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How To Retrieve Blocked Messages On WhatsApp

You have every right to block someone if they are annoying or for other reasons best known to you. But, sometimes after blocking these accounts we find ourselves in a situation where we need to recover our previous messages or chats. Now that you have blocked them, it takes a gut to say out what you did in secret. 

You can’t ask the person about your last discussions on WhatsApp and you need these messages for one thing or the other. The question that will be on your mind is “how can I get out of this dilemma?”

If you certainly need these chats, there are some things you can do. To use any of the methods discussed in this article depends on how far you can go in retrieving your WhatsApp chats back.

In this article, we explain in full length how you can retrieve blocked messages on WhatsApp. If one method doesn’t work for you, the other will surely be the solution.

Is It Possible to Retrieve Blocked WhatsApp Messages on Android?

To give an accurate answer to this question, we will like to know what you mean by retrieving messages. Firstly, if you are talking about retrieving the messages sent after you blocked the person. The way you can get this back is by asking the sender to forward the messages sent while they are blocked (we will explain how this can be done in the other section).

If the answer you are looking for is on how to recover the deleted messages of the persons you blocked. Then, one of the WhatsApp message recovery methods below will be of help to you.

How To Recover Blocked Messages On WhatsApp Archive

The WhatsApp archive chat is one of the best features WhatsApp came up with. If you do not want a chat to be on the main chat screen, then you should hide them in archived chat.

On WhatsApp, after you blocked an account. The only thing that changes is that they won’t be able to call or chat with you, see your profile, or view your status. These changes we mention also apply to you that blocked the account.

What this means is that the contacts blocked will still be shown on your chats page and you can still check all the messages sent and received before blocking them. 

So if you want to check your last discussions, what you have to do is to scroll down your contacts chats, until you find the person.

But if you didn’t see the contact on your chat page, you have likely archived the chat. The best thing to do is to go undo the archived chat.

If you have archived chats, the achieved button is at the top of the chat list. It is the first thing you will see on the WhatsApp chats page.

When you are on the archived chats page, scroll down to find the contacts. Once you see it, click on it to view every message sent and received before you block them. You don’t have to unarchive them, just repeat this process whenever you need to check a message.

If your archived chat is long, you can type their name into the search bar. It will show up the contact with the archived label at the left. The way to unarchive Whatsapp is the same on both iPhone and Android.

If you do not see the chat archived, this means you have deleted the chats. These next two methods will teach how you can restore deleted WhatsApp chats.

How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages By Restoring A Backup

After deleting a WhatsApp message, you may think it is gone and cannot be restored. But, unknowingly to you, there’s one act that you’ve done in the past which is created to save you whenever you are in this kind of situation.

You have nothing to worry about if you have backed up your chats before deleting the messages. When it comes to WhatsApp, if you are using android you can recover WhatsApp messages from a Google drive or local and if you are using an iPhone, they can be restored from an iCloud backup.

How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages On Android From A Google Drive Backup 

Recovering deleted WhatsApp messages from a Google drive requires uninstalling and reinstalling the WhatsApp app. Then, after you reinstall and log in to your info, you will see a button suggesting restoring a backup. When you click the restore button, within some minutes every chats backed up will show up.

Do not forget that the deleted messages will be restored only if you have backed up the chat before deleting it.

How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages On Android From A Local Backup

Recovering a deleted WhatsApp message from a local backup is a long process. You would have to uninstall and reinstall the app and do some changes in your file manager. For a better understanding and to avoid mistakes, read this WhatsApp chat restore guide.

How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages On iPhone

To recover a deleted WhatsApp message on an iPhone, it is expected that you have backed it up to iCloud. You can check if your chats are backed up in WhatsApp settings. When confirmed, uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp app. Log in back, and you will be able to restore deleted messages.

The process is just like that of android. One thing you should always make sure of is that the messages are backed up before you delete them.


How To Find Out If You Have Been Blocked/Reported On WhatsApp

These are the signs that someone has blocked you on Whatsapp 
1. You can’t view their profile
2. You did not see their WhatsApp status anymore
3. When you send a message, the indicator doesn’t turn green

How To See Blocked Messages On WhatsApp

It is not possible to see a message sent by someone you have blocked. To start receiving and sending messages, you would have to unblock them.

How To Block Contacts On WhatsApp

Open the chats and tap the three dots on the upper right screen. Scroll down and tap more. You will see the block option, select it and accept to block the contact.

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