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How To Fix LG TV Not Turning On

As a regular user of LG TV, you would probably face some issues with the device. Some can be fix with online tips whgile some requires a specialised engineer to look into and get it fixed.

LG TV not turning on is one of the problems you might encounter on your LG TV. In this article, we have listed out some of the things that may cause trhe issue and the troubleshooting tips to help you get rid of the problem.

About LG Electronics

The LG Electronics produced the LG TV Inc. This is a South Korean company run on a multinational level. It’s a multinational electronics company with the headquarter in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. It comprises 4 business bodies, namely Home entertainments, Home appliances and air solutions, Mobile communications and vehicle components.

LG Electronics Inc. is the world’s second largest TV manufacturing company, with the first being the Samsung Electronics. This company serves on a worldwide base, overseeing over 128 operations worldwide. They make a net income of 3.87 trillion (2021) and have a total number of employees of about 83 thousand.

  • The present order of authority in the company is as follows;
  • Kwang-Mo Koo (Chairman)
  • Jo Seong-Jin (Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer “CEO)
  • Jung Do-Hyun (President and Chief Financial Officer “CFO)
  • I. P. Park (President and Chief Technology Officer ” CTO).

LG TVs like any other electronics, customers usually have complaints that their LG TV won’t turn on if turned on there are no displays. They have become stuck on this problem and because of no solution, they have abandoned the TV.

In this article, such problems will be discussed and solutions will be given. So go puck back up that abandoned TV and follow these procedures to solve your problem and use your formerly discarded TV.

Below are some problems and their solutions;

What To DO If Your LG Tv Goes Black But Sounds Work?

Here’s what to do to solve the above problem.

First check to ensure that all video connections are secured properly by pressing the MENU button on your remote to see if the Television’s Menu interface would come up. If it does not come up, check all connected wires to ensure no loose connection. If all wires are connected properly, the option is to reset your TV to its factory default.

To RESET, take the following steps;

  • Press the Menu button to open the Home menu interface.
  • On the SETUP MENU, highlight through the available options to INSTALLATION and press ENTER.
    • The Installation menu interface will open.
  • Select the SYSTEM STATUS option, highlight through the options and select SYSTEM INFORMATION.
  • Scroll through the menu bar and select FACTORY DEFAULTS.
  • Input the PIN code “0000” and Enter.

The TV will turn off automatically after a few seconds. Immediately the TV turns off, unplug the TV from its power source to complete the reset process.

Plug it back to its power source and if the operation proves successful, it would begin to display normally.

What To Do When Your TV Fades To Black During Use.

Are you stuck with your TV on a black screen which occurred during the use? You should rake the following troubleshoot steps to solve it;

  • Make sure that the Sleep timer on your TV is not turned ON as this feature makes your TV turn off if enabled. Turn OFF if it is enabled.
  • Check to ensure that the Stereo or demo mode is not enabled on your TV.

Follow the steps below to disable this mode;


Press the SETTINGS button on your remote. ‘ Select OPTIONS > MODE SETTINGS. ‘ Make sure that the HOME MODE is enabled and DEMO MODE is OFF.

TV with webOS

Press the HOME button on your remote. ‘ Select SETTINGS > ALL SETTINGS. ‘ On the Settings interface with a list of options on the left side of your screen, Choose the option GENERAL. ‘ Select the HOME/STEREO MODE and Check (√)  the HOME MODE.

Give your connections a check-up, especially your HDMI. The HDMI cable under use might have a hidden fault so, replace your HDMI cable with a new High-Speed HDMI 2.0 cable.

Outdated Firmware; Having an outdated firmware could resolve a problem during display so when you update your firmware, it updates and improves key features and applications, fixes bugs and provides updated software.

To update your LG TV firmware, you can follow 2 different procedure processes (via direct internet connection or via USB cable).

Direct internet connection is highly recommended.


Press the HOME button on your remote and select SETTINGS. ‘ Select ALL SETTINGS and navigate to the option GENERAL. ‘ On the GENERAL option interface, select ABOUT THIS TV > ALLOW AUTOMATIC UPDATES > CHECK FOR UPDATES. ‘ If an update is available, the download process would begin and once successful, you can return to using your TV.


Press the SETTINGS button on your remote and select SETTINGS on the home page. ‘ On the Settings interface, select the option OTHERS and choose SOFTWARE UPDATE. ‘ Turn on the SOFTWARE UPDATE option and click CHECK UPDATE VERSION. ‘If an update is available, it will begin to download. Wait for the download to be completed without any disruption and restart your TV.


Cable is another option that would require your Computer or PC: ‘ Open web browser on your Computer( preferably make use of the Chrome browser).

  • On the search bar, input: http://www.lg.com/us/support and click the SEARCH tab.
  • On the logged LG service website, input your LG TV model and click the provided info that matches your TV description.
  • On the next interface, select SOFTWARE.
  • On the software page, download the latest firmware file (Take note of the file download location. The automatic location would be Download if it has not been changed).
  • On your computer, Open your File manager and select DOWNLOAD on the drop-down options.
  • Locate the file you downloaded, Right click your cursor or mouse and select EXTRACT.
  • Plug-in your USB drive, select the BROWSE tab on the Extract page and on the drive, choose the folder into which you want to extract the file.
  • Check (√) the option “Show the extracted file when complete” and select EXTRACT into the chosen folder location on the USB drive when you are done.
  • Refresh the Manager page on your computer and locate the folder on the USB drive into which you extracted the downloaded software update file.
  • Rename the folder “LG_DTV” and ensure that it’s in the root directory.
  • Edit the file and make the file type EPK.
  • Next, extract and unplug the USB drive from your Computer.
  • Turn on your TV, wait for the TV to fully boot up, then Input the USB drive into your LG TV.
  • Select the START tab when your TV displays a “TV software update”.
  • The update process will begin with the load up of a progress bar. Ensure to not disconnect the drive from the TV during the progress.  Once the update is complete, your TV will restart automatically. You can now unplug your USB drive from the TV.

How To Fix LG TV Not Turning On

Here’s a list of what to do when your LG TV won’t turn on so you can avoid any costly repairs or buying a new one;

  • Power reset your LG TV by unplugging it from its power source. Wait for 60 seconds, plug it back in and try turning your TV back on.
  • If the power reset does not work, then you unplug your TV from its power source, hold down the power button for at least 15 to draw out any more power in the TV. Wait another 10 seconds then plug it back in and turn the TV back on from the power button on the tv itself.
  • Try another option by plugging the Television to another wall power outlet, perhaps the outlet you were formerly using has an issue and to determine if there is a problem with the power going to the TV itself.
  • Try out another power cable that supports your TV or if perhaps you are using another brand of power cable, purchase and test out the LG power cable that works for your TV.

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This article has shown you how to fix LG TV not turning. If you have any other problem, you’re currently facing on your LG TV, drop them in the comment section.

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