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How To Change Text Message Font Size On Samsung A20

Although the default text message font on Samsung A20 is somewhat relaxed, however, not everyone fancies the default settings. In that case, In today’s Techrul guide, I will show you how to change text message font size on Samsung A20.

The default font size on Samsung A20 is somewhat tiny and can slow reading for someone that has an eye problem. However, changing the font size and style to your taste will enhance readability.

Unluckily, not all Samsung devices allow its users to adjust the default font size; however, the Samsung Galaxy A20 has a remarkable variation. The Samsung A20 does not only enable you to adjust the size of your phone’s system; it also enables you to replace it with the font of your choice entirely.

So if you want to change the font size of the messages on the Samsung Galaxy A20, however, you do not know how to do it. This article is going to reveal the most suitable procedure to change the default font settings on Galaxy A20.

How To Change Text Message Font Size On Samsung A20

They are two steps of changing font size in your Samsung Galaxy A20. The number is to open the messaging app and pick it out with your two fingers, and the text will become bold, while the second method is done through the settings tab. Here is how to:

If the difficulty of reading is concerned SMS, then you have to consider the following steps to enlarge:

  • Open the SMS app on your Samsung A20.
  • Put two fingers on the Samsung Galaxy A20 screen
    • and spread them aside for enlarging the font
    • or bring them together to decrease font size

In this way, you have successfully changed the SMS font size on Samsung Galaxy A20. However, if you later realize that all the font on your Samsung Galaxy A20 is not the most suitable size, then you have to adjust the font size in the general settings of the device. Here is how to:

  • Open your Samsung A20 and go to settings.
  • Tap general.
  • Tap on the Viewing tab.
  • After that on font size and style
  • You will see a window to adjust the size, so it is achievable to reduce or enhance the font size of the entire phone.
  • To adjust the font style, tap Police.
  • You will see some default fonts. You can download new fonts if you don’t like the default ones.
  • Lastly, use the slider to adjust the general font size on your Samsung A20.app 3

Alternatively, many third-party messaging apps have SMS personalization, whether for the theme, the colour, the size and the style. So if you do not want to stress yourself with the built-in settings, you can download any third-party app and configure it to your taste.


In today’s guide, you have learned how to change text message font size on Samsung A20. Use the star button below to rate this article, also, use the comment box to drop your questions. Cheers!

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