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Phone Showing Charging But Battery Percentage Not Increasing

Last time on our Techrul article suggestion. Someone drops a complaint that appears to be one of the major problems many people are facing on their phone. Phone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing. In this article, we are going to provide a possible solution to this problem.

When charging your phone, it shows the battery percentage indicator; however, the battery percentage doesn’t increase. The charge indicator will stick to the number that’s currently on the display.

In most cases, the battery percentage will increase after restarting the phone. However, it doesn’t work every time. Although the phone could charge properly sometimes, you will probably face this annoying issue most of the time.

The most annoying part of it is that when you hard reset the phone, the battery percentage will drastically drop. In most cases, the phone won’t turn on if the battery is totally dead.

Probably, you are currently facing this issue where you connected your phone to the wall socket for charging and you saw that the battery charging sign bar is going all up, which is an unmistakable sign that your phone is charging yet, after some time, the battery rate or bar isn’t increasing.

Why is my battery percentage not increasing while charging?

There are a few reasons your phone battery percentage might not be increasing even though you’re charging it.

First, if your phone is old or has a low battery, it may not be able to take as many charges as it used to. This is especially true if your phone is being used a lot, like when you’re on a call or using apps.

Second, if your phone isn’t being used at all, it may not be getting a good charge. Your phone may be plugged in, but if it’s not being used, the battery may not be getting the energy it needs to stay charged.

Finally, if your phone is being used, but the battery is slowly draining, the battery percentage may not be increasing because the battery is actually getting weaker.

Phone Showing Charging But Battery Percentage Not Increasing

In most cases, it will be hard for you to sort out what precisely could be the issue, whether the issue is coming from the charging port, the battery, or from the charger, and you are nearly confused on what next to do for a fix.

  • The Charging Port May Have Dust

This is uncommon, however dust can hinder charging. Once, when my PC wasn’t charging as I expected it should, a companion of mine who thinks about PCs more than me blew some air into the port and reconnected the charger.

If this was the problem, you can use cotton fabric or brush to consistently remove dust from the charging port.

NOTE: Do enter anything strong inside the port, particularly metallic. Cotton wet with water is a tremendous no.

  • Insufficient Power Supply

In case you’re using the phone as it’s charging, you may be using a force supply that doesn’t give the adequate capacity to do that. You’ll either need to get a force supply with a higher rating or supplant a potentially flawed one.

However, it is recommended to leave it connected, unused.

  • Slow Charger

If your phone is discharging in spite of the fact that you’re charging the phone. It could likewise be that you’re using an extremely slow charge. It is charging very slowly that it hardly could charge thus when you’re using the phone while charging; it depletes more battery and the charger can’t charge adequately quick and keep up. We recommend you to get a brand new charger.

  • Battery Is Not Calibrated

Calibration is a difficulty for various electronic gadgets that work with batteries, including phones and PCs. What happens is that when a gadget is being used for quite a while, at times the calibration gets a little off the tracks. The phone battery details become corrupt, battery assessments and computations begin turning out badly, and the operating system can’t exactly read the battery state correctly.

Another reason for your phone not to add percentage is probably that your battery isn’t calibrated and it’s showing the mistaken and incorrect battery meter. In this case, what you have to do is to charge the phone to 100% and discharge it to 1%, in any event, multiple times, and afterward, it’ll be recalibrated.

Thus, if after exhausting the whole battery and connect the phone to the charger, the battery rate doesn’t generally begin increasing and is stuck at a specific percentage, at that point the battery has an issue. The gas check line that runs between the battery and the logic board may be flawed. The battery may likewise be old and weak. There could be auxiliary damage in the port. Anything could not be right, and just a maintenance can get things right.

Why is my phone stuck at 1 percent while charging?

If your phone stuck at 1 percent while charging, it may also be possible that the battery is getting hot and causing damage to other parts of the phone.

If this happens, there are a few different things that can be done:

  • Take out the battery and clean it with rubbing alcohol; then put back in after cleaning it again (do not put any chemicals on them).
  • Charge the phone by plugging it into a wall outlet for at least 24 hours; then remove from wall socket and put back in as usual until next time when needed for charging again.

How do I fix my Android phone battery not charging?

  • Check the charger.
  • Check the charging port on your phone.
  • Check if there’s any dirt or debris inside of it, which might cause a short circuit and prevent charging from happening properly. If you don’t have access to these things right now (like if you’re on vacation), try plugging another device into your phone’s USB port instead of its own adapter/cable combo (which could also be causing problems).

Why is my battery percentage stuck?

  • Check the accessories. Ensure that your phone is charging and not using any other accessory at the same time, such as a wireless charger or Bluetooth headset.
  • Check the charger. If you’re using a wall charger, make sure it’s plugged in and connected properly .
  • Check the USB cable itself; there may be a problem with its connection if it doesn’t charge correctly when plugged into either an OEM/carrier supplied USB port or into your computer’s charging port.


Phone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing? If yes, the recommended step to take first is to clean the charging port with alcohol. First, get a piece of very thin cotton, wet with a drop of alcohol, and wiped in it. Upon charging, it should turn on quickly.

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  1. My brother-in-law and I both have LG V20 phones. Many times had the same problem where the charging percentage would not increase if the charge was low and could never recharge batteries after fully discharging. We tried reseating the batteries and tried different chargers and cables. Then we found the charger with model # EP-TA20JWE. Charged batteries in both phones. Now I have three good batteries.


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