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What Happens When Money Is Refunded on Cash App

If you paid for a service using Cash App, you can request a refund from the merchant. Just like how every other refund works, you’ll get your money back from the recipient, if the refund request eventually becomes successful.

However, the requirements for a refund on Cash App are a little steeper than on other payment apps. The primary reason for this is that you’ll need the original recipient of the money to assent to the refund for it to work in the first place. But how exactly do you know if they’ve assented to it?

In this article, you’ll learn exactly what happens when money is refunded on Cash App. Besides that, I’ll show you how to request a refund, and if you’re on the receiving end of a request, how to accept the request for a refund on Cash App.

How Refunds Work on Cash App

After sending money on Cash App, you’re the only party accountable for your money. If you end up sending money to the wrong person, it’s up to them to decide whether to return your money or not; Cash App doesn’t involve itself in arbitration or facilitate refunds.

If you sent money to someone by mistake, you can only send them a polite message informing them of the mistake and persuading them to return the money. If they decide not to, you may have lost your money forever. You should note that Cash App doesn’t offer any features to help you recover your money in this case.

The only section that the refund policy of Cash App covers is the merchant refund. In short, a merchant refund happens in a scenario where you return an item you paid for using the Cash App. After returning the item, you can request a refund, which you’ll see as soon as it’s approved.

However, you should note that approval from the “merchant” is necessary for the refund to be successful. In short, it’s up to the recipient to return your money; if they decide not to, you might have lost your money forever.

While these might seem a bit too strict for a payment platform, they’re all necessary to ensure Cash App can continue to offer instant money transfers. If you can send and reverse your transactions at will, how will Cash App account for the unaccountable transactions?

How to Request a Refund on Cash App

Before a merchant will have the option to refund your money, you’ll need to send a refund request first. There is a feature that lets you request a refund on Cash App, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get your money back.

Recall that one of the requirements for getting a refund is that the original recipient must assent to it. Before sending the refund request, you may want to confirm that the merchant is willing to refund your money.

If that’s the case, you can request a refund on Cash App, but following the steps below.

 1. Open the Cash App on your smartphone and select the clock icon to the bottom right of the homepage. That will take you to a page with all the transactions you’ve carried out on your Cash App account recently.

 2. From there, select the transfer that you no longer wish to make and tap the three dots to the top right corner of the details screen.

 3. From there, you’ll see an option that lets you request a refund. Tap on the option and confirm that you want a refund and wait until the merchant approves the refund.

More often than not, the original recipient will refuse to approve the refund request. As I’ve emphasized earlier in the article, there’s nothing Cash App can do about this, and unless they eventually decide to release the money, your funds are likely gone.

However, you can contact Cash App support to report the transaction if you believe you’ve been scammed. While you’ll certainly not get your money back, Cash App may mark the recipient as an illegitimate account, which may lead to them being banned from the platform.

What Happens When Money Is Refunded on Cash App?

One problem with requesting a refund on Cash App is that most people don’t know if or when the merchant has approved the refund. If you’re one of these people, here’s a breakdown of everything that happens from the point of making a refund request up to the time when the money gets back to your balance.

If it’s a transaction from a Cash App account to another Cash App account, you should see the money as soon as the merchant approves the refund. The only possible delay in such a transaction is that of the original recipient not approving the refund on time.

However, if the source of the funds for the transaction is a debit card, the refund should take a bit longer. If the original recipient claims to have approved the request, you should wait for about three days for the funds to drop.

How Long Does a Cash App Refund Take?

Since you already know what happens when you request a refund on Cash App, you may want to know how long you may have to wait for a refund to either be successful or fail.

In general, a refund can be instant or may take up to ten days to complete. If you have any questions or clarifications before the ten days elapse, those questions should go to the merchant. After the ten days, however, you can contact Cash App support to help dispute the refund request.

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People have always asked about what happens when money is refunded on Cash App to understand how to set their expectations. If you have similar questions, this article has explained everything you may want to know about a Cash App refund.

For more emphasis, you should be very careful when making payments using Cash App. You’re accountable for every dollar you transfer using Cash App, and if you transfer the wrong amount or to the wrong person, Cash App can’t guarantee that you’ll get your money back.

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