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Spotify Wrapped 2023: See Your Most Played Songs

Spotify is one of the biggest audio streaming platforms in the world and offers a distinguished feature amongst other mobile streaming apps called the “Spotify Wrapped” Spotify wrap allows you to see your most played songs for the year.

They launched Spotify wrapped in late 2015, but it became famous in the year 2017 breaking the internet. Originally, Spotify launched and process the idea of the “Spotify Wrapped” in the year 2015.

However, it was tagged “Year in Music”. The name “Year in music” speaks for itself as it implies a recap of your streaming statistics over the past year. The “Year In Music” feature did not exactly get famous when it was launched, until Spotify went back to their drawing book, rebranded, and renamed it “Spotify Wrapped”

Back in the year 2017, a series of Spotify users were actively talking about the newly launched feature by Spotify back in the year 2017.

For example, Tom my coworker was so excited to share his most played song on his Facebook page. Turns out he’s been a big fan of Drake music.

Uses Of Spotify Wrapped

Spotify wrapped allows you to see analytics on how you stream songs, your most-played songs, and your favorite artist of the year. In addition, Spotify wrapped allows you to see how much time you spend listening to music while streaming on Spotify.

In addition, Spotify launched a special edition of Spotify wrapped in the year 2021 where colors are used to represent your music taste. Spotify users around the world made interesting comments on how Spotify uses colors to represent their music aura.

Spotify Wrapped example

For Tim, who loves heavy metal rock music, black was used to represent his audio aura.

Using Spotify wrapped to access most played songs, favorite artists, etc has become a common practice amongst Spotify users

In other for “Spotify Wrapped” to function seamlessly, Spotify uses your app data to generate analytical data on your most played songs on Spotify.

Your Spotify playlist serves as a gateway for Spotify to extract data from your favorite songs. Spotify thus categorizes the type of music you listen to; for example, if you are the type who loves danceable pieces of music or slow jams, Spotify wrapped allows you to know what type of songs you mostly listen to. Spotify then presents to you analytical data on the type of songs you listen to.

How To View A Friend Spotify Wrapped For The Year

With Spotify, you get to see which songs your friends or coworkers listen to more frequently. You’ll get to see which songs your favorite celebrities love listening to.

You can view other people’s Spotify wrapped for the year when they make a post about their Spotify wrapped on any of their social media platforms. That way you get to compare what type of music you and your friends, coworkers, and favorite celebrities listen to. In addition, when people post about their most played song, it may tempt one to listen to it as well.

For example, Sam has been crushing on Ruth for so long, that he follows her on all social media platforms. Although Ruth always tries not to pay any attention to Sam. Sam may, however, be tempted to listen to Ruth’s most played song so he could strike a conversation or connect with her.

Spotify wrapped influences you to try out what other people are listening to. For we humans are inquisitive, we’ll most definitely want to know why a particular song serves as a top-played song for someone we like or cherish.

What Other Data Do Spotify Have Access To?

Spotify uses your app data to generate what type of songs you listen to, but what other type of data does Spotify gets access to? Spotify also can discover your geolocation, and IP address, and use your search results to determine what type of songs you listen to.

Spotify Wrapped on desktop

Research has shown that Spotify usually sells off its user app data to a marketing firm. However, Spotify isn’t the only digital streaming app that sells off your app data for marketing. Top brands like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Alexa, etc sell off your app data to a marketing firm for market and research purposes.

In addition, Spotify and other top companies around the world sell off your app data so they can display ads that you’ll find interesting, rather than showing you random ads on topics you aren’t interested in.

When Will Spotify Wrapped Stop Working?

Spotify users noticed a delay on Spotify wrapped last year, as the once in a year feature came up late in the year 2021. Usually, Spotify releases analytics for app data in October before then preparing new analytics for the year to come. A delay was noticed last year until December last year, leaving Spotify users worried about whether Spotify wants to discontinue the feature.

Although some rumored that Spotify delayed the wrapped feature because of the newly released special edition. It may be safe to note that Spotify plans on ending Spotify Wrapped in the year 2022.

Spotify had previously announced its intentions on discontinuing the wrapped service from the 14th of January 2022. This means Spotify users can no longer see their most played song on Spotify.

Can I Still View My Spotify Wrapped Data After Spotify Discontinue The Service?

Spotify saves and stores your wrapped data from the previous years. The audio streaming app plans on allowing its users to view their Spotify wrapped archive from when it was launched in 2015 until 2021. This means you can still get to see what type of songs you listen to back in the day. All you have to do is to copy and paste the URL https://open.spotify.com/genre/[year]-page into your preferred browser.

Looking at the above URL, you can decide which year wrapped data you want to view by inputting a year into the [Year] in the URL provided above.

For example, if you are trying to view your Spotify wrapped for the year 2017, copy and paste the URL https://open.spotify.com/genre/[2017]-page.

If you are trying to view your Spotify wrapped for 2021, copy and paste the URL https://open.spotify.com/genre/[2021]-page. You may then repeat the above process for any of the years you chose.

How To View Your Song Stats

For music artists or podcast contents creators, Spotify allows you to see how many people have streamed your song or listened to your podcast content. In addition, you’ll also get to see how many people following you, and your listeners’ biography data (Age, location, gender).

Here’s how to see how many people are listening to your song on Spotify?

If you are curious to know how many people are listening to your music or podcast content, the first thing you need to know is that Spotify only shows such data to verified artists.

Verifying your Spotify account unlocks many opportunities, including authenticating your content.

Follow the below steps to learn how to verify your Spotify account.

(a) Publish a song or a podcast on a Spotify mobile app or website.

(b) Then visit the URL artists.spotify.com to demand ownership of your Spotify profile. Look at the top right corner of your screen for the hamburger-like icon and click on it.

(c) After selecting the hamburger icon, you’ll then have to click on “Get Access Icon”. It may prompt you to confirm the process by inputting your account password.

(d) The next step is to look for your artist profile and change how others view your account. You should specify if you own the account you manage or if you are simply a brand manager.

(e) You are then going to be required to fill in personal information about yourself or the brand you manage, which includes your name, business email, the company you work for, and your role in the Spotify account.

(f) Confirm the information provided and link any of your social media pages to your Spotify account. Alternatively, you may decide to link your official website rather than linking your social media page. Then click on submit.

image 83

The above method is how to get verified on Spotify. However, you may have to wait for a few days for the Spotify team to review your application. You’ll be duly noted once your account has been verified.

After verifying your Spotify account, you’ll then be able to see how many people stream your content.

Click on your “Artist profile” icon, after which you will the menu option to view analytical data of people who stream your content.

After clicking on your Artist profile, look for the “Music” icon and click on it. Thereafter,2022. you will see your published songs and how many streams they’ve had in the past 24 hours, month, or year time frame.

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How To Increase Your Spotify Streams?

Increasing your Spotify streams means your songs or podcast are getting more views on the audio streaming platform.

You can grow your Spotify stats by constantly promoting your artist page on every social media platform there is. Using Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter to place targeted ads is also a great way to promote your songs on Spotify.

You may also grow your Spotify streams by growing your fan base. This may include creating a group or using an email list to constantly promote your latest music.

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