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How To Upload Video To Instagram From PC 

 In this article, you’ll learn how to upload video to Instagram from PC. there are diverse ways to post on Instagram which range from posting from your computer, using the Instagram mobile app, or using a third-party app like BlueStacks, etc.

Besides Instagram, you can use other third-party apps to upload photos and videos to your Instagram profile.

Nowadays, several Instagram users are searching for ways to grow their accounts using Instagram automation or any tools to perform excellently on Instagram. 

You may sometimes ponder on whether to use your personal computer or mobile phone to upload videos on Instagram. 

You can upload videos using any means convenient to you. It does not matter if you use a mobile phone or a PC; you are still going to get your content and media on the social media platform.

To upload a video on Instagram using a laptop or portable computer, there are five ways to go about it.

Scroll right down to see the instruction for some techniques.

1. Use Circleboom Publish to Post on Instagram from a computer

2. Download the Instagram app

3. Using the Instagram desktop (a chrome extension)

4. Developer tools on a browser

5. Bluestacks

6. Facebook creator studio

 Although, note that few of the above-listed apps do not allow you to multitask by posting multiple pictures and videos.

For example, Facebook creator studio does not allow its users to post multiple content. You may, however, scroll down and search for what instruction most accurately suits you.

How to post on Instagram from laptop Windows

Many of you may try to find an app or extension to transfer video to Instagram from a portable computer. You’ll follow these steps.

  • Technique #1
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 Use Circleboom Publish to upload videos & images on Instagram from a computer

The easiest and quickest technique to post on Instagram from a computer is using Circleboom Publish. It’s the most comprehensive, the most reasonable, and therefore the most commissioned social media management platform on the net. 

Circleboom offers you a lot of wonderful options to ease your effort to manage and post on your multiple Instagram accounts on your computer and mack.

You can post your Instagram content now or schedule it for a later time. You’ll automatize your Instagram posts on Circleboom Publish. because of the Queue programming feature, you’ll set time intervals and finish your Instagram posts unceasingly.

How to upload Reels on Instagram from PC?

 You can upload your videos and photos from your laptop on Circleboom. You’ll conjointly produce and style your Instagram posts on Circleboom Publish. 

Because of its fantastic intrinsic tools, Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy, you’ll use ready-made Instagram templates, stock photos, filters, effects, fonts, and other forms of content to complement and embellish your Instagram posts.

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You don’t need to worry regarding Instagram image sizes because Circleboom provides users with the most effective Instagram post templates. Circleboom conjointly supports Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile.

  • #2 technique:- Creator studio is the best tool to post short and long videos on Instagram from a computer

  To do so, you’ll both log in with Instagram or Facebook if you have connected your account to Facebook. To post a video on Instagram using a desktop:

1. Head to https://business.facebook.com/creatorstudio/

2. Click Instagram login

3. Enter the login data

4. From the dashboard, choose to create Post on the top left (blue color button)

5. Scroll right down to see Add content and click on.

6. choose the video from your {mobile device or personal computer.

7. Wait until the upload is complete

8. You may choose to include a suitable caption of your choice

9. Click the Publish button on the lowest right.

  • #3 technique:- Upload video to Instagram from Chrome

Upload video to Instagram from Chrome

1. Head to Instagram for desktop

2. Click boost Chrome

3. log in to your Instagram account (you should log in before using the extension)

4. Click on the D icon on the top menu on Chrome

5. Click on transfer video

6. choose your video (less than one minute long)

7. Add descriptions and click on the post

General Overview: How To Upload Video To Instagram From PC 

Here I’d list five general techniques to post on Instagram from a computer. However, note that you select based on your operating system of mac iOS, or Windows.

  • Download the Instagram App

  Use these strategies on the portable computer because you have to permit access to the camera and microphone. It’s also doable to use this technique if your laptop computer (PC) is connected to the camera and microphone. If not, and you want to use a computer, scroll down and opt for alternative strategies.

 Go to Microsoft Store (Windows only) to get the Instagram app without charge. Launch the app and enter login data. Click on the camera icon on the highest left. Permit access to the camera and microphone from the control panel.

 Choose an image or video from the portable computer, then open it, click Next, and Share.

You should sign up for a Microsoft account on windows before launching the app. Access Microsoft account through management panel>User Account.

  • Install Instagram Desktop (A Chrome extension)

  This technique functions for both Mac and Windows users. Chrome extension of the Desktop for Instagram is an easy way to transfer to Instagram from the computer. However, you’re not able to post multiple footages, which is workable through other strategies.

(a) Click on boost Chrome and click on Add Extension.

(b) Choose the Instagram icon on the prime menu and enter the login data

(c) select the + icon on the feed. Choose a photograph or a video and open it. Edit it as you need and click on Next and Share! Done!

  • Modifying the Developer Tools also known as user-Agent on Safari

 Using this technique, you change some settings on a browser and convert the computer screen mode to a mobile one. This manner is the same for both Windows and mack users. Log in to your Instagram account from Chrome. 

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Click on the three Dots Icon>More Tools>Developer Tools. Select the Mobile Icon on the prime menu. Modify the various modes to any mobile size (iPhone 6/7/8). Refresh the page!. Select the + icon and choose a photograph or video.

Open the file from the PC or portable computer. Click Next and Share.

  • Install Bluestacks

 It’s simple to put in. Download, install and open the Bluestacks app on your laptop. Look for the Instagram app within Bluestacks and install the Instagram app. Enter your login data and Open the app from Bluestacks.

 If needed, send a security code through the Instagram email address, and log in. Click on the + icon on the Instagram feed. Click On Gallery, and head to the alternative. 

T transfer photos to your Bluestacks gallery, click on choose from windows (you ought to initially transfer the photos to blue stacks, then share them on Instagram). Back to the Instagram app from Bluestacks and choose the + icon and select footage from the Bluestacks gallery Edit photos as you wish and click on done.

  Write the caption, tag people, or locations. Click Share! Done!

  • Use Facebook Creator Studio

 To use this method, you ought to head to the Facebook Business website first, and log in with a Facebook account. Click on Instagram Icon, on the highest, click on connect your account and enter your Instagram login data. Once you logged in, there are two different components. Click on Instagram, and you’ll see published, archived, or regular posts.

 Click on the + icon and choose photos or videos from the laptop. Compose a caption of nothing less than 160 characters and publish it! Done.   


After you have learned how to post to Instagram from a PC; it’s best to learn how to upload videos on Instagram using a MacBook.

First, I would like to inform you how to post photos on Instagram from your mack. Choose to examine after opening Chrome on your mack and right-clicking on the screen. Head to the left aspect of the box packed with code and select the tiny phone icon.

Now, you have successfully changed how the webpage displays information to you.

Simply use the URL www.instagram.com within the address bar and select return. Now, you’ll use it to upload a photo. When selecting the image you wish to upload, click Open. If you wish to feature filters, it is time. Select a caption to write and click on share and create a post on Instagram from mack.

Use Third-Party Tools To Post On Instagram From Any laptop

 If you wish to grasp a way to post on Instagram from a laptop, don’t miss this part. You’ll try different apps to finish the image posting duty using a connection with your Instagram account. You enter your login details, and they directly hook up with your account from your laptop. 

 Here you’ll find several apps to post photos on Instagram with very identical methods. Some of the simplest solutions and easy apps are Uplet, Gramblr, Deskgram, and InstaPic, which you’ll use with no consequence. 

Simply use caution to use the user-agent spoofing technique to remain safe. This mode helps you hide your login data from the third-party app you’re using.

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This article has shown you how to upload video to Instagram from PC. Use the comment section to drop your questions and one of our editors will reply to you.

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