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How To Make A Phone Say Something When Plugged in Android

In this article, you’d learn how to make a phone say something when plugged in Android. Say you have a phone with a faulty charging port. When you plug in your device to charge, it keeps charging and discharging, causing a whole lot of disturbances and problems.

While you can charge your phone correctly at this stage, you also want to be on the lookout for times that the faulty port starts to misbehave. Also, some people may find it difficult to tell if their phone is already charging if they have some special needs.

Since most Android phones nowadays don’t have any notifications for plugging in your charger, it’s difficult to know if your phone is charging or not.

Here is how to make your phone say something, or at least notify you whenever you plug the device into a power outlet.

How To Make a Phone Say Something When Plugged In Android

Ask ten people why they use Android, and six will tell you it’s because of the customizability. If you like tinkering with your phone’s settings, you’ll enjoy the flexibility that Android has over iOS.

If you can go the extra step of rooting your Android phone, you can do anything on it. It’s not uncommon for people to replace the factory-set operating system with their choice OS to repurpose old phones.

But you’re not trying to replace your phone’s OS here. All you need to do is make your phone say something when plugged in, and the following steps will help you achieve this objective.

  • Changing charging sound with root access

If you’re a terrific tinkerer, you should already have a rooted phone. The most customizable of Android devices have root access for obvious reasons.

Once you root your phone, you exhibit total control over it, even up to the ability to brick your phone if you mess anything up.

However, if you follow all of the steps in this article carefully, you shouldn’t be messing anything up.

Before attempting to change the charging sound on your rooted device, you should get an app like Dr.Fone or Kingoroot to get root access. After rooting your phone, you will have access to your System UI sounds, which you usually can’t access.

Before you hit the root button, you must be aware that you’re surely voiding your warranty. Rooting your phone will also make some apps stop working if you’re okay with that.

Lastly, the only option available to unroot your phone wipes it, if it even works for you at all.

With all that said, let’s get down to how you can change your charging sound after rooting your Android smartphone.

  • Find a file explorer with root access.

Most file explorers out there can’t access files from the Android root. These files are critical system files that can crash your device if you tamper with them, so it makes sense that regular apps don’t let you access them.

However, there are apps specifically created to access root files. If you have a rooted device, you should also have one already.

If you don’t already have one, we recommend File Explorer Root Browser or Root File Manager.

  • Navigate to the system/ folder on the file manager

The experience here should feel like the typical file manager. You see a couple of folders that lead to files when you select them.

However, the folders should have unusual labels that make it look like a hacker has compromised your device. 

From the options, select system/. Then, find and select media and select audio/. This folder holds the audio files for all of your system sounds.

  • Get an OGG media file to replace your charging sound

Before proceeding, a quick heads up you need another media file to make this work. Before you continue, we recommend having another media file on your smartphone to make this work.

There are hundreds of OGG files on the internet. If you have an MP3 file that you want your phone to play when plugged in, you can convert it to an OGG file using an online converter.

  • Upload and rename your new charging sound

Your phone doesn’t check the originality of your charging sound. Once you plug it in, it will go to the media folder, look for the file with a specific name, and play it.

Most times, the name of this file should be related to charging. It is usually ‘Dock,’ but you can always find it on your device too in its name.

You can start playing all of the weirdly-named sounds to see which one sounds exactly like your charging sound if that’s a commitment you can make.

Once you find the file you’re looking for, rename it to add a number after the name. You may need to reinstate the sound if the one you’re trying to use doesn’t work as expected.

Now, you can paste your new charging sound into the same folder and rename it to what the previous one was named.

  • Restart your phone, and check if it works

Since most system-level changes only come into effect after a restart, you may need to restart your phone to effect this change.

After restarting your phone, plug your phone into a power outlet to see if it works now. If it doesn’t, you can simply reverse your actions and get back your old charging file.

If it does, congratulations; you now know how to make your phone say something when plugged in on Android.

Sit back, and wait for a friend to make you show them how you made that popular song your charging tune.


Playing around with your phone’s system settings is a pretty fulfilling exercise. While the process of rooting your phone and the risks associated with it may be overwhelming, you always feel happier for doing it.

However, nothing breaks the heart more than bricking your phone for trying to change the charging sound.

if you’re not very confident with your tinkering abilities, your former charging sound may sound just better!

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