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How To Report Venmo Scammer

How to report Venmo scammer? A scammer may eventually pay you using stolen credit cards or bank details. If the original owner of the payment method reports an unauthorized activity, they might remove the money from your Venmo account. 

The scammers often use phishing links, which often leads to fake websites to extract sensitive data/information. If you notice such suspicious links, don’t click any of the links sent to your mailbox or available on the website. Do not even download any attachments. And don’t forward any message. When such an act is noticed. There are several ways to report a Venmo scammer. 

How To Report Venmo Scammer

  • Email and websites;- 

Forward the email and/or website to [email protected]. Also, if you notice any suspicious activity on your Venom account, please endeavor to contact our support team and kindly delete the email from your inbox. 

  • SMS or Text Message

Unfortunately, if you receive a text message with a link inviting you to visit a website, Don’t respond or click on any links inside of the SMS text message, just Screenshot the message and make sure that the message shows the full telephone number. Thereafter, email the screenshot to [email protected]

  • Telephone Call

If you receive a suspicious telephone call, just take a screenshot of your phone log showing the telephone number and email the screenshot to [email protected]

Also, include details of the telephone call, including what the caller stated or asked from you

If the caller left a voicemail, and you’re able to view a transcript on your mobile device, include all screenshots of it in your email. Email [email protected] and you’ll receive an automatic email confirming you know have received it instantly. 

Perhaps, Venmo is a popular app available on Android play store and iOS devices. It mainly functions as a peer-to-peer payment system, where you can send money faster and easier to friends, family, relatives, erstwhile relations, or any of your contact list or close relations.

Difference Between PayPal And Venmo

Venmo is officially owned by PayPal and works similarly to this payment platform. The main difference between the two is that PayPal is also heavily more often by companies across the globe. While Venmo, on the other side, is designed specifically for money transfers between people who trust each other (i.e. Peer to peer). 

Venmo has grown into popularity so well, many people now use the app as a payment system when selling goods to people they know and also don’t know. There are usually reports of scams on Venmo when people transact with people they don’t know in person.

What happens if you get scammed on Venmo?

If you ever become a victim of Venmo fraud, the company might not offer any type of buyer or seller protection immediately. Venmo has made it known that the service should see be mostly between friends and family. Venmo scams take many shapes and forms, and some potential scammers are easier to dictate than others. 

Remember, after speaking with someone about buying goods, you might get a confusing response and feel that the person isn’t being honest. It is always best to follow your person and walk away from that transaction, just in case. Other scammers are always wise and know exactly what to gain your trust immediately.

Scammers understand how Venmo works and they know how to use the system to their advantage. Perhaps some innocent people suffer the consequences. 

How To Identify Venmo Scams

Common Venmo scams include:-

1. Buying with a stolen debit card

The Internet initially made it clear and easier to sell personal assets such as cell phones, electronics, computers, designer bags, and others…. 

Now, you have your desired online marketplaces to list goods, sales, and with so many transfer services, getting cash has never been easy. Just remember, scammers can use Venmo to steal your items easily. 

Some Tips On How Scammer Responds To Get Your Attention;

  1.  The scammers show interest in your ads and express their intentions to pay for goods with Venmo.
  2. They will send payment and pick up the item soon or later.
  3. As a seller, you might think that the transaction is over and done with.

But if you don’t have any idea that the scammer funded their Venmo account with either a stolen credit card or stolen bank information.

Venmo has eventually discovered the fraud, which triggered the company to retract any transactions made with a stolen card or any stolen information.

If the money traded is still available on your Venmo account, the company reverses it and you’re left without payment for the sold goods. But if the money is eventually no longer available on your Venmo account, you’re responsible for paying. 

2. Through Text phishing

Phishing does not take place through email. It can also occur through text messages because some Venmo scammers can equally use this method to get another user’s account information. The scammer sends a direct text message, using the company’s façade (usually fainted) and colors to make the message appear authentic. 

The message may ask the user to follow a link and enter personal information to verify their account, take note. . The link can also redirect the user to a malicious site for the extraction of personal identity. If you eventually fall for this scam idea and enter your credit card or bank account number, the scammer will access all information to use for their fraudulent activity.

3. May appear In-person texts

Some scammers are usually bold and might steal your money even when it’s a physical meeting.

While you are out running errands, some random person might approach and ask to use your cell phone for a call. 

For example, Tim was out jogging when he met a stranger in years. Tim stops to listen to this stranger and the stranger talks about how his car broke down and his cellphone has no signal.

Now when Tim lends this stranger his cellphone to make a phone call, he might claim his call recipient is not available to answer the call and he might need to send them an SMS

While pretending to send an SMS, the stranger might try getting Tim’s email address or other personal information from his phone. 


In this article, you’ve learned how to report Venmo scammers and how to stay protected from scams. The best way to avoid scams is to stay wise!

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