In order to avoid this, there are two options available: use Adblock Plus or turn off your phone’s data. If you’re interested in using an ad blocker, check out our recent blog post about blocking YouTube ads with Adblock Plus. 

The most popular option is to turn off your phone’s data while watching videos. While this won’t block all ads, it will get rid of those pesky video advertisements that take over the entire screen and interrupt your viewing experience. 

Simply turn your phone’s data off for as long as you want to watch videos and when you’re ready to go back online, just switch your data back on. You should also make sure that airplane mode isn’t turned on while watching videos!

Can YouTube Ads Cause Viruses?

No, YouTube ads can’t cause viruses. However, advertisers can use certain types of technology to measure how long you view their ads and which links you click. This may be done by downloading a file called a cookie onto your computer. 

Cookies are text files that store small bits of information about someone’s browsing history so that the next time they visit the site, the site recognizes them as a returning visitor and is more likely to show them ads that match their interests. 

There is no link between cookies and viruses. 

  • Cookies don’t contain any personal or financial information. 
  • Your internet browser doesn’t have to accept cookies for this type of advertising activity to work; it just has to accept cookies from the sites you visit. 
  • You can manage or delete these cookie files from within your browser settings, if you like; please note that doing so will limit your access to some features or content available on those sites.

Are Ad Blockers Legal?

Ad blockers are not illegal, but it is against the YouTube terms of service to view videos without ads. This means they can ban your account if they find you using an ad blocker. Adblock Plus and AdBlock are some popular ad blockers that are available for iOS devices. 

You’ll need to install one of these apps, then open up YouTube and start watching a video. You’ll see a message at the bottom saying Ads have been blocked. As long as you stay logged in to your Google account while watching a video, you should be able to watch them all day long with no interruptions from advertisements! 

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Ads interrupting your videos while watching can be annoying, luckily with the above guide you can block it. 

What do you think about online advertisements? Would love to hear about your thoughts in the comments below!

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