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How To Hide Your Activity On Instagram

Instagram offers a variety of similarities to several other social media and chat platforms, like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. Instagram lets you send and receive messages, view pictures, stream videos, etc. Instagram also allows you to view your activity log.

In this article, you’ll learn how to hide your activity on Instagram. This would enable you to limit certain post comments and other things from certain followers.

How to hide your activity on Instagram from one person?

If you are the type who use social media platforms like Facebook messenger and Instagram, you’ll realize they usually display your active status to other Instagram users. And the same thing applies to you, as you can view other Instagram users’ active status.

In recent years, Instagram has introduced many updates to preserve the users’ privacy and cut back the probable treads on the app. For instance, Instagram removed the followers’ activity section in which you’ll see the posts that your followers liked or commented on. 

How to hide last seen on Instagram for a particular person?

You can additionally hide comments on your Instagram live video or put off the comments on feed posts and Stories.

  Well, several Instagram users found this new feature disturbing. Let’s discuss why?

  • 1- Scrolling In Peace

 One sound reason individuals wish to cover their activity status from their followers is for serenity on their profile feed. If your BFF or others see you are actively online, they could send you a lot of DMs or share content and expect you to reply quickly. 

This is often very true for people who run a business on Instagram and have a lot of customers. Though responding to followers may be a smart plan, you may wish to just scroll through your Instagram feed in peace!

  • 2- Avoid Misunderstanding

Instagram has some minor bugs, and they may annoy, like showing your followers that you are online, whereas, in reality, you are not! This may bring about a serious misunderstanding between you and your online friends, lovers, or business associates.

 However, though the “Show Activity Status” possibility is enabled by default within Instagram’s settings menu, you can toggle it off; the same way you can turn off your online status on WhatsApp.

 Last year, Instagram launched another update, which allows users to hide or show their online status to their followers.

No matter what your reason is for staying underneath the radar, you’ll continuously need to turn off this feature to avoid any trouble.

Who Can View My Online Presence On Instagram?

Your followers cannot see when you were last on Instagram. Only individuals you follow or have antecedently had direct conversations (DMs) with can see how many minutes or hours passed since you were online.

Are you worried about your privacy and need to grasp a way to hide your Instagram activity from followers? Here, follow this writeup which will explain the way to hide from your followers!    

A step-by-step guide to changing the visibility of your activity status on Instagram

 If you lately checked out your Instagram account, and you notice other users are aware of your online presence.

Given a case where you respect your privacy online, then the best thing for you to do is to change your privacy settings. This article will explain how.

Instagram allows you to shut off the activity status where individuals you follow or have direct conversations with on Instagram will see when you were last active. 

You’ll modify the visibility of your activity status. However, before you choose it, keep in mind that once you close up your activity status, you also cannot view other users’ activity status.

 So, need to grasp a way to hide Instagram activity from your followers? It’s easy! 

How to turn off active status on Instagram?

Simply follow these straightforward steps On your android or iPhone:

  • Open your Instagram app and click on your profile image in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  • Tap on the 3 lines in the top right then opt for “Settings.”
  • Click on Privacy, then select Activity status.
  • Here you’ll turn “Show Activity Status” off or on.
image 71

Hide Instagram Activity From Followers If you Access Instagram on your PC:

  • Click your profile image look over the top right corner of your homepage, then click on “Settings.”
  • Click Privacy and Security, then click to uncheck the box next to point out Activity status.

A very vital issue to grasp is that by concealing your activity standing from your followers, you’ll conjointly not be able to see the activity status of other Instagram accounts. 

This doesn’t mean you or your recipient cannot view or respond to each other direct messages.

But your followers cannot see if you are online and the other way around.

 If you would like to form certain that you just notice once a special friend sends a DM, you’ll activate your notification for that account.

  Currently, Instagram doesn’t enable you to cover your activity solely from one person. If you turn off your activity status, all of your followers cannot see if you are online. During this case, the only issue you’ll do is to block that account. If you want that account to not see your Stories alone, you head to your settings>Privacy>Story and add it to the “Hide Story From” section.

Note: Similar to Facebook messenger, there is no choice to disable scan receipts on Instagram. Direct messages (DMs) continuously show as “seen” once recipients have opened them.

How To Hide A Post On Instagram From A Follower?

Like concealing Instagram activity from just one person, you can’t hide your post on Instagram from any followers. Sadly, the only method to hide your post is to delete it.

How To Hide Your Likes On Instagram?

image 72

This is virtually impossible, as Instagram uses likes and comments to understand how people engage with your content.

This may not be the case in the countries where Instagram hides likes from users. Also, some posts that Instagram users view on the explore page are usually displayed on the followers’ likes and alternative activities.  

For example, if Kenneth likes a photo on Instagram, his followers would see that post was liked by Kenneth on their explore page. 

Given a situation where you like a picture accidentally, it could be an embarrassing picture. It’s best to simply be unlike it so your followers don’t trace it to you.

How do I set my Instagram account to non-public so that only approved followers will see what I share?

 Put in mind that business profiles cannot make their accounts personal. If you would like to make your business account personal, switch back to a private account. By default, your Instagram account is public and you’ll opt to make your account non-public. When your account is:

Public: anyone may see your profile and posts, on or off Instagram, although they don’t have an Instagram account.

Private: only the followers you approve will see what you share, together with your photos or videos on hashtag and site pages, and your followers and following lists.

 Note: If you’re below age sixteen when you register for an Instagram account, you’ll have the choice to choose between a public or private account, however, private is chosen by default.

To make your account private: Instagram app for android and iPhone

  • Click your profile image within the bottom right to navigate to your profile.
  • Click on the high right, then select Settings.
  • Click Privacy.
  • Click next>private>non-public>personal account to make your account private.

Instagram.com from a computer:

1. Click your profile image in the top right corner, then click Settings.

2. Click Privacy and Security.

3. Below Account Privacy, click to examine the box next to non-public Account.

Instagram.com from a mobile browser:

1. Click your profile image within the bottom right to move to your profile.

2. Choose Settings within the top left.

3. Click Privacy and Security.

4. Below Account Privacy, click to see the box next to the private account

An Overview of Personal Accounts

Private posts you share on social networks are also visible to the public, depending on your privacy settings for those networks. For instance, a post you share on Twitter that was set to non-public on Instagram is also visible to those that will see your Twitter posts. 

Once you create your account private, individuals have to be compelled to got to send you a follow request to check your posts, your follower’s list, or your following list. ‘Follow’ requests show in Activity wherever you’ll be able to approve or ignore them. If anyone was already following you before you set your posts to non-public and you do not wish them to view your posts, you’ll block them.

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If you wish to keep checking your Instagram feed and Stories with no disturbance or if you want to avoid any misunderstanding, better to modify your Instagram activity status. 

This way, you’ll preserve your privacy more and avoid making use of previous weird ways to hide on the app, like checking your feed in the middle of the night!

 Thus, by following the above-given steps, you’ll close up your activity status on Instagram. Should I case you’re running multiple Instagram accounts, then you’ll have to be compelled to disable the functionality on all of your accounts separately, one by one.

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