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How to Get iPhone Emojis On Android Without Root

In this article, you will learn how to get iPhone Emojis on Android. To be frank, iPhone Emojis are the best emojis available in the market right now and almost everyone would want to use them while chatting.

Sending text without your feeling is somewhat awkward. The emojis would allow you to include your emotions or opinions while chatting with your friends & family.

What you should know about Emoji

1- Emojis were designed and developed by Japanese designer Shigetaka Kurita in 1999 A.D.

2- There are about 3,136 Emojis available on the Internet (via Statista)

3- Apple’s emoji is Face with tears of Joy ?.

4- Emojis is also named the fastest-growing language. 

5- Apple’s first Emojis were designed by Angela Guzman in 2008.

They are many Emjojis and stickers on Android, however, you can’t compare them with the ones on the iPhone. iPhone Emojis are fun to use while chatting. Follow the steps below to get all your favorite iPhone emojis for free.

How to Get iPhone Emojis On Android

  • Download Emoji Font 3.
  • Go to Setting>Display>Font>Font Style>Apple Emojis (Click on Download)
  • Download Imore Keyboard and Phone X Emojis
  • Open Imore Keyboard App Enable Imore Keyboard and Select Imore Keyboard
  • Boom You will get iPhone Keyboard and Emojisyour Android devices.

For those who are not familiar with these above, we will dive into more detail through the steps, including clear screenshots. 

It’s a little bit confusing because we see most articles about this topic are covered with old and fraudulent procedures without any proven evidence. We think why not provide great content about iPhone Emojis for Android users. So, as a result, we are diving to discuss it in more detail.

  1. Step- Download Emoji Fonts 3 App From.

Emoji Fonts 3 is software(plugin), which allows you to change your Android fonts, Emojis, wallpaper to Apple Emojis.

Installing Emoji font 3 to convert android emojis into ios font and emojis

After downloading the app, click to install. Android will pop on the new menu. Because you’re installing an app from a third-party site, you have to allow the installation of applications from trusted and unknown sources.

  1. Step – Click on Setting>Unknown Sources>Ok and install it.
ios emojis style on android 1
Click on Setting>Unknown Source>Install
  1. Step – After the installation process is complete. Go and select Setting>Display>Font>Font Style>Apple Emojis. After downloading Apple Emojis, you will notice that your Android phone font is changed into iPhone Fonts.
click on display to change android fonts
Click on Display & Wallpaper>Font Style>Font>Apple Emojis
  1. Step – Go to Playstore and search and install two apps. One is Imore Keyboard and Phone X Emojis.
  2. Step – Open Imore Keyboard, Enable Imore Keyboard by Clicking in the option and Select Imore Keyboard.
enable Imore Keyword and Select it from the app to convert your keyword into ios keyword and emojis
Click on Enable Imore Keyword & Select It
  1. Step – Click on X Emojis Keyboard OS12 on EmojisStyle Menu. See the Below picture for more detail.
select iphone x keyboard in your android phone

Step 7 – Boom, Your Android Phone Keyboard, is converted into IOS Keyboard with beautiful emojis. 

You can see on my phone before(Default) Keyboard with Emojis and After Installing Apple Emojis. 

Others Methods to Get IOS Emojis on Android Phone

There are also natural ways to get IOS Emojis on Android phones(without root).

1) Direct from Emojis Website:

You can use EmojiPedia to get IOS Emojis. I like this website because it listed each emojis with detail, including the latest updated emojis. If you are using a browser or laptop and want to use Apple Emojis, you should go for it. You have to copy the emoji you like and paste it into the message box. 

2) Create Emojily :

Do you know? We can also create our Emojis with the help of Emojily. 

3) Download FancyKey Keyboard: 

They have more than 3000+ emojis, including IOS. So, if you want to use IOS emojis, then this is probably the quickest method. You just have to download and install it.

Follow this method to use newly updated iPhone emojis on your Android devices:

   – Go to Setting>Language and Input>Default>FancyKey

   – Open FancyKey app, select Preference>Emojis Style> Twitter

Since, Twitter emojis are also similar with iPhone emojis. 

Frequently Ask Question About IOS Emojis

 How to get ios 12 emojis on Android without root?

For new IOS Emojis, your phone should be rooted. Install Emojis Font 3(download link is above)and Emoji Switcher(Playstore).

Can I get iPhone Emojis on my Android?

Yes, you can convert your Android Emojis and Keyboard into iPhone Emojis & Keyboard. Do you need to follow the above steps carefully.

 Best iPhone emoji for android apk?

Best Emojis android apk for root mobile is Emojis Switcher and Emoji Font 3. Just download & install and see what magic happens. 

How do you update Emojis on Android?

I personally love iPhone Emojis but if you want to update Android Emojis 
Then go to App Store>Install Gboard> Select Gboard Keyboard from Language.
Cool, you will get a new Android Keyboard, including updated emojis.

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This article has shown you how to get iPhone Emojis on Android. Feel free to comment if you have any questions related to Emojis.

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