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TikTok Too Many Attempts Try Again Later (solved)

TikTok has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with hundreds of thousands of users posting videos every day.

And while there are many reasons to love TikTok, it can sometimes be frustrating when you submit an awesome video and it gets rejected by their moderation team because they think your content falls outside of the app’s guidelines. 

Luckily, we’ve found five solutions that will help you get around this annoying bug and finally share your amazing content with the world!

How To Fix TikTok Too Many Attempts Try Again Later

Some users have been getting the error message too many attempts. Try again later on TikTok, and it seems to be happening when they try to make an account or upload a video.

This is most likely due to the fact that the app has been overloaded with new users and is temporarily down. To fix this issue, close out of the app completely and reopen it once more. Next, enter your email address, pick your username from the list of suggestions, select your profile picture from your device’s camera roll, set up a password and agree to all terms of service. 

The last step is adding in at least one song before you can create an account! You can add up to 20 songs and videos as well. You should also enable access to your location if you want people who search for you to find where you are live. 

Once you complete these steps, TikTok should work just fine! If not, there may be some other reasons the app isn’t loading properly like having poor Wi-Fi connection or data plan. It could also be because of temporary server errors or glitches.

  • Connect Via VPN

If you’re encountering this error message on TikTok, then you may be in a location that has restricted access to the service. You can connect to a VPN and change your IP address to get access to TikTok again. When you do so, make sure to pick a server outside of the country where TikTok is blocked. 

For example, if Canada has banned TikTok usage, then use an American or European server instead. And if they’ve put blocks on Australian servers, then try a Hong Kong server. It’s worth noting that it could take up to 30 minutes for these changes to take effect, but it will let you continue using the app.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a new account with the same name as before. That way, even though your profile and username are now different from before, all of your posts should still show up just like normal. 

Once you’ve done that, go back to the app, enter your old login information and you should be able to continue using TikTok normally.

  • Switch Networks

If you switch networks, you might be able to fix the error you are getting from TikTok. Click on the three lines in the top left corner of your screen and select Network Settings.

You will see a list of networks including Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Roaming Data. Make sure that you have set your Network Connection to Wi-Fi if you want to use Wi-Fi only or Mobile Data if you want to use mobile data only. Then click on OK. Finally, make sure that your internet connection is working by going back into YouTube and trying again.

Sometimes an internet connection can get lost while streaming videos online, so it is always good to check. If you’re still unable to load TikTok videos on your phone, try restarting the app by double tapping home button and swiping up with one finger from the bottom of your screen. The most common reason this doesn’t work is because the TikTok app may be running in the background. 

Close out of all apps except for Safari or any other video browser before you restart your phone. If you’re using an iPhone, hold down the power button until a pop-up appears and then press Restart. For Android phones, hold down the power button for about 10 seconds until you feel your phone vibrate. 

When the Apple logo appears release the power button. After a few minutes, open the TikTok app and continue watching videos!

  • Change Your Wi-Fi Settings

The most common solution for this issue is to change your Wi-Fi settings. First, open the Wi-Fi icon in your device’s settings menu. Next, tap on the i next to the network you are connected to. This will bring up a list of options and click on Forget Network.

You can then re-enter the password or other information to reconnect with that network. If this doesn’t work, turn off your device’s Wi-Fi and try again. It may be too late to restart TikTok, so don’t worry about it until after you get the error message. If this still doesn’t work, delete TikTok from your phone and reinstall it. 

Your account should not have been affected by doing this; if it was, reach out to TikTok customer service. Some people have found success with deleting TikTok and reinstalling it while they’re on Wi-Fi. Other people report success just turning off their Wi-Fi altogether and opening the app again without having tried any other steps first. 

You might also need to force close the app by holding down the power button and swiping it away, wait 30 seconds before starting TikTok again. Others have deleted the TikTok app entirely and downloaded it again losing no data.

How To Change Your Wi-Fi Settings

If you’re on TikTok and it says Too many attempts, try again later, there is a way to fix this. You may have to change your Wi-Fi network’s settings to the 2.4GHz frequency instead of 5GHz. Go into your device’s Wi-Fi settings menu, find the list of networks and double tap on yours. 

Change the wireless band from 5GHz to 2.4Ghz and then select save in order for this to take effect. Next time you open up TikTok, the app should be able to log in without an error message. 

A lot of times when people are unable to use their apps or devices that require internet, they blame their service providers. The service providers typically blame their customers who were never able to diagnose the problem correctly before blaming them.

The problem might not lie with either party but with the device itself. In such cases, resetting the device could solve the issue. First, switch off your phone by holding down both power and volume button until the screen goes blank. Once it turns off, hold down power button again until power off shows up on screen and press volume up button to confirm. 

Hold down power button again to turn it back on. Now go back into Wi-Fi settings and check if any changes need to be made. 

A lot of times people think they need unlimited data plans because they don’t want limits put on what content they can watch or download. Unlimited data plans, however, do come at a cost so make sure you know what’s going to happen if you go over your limit before signing up for one! Data will stop streaming after reaching a certain amount which means no more video watching or downloading. 

Talk to your service provider about how much data you can use monthly and look at pricing options before committing yourself to paying more than needed!

What Does It Mean When It Says “Too many attempts. Try again later” Error On TikTok?

TikTok is a free app that allows you to share short videos with others. If your video is popular, it will be shared with more people and you’ll get more likes. Unfortunately, there’s a limit on how many times you can post videos per day. 

To avoid being temporarily blocked from posting, make sure to create content that’s quality and stays within the guidelines of the app.

Keep in mind that if you’re uploading music, the copyright must be cleared for all original compositions and recordings. If you have any questions about this process, check out their FAQ page for details! It also has some helpful tips on using the app and common problems. 

For example, did you know that when editing your video, cropping or trimming too much might result in fewer views? It’s better to crop your video around an area where the audience should focus rather than removing the entire background or object.

Why Can I Not Log Into My TikTok?

If you are not able to log into your TikTok account, it is most likely because there have been too many failed login attempts. As a security measure, after three consecutive login failures for the same username and password combination, TikTok will lock the account for 30 minutes. 

You can still use your account to view videos and comment on them while logged out. After the time has expired, you will be able to login again.  

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TikTok Too Many Attempts Try Again Later error can easily be fixed with the above guide. Should you encounter consistent error, contact customer care.

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